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Is Disney Plus Free in Egypt?

No, unfortunately Disney Plus is not free in Egypt. While some countries offered introductory free trial periods when Disney Plus first launched, there is currently no way to access the full Disney Plus content library for free in Egypt. All users must purchase a paid monthly or annual subscription.

But how much does Disney Plus cost in Egypt? And is it still worthwhile for Egyptian viewers and families to subscribe? Keep reading this detailed streaming guide for answers on Disney Plus pricing, account sharing, using VPNs, and whether the service is ultimately worth it for audiences in Egypt and the Middle East.

A Background on Disney Plus

Before delving into the Egypt specifics, let‘s quickly recap what Disney Plus (sometimes stylized Disney+) actually is. Disney Plus is the dedicated subscription video-on-demand platform operated by The Walt Disney Company through their Disney Streaming Services division.

Some key facts about Disney Plus:

  • Launch date: November 12, 2019 in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands
  • Cost: $7.99 USD per month or $79.99 USD per year in the U.S.
  • Number of subscribers: Over 130 million globally as of April 2022
  • Where available: Over 60 countries worldwide and still expanding

Disney Plus gives subscribers unlimited access to stream and download thousands of movies and shows from Disney‘s major entertainment brands. This includes content from:

  • Walt Disney Studios (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios)
  • National Geographic
  • General entertainment from ABC, FX, and 20th Television

The service has become hugely popular thanks to housing so many fan favorite Disney animated films, Marvel superhero movies, Star Wars universe content, National Geographic documentaries, and more.

For Egyptian residents, Disney Plus launched in their country on June 8, 2022. It joined rivals like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OSN, and others in Egypt‘s crowded streaming market.

Is There a Free Trial Available in Egypt?

When Disney Plus first premiered in the U.S. in late 2019, the service offered customers a free 7-day trial period to test it out. However, Disney ended this introductory free trial in June 2020. They likely wanted to better convert free users into full paying subscribers.

So unfortunately, there is currently no Disney Plus free trial available in Egypt or any other country. Users have to begin with either a monthly or annual paid subscription right away.

In some countries, certain mobile or internet service providers may offer temporary free access to Disney Plus as a partner promotion. But there is no ongoing free trial directly from Disney.

The company does occasionally offer special preview events where all users can watch certain new releases for free for a limited time. For example, they allowed all subscribers globally to stream the live-action Mulan remake for free in early September 2020 as part of its initial premiere. But such free previews are rare, usually tied to a major new release, and only last a few days.

Table 1. Has Disney Plus Offered Free Trials Historically?

CountryFree Trial LengthEnded
United States7 daysJune 2020
Canada7 daysJune 2020
Netherlands7 daysJune 2020
Australia7 daysJune 2020
New Zealand7 daysJune 2020
Japan1 monthJune 2020
United Kingdom7 daysJune 2020
Most European Countries7 daysJune 2020

Without an ongoing free trial from Disney, audiences in Egypt have no option to sample Disney Plus before subscribing. You have to commit fully to a paid plan immediately to gain access.

Disney Plus Monthly and Annual Subscription Cost in Egypt

If you want to start watching Disney Plus in Egypt, what does it cost? Disney Plus offers two main subscription tiers:

  • Monthly plan: 49.99 EGP per month
  • Annual plan: 498.99 EGP for the full year

Both plans allow you to create up to 7 user profiles under a single Disney Plus account. You can stream on up to 4 devices simultaneously per account.

The annual plan equates to about 41.58 EGP per month, which is around a 17% discount versus paying month-to-month. But the upfront annual cost is obviously higher at nearly 500 EGP.

At the current pricing, Disney Plus costs approximately:

  • 599.88 EGP per year for monthly subscribers
  • 498.99 EGP per year for annual subscribers

Compared to streaming services like Netflix, which offers plans starting from 60 EGP per month in Egypt, Disney Plus comes at a premium. But for families with children who love Disney animation or hardcore fans of Star Wars, Marvel, etc., the higher pricing may still be worthwhile.

Disney also has not yet extended any discounted subscription rates to students, military members, or other groups in Egypt. Some other countries do offer slightly lower prices for students or attractive annual bundle packages.

Overall, while not cheap, Disney Plus gives Egyptian residents legal, unlimited access to stream and download thousands of shows and movies from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and more historic entertainment brands.

Table 2. Disney Plus Pricing in Egypt vs. Selected Other Countries

CountryMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Egypt49.99 EGP498.99 EGP
United States$7.99 USD$79.99 USD
United Kingdom£7.99 GBP£79.90 GBP
Japan890 JPY8900 JPY
South Africa119 ZAR1190 ZAR

Can Egyptians Get Disney Plus for Free via Account Sharing?

Since there is no free trial period or discounts available, some Disney Plus users in Egypt may resort to account sharing as a way to access the service for free.

Account sharing is when you use someone else‘s subscription login credentials instead of paying for your own account. Some key questions around sharing Disney Plus accounts:

  • Does Disney allow account sharing?
  • Is account sharing legal/safe?
  • What are the risks?

According to Disney Plus‘ terms of service, subscribers are permitted to create unlimited profiles under a single account. You can stream on up to 4 devices concurrently.

The terms also say you can only share your Disney Plus account "with family or friends sharing your home." So Disney intends each account to represent a single household.

Trying to share one login across multiple households would violate the terms of service. While they allow limited profile sharing, each household is expected to pay for their own subscription.

That said, Disney currently does not seem to be cracking down much on out-of-home account sharing between friends or extended families. As long as both parties consent, it is reasonably safe.

The main risks with using a shared Disney Plus account you don‘t own include:

  • The primary owner can reset the password and block you at any time
  • Limits on number of concurrent streams can kick you off
  • Violates terms of service if sharing outside your household

Additionally, accessing streaming content you haven‘t paid for is technically illegal under Egypt‘s copyright and piracy protections. While subscribers are unlikely to face any penalties for minor account sharing, it does carry some legal risks.

In summary – while possible to safely share Disney Plus with consenting friends/family, users in Egypt should be mindful of the limitations and risks. Relying on account sharing long-term is not a prudent alternative to just paying for your own account.

Using VPNs to Access Additional Disney Plus Content in Egypt

Given its massive popularity, some Egyptian fans use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access Disney Plus content that may not yet be available in their country.

A VPN can disguise your location, making it seem like you are accessing Disney Plus from another country like the United States. This opens up the full U.S. content library versus just what‘s available in Egypt.

However, Disney actively blocks many VPNs and their IP addresses, as they want to enforce geographic licensing restrictions. Many free VPNs no longer work reliably with Disney Plus.

Paid VPNs with dedicated streaming support are better suited to bypass Disney Plus geo-blocks. Top options include:

  • ExpressVPN – Fast speeds and reliable for bypassing geo-restrictions across most major streaming platforms. 30-day money back guarantee offered.

  • NordVPN – Large server network and specific servers that work with Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. User-friendly apps.

  • Surfshark – Budget VPN option that still gets around most Disney Plus blocks. Provides 30-day refund guarantee.

The cat-and-mouse game between streaming companies and VPNs means server capabilities can change frequently. Be sure to research any VPN‘s refund policy in case Disney Plus access is lost.

Also keep in mind that using a VPN or unblocker to access Disney Plus content you don‘t have rights to violates their terms of service. While individual streamers are rarely targeted, VPN usage does carry some legal risks.

When Will Disney Plus Launch in More African Countries?

One downside for Egyptian streaming fans is that many other African markets still lack access to Disney Plus. The service has only had a limited rollout on the continent so far.

Here are the current Disney Plus available regions in Africa:

  • South Africa – Disney Plus launched here in May 2022
  • North Africa – Available in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Still coming soon to Sub-Saharan Africa and other regions

Back in late 2020, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to launch Disney Plus in 42 additional countries during 2022-2023. However, they have not yet confirmed specifics around which African nations will get access and when exactly.

Nigeria figures to be one of the first sub-Saharan African markets where Disney Plus expands next. As the continent‘s largest economy and most populous country, it represents an important streaming video market.

Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania are other larger African countries that may be high on Disney‘s launch priority list. But again, Disney has not provided any firm timelines.

As Disney Plus continues widening its global rollout, geographic restrictions will fade over time. Eventually fans across Africa should have legal and affordable access to stream Disney Plus within their own country.

Will Disney Offer More Arabic and Local Content?

In addition to expanding the service‘s geographic reach, Disney is starting to invest in more localized content for international viewers.

Right now, most Disney Plus content is still English-language programming produced for western audiences. But with new hubs like the recently opened regional headquarters in the UAE, Disney plans to create more Arabic and locally tailored content moving forward.

Some shows already available with Arabic dubbing or subtitles include popular Marvel series like Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel. Disney also actively dubbing kids content like Mira, Royal Detective into Modern Standard Arabic to increase appeal.

As Disney Plus subscriber numbers grow across the Middle East and North Africa, localizing both the platform and content will be key. Producing original Arabic language shows and films would go even further to attract new audiences.

While the depth of Arabic content is still lagging rivals like Shahid VIP and MBC Group, early steps are being taken. Disney will need a larger on-the-ground presence and deeper relationships with regional creators to better compete in the Middle East streaming industry.

Pros and Cons of Disney Plus for Viewers in Egypt

Stepping back, does Disney Plus ultimately provide good value for entertainment consumers in Egypt? Here is a quick rundown of some core pros and cons:


  • Massive content library spanning Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.
  • Original shows and exclusive movie premieres
  • Robust support for Arabic language and subtitles
  • Ability to have up to 7 user profiles under one account
  • Unlimited downloads for offline mobile viewing


  • Unable to try for free first via a free trial
  • No discounted pricing for students or families yet
  • Smaller content catalog compared to Netflix
  • Must pay full subscription for 1-2 key titles of interest

For families with lots of young children who love Disney animated films and related content, the pros likely outweigh any cons. But more casual viewers may be better off with a more affordable streaming platform with wider general entertainment offerings.

While not perfect, Disney Plus still provides a legal stream-anywhere option for consumers in Egypt to enjoy new and classic content from Disney‘s biggest global entertainment brands.

Expert Analysis: Is Disney Plus Worth It for Most Egyptian Viewers?

Given the above pros and cons, should everyday Egyptian consumers subscribe to Disney Plus or pass in favor of other streaming options? Here is some expert analysis on the platform‘s value:

Worth It for Parents of Young Children

If you have children under 10 years old, a Disney Plus subscription may be extremely worthwhile, according to Nada Mohammad, an entertainment analyst with Cairo-based Spectrum Media.

"For parents of young kids, Disney Plus is a gold mine. Between all the new animation from Disney and Pixar and the depth of their catalog, there‘s really an endless amount of appropriate, quality entertainment," Mohammad says.

The ability to download Disney movies and shows for offline viewing makes it great for trips or keeping kids occupied on long car rides. For parents trying to minimize kids‘ screen time, the Disney Plus brand at least provides some reassurance versus endless YouTube.

Worth Considering for Big Franchise Fans

Diehard fans of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, or other Disney entertainment brands may find enough must-see content on Disney Plus to justify the subscription, according to Khalid Osman, an analyst at Media hog in Egypt.

"Superfans would get a ton of enjoyment out of having unlimited access to Disney‘s huge catalog of movies, series, and shorts spanning all their major franchises," Osman says." Add in exclusive originals like The Mandalorian plus documentaries and behind-the-scenes footage, and there‘s plenty there for mega-fans to geek out over."

Being able to re-watch and share favorite Disney-owned films provides strong nostalgia appeal for Egyptian adults who grew up on Disney animation and family movies.

Wait and See Approach for Casual Viewers

For more casual viewers just looking for general entertainment variety on a budget, holding off on Disney Plus may be best according to Salma Abdelnabi, an entertainment writer at Cairo Life Magazine.

"For Egyptian streaming fans who aren‘t parents of toddlers or diehard Disney fanatics, it may be better to wait and see if more Arabic language content arrives on Disney Plus soon," Abdelnabi advises.

"Between Netflix, Shahid, OSN, and others, you can get a wider variety of TV shows and movies you can actually understand, often at lower monthly prices," she adds. "Until Disney Plus expands both its Arabic content and geographic reach in Africa, casual viewers have plenty of alternatives."

Final Verdict: Who Should Subscribe to Disney Plus in Egypt?

So pulling together all the above analysis on pricing, account sharing, VPNs, content, and value – who should subscribe to Disney Plus versus passing in Egypt?

Here is a quick checklist:

Disney Plus Worth It For…

  • Parents with lots of young kids who love animation and musicals
  • Superfans wanting unlimited Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, etc. access
  • Viewers craving nostalgia of childhood Disney movies and classics

Maybe Wait on Disney Plus For Now…

  • Teens and young adults looking for cool, current content
  • Casual viewers seeking budget entertainment in Arabic
  • Households wanting lots of variety across genres

Family dynamics, personal taste, and budget all play a factor. But while not a must-have yet across all Egyptian streaming audiences, Disney Plus may provide strong value to the right subscriber demographics like parents and hardcore Disney fandoms.

As the Disney Plus content library expands globally and more Arabic language originals enter the pipeline, it will likely become a more mainstream streaming choice over time across Egypt and the wider region.



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