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Is DLC Free in Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla? Let‘s Break It Down

Hey there, thanks for checking out my AC Valhalla DLC guide! As an avid gamer and streaming addict, I‘ve put tons of hours into Valhalla and all its additional content. I know one big question many players have is – what DLC is free, and what do I need to pay for? After playing through everything Valhalla has to offer, I‘ll give you a full breakdown so you know exactly what‘s free and what‘s not.

The Short Answer:

Some DLC is free including limited time events, minor quests, and tomb challenges. But the major expansions like Ireland and Francia require purchase. Gear carries back to England!

Now Let‘s Dive Into the Details…

All the Different DLCs – Paid and Free

Valhalla has gotten a ton of post-launch content in the form of DLCs – some paid, and some completely free. Here‘s an overview of all the major DLC packs released so far and whether they need to be bought separately:

Paid DLC Expansions

  • Wrath of the Druids ($24.99): A full new storyline and map taking you to Ireland. This is a paid expansion not included with the base game.

  • The Siege of Paris ($24.99): Similar sizable expansion letting you explore Francia. Also paid.

  • Dawn of Ragnarök ($39.99): Biggest expansion yet with a whole new realm and ability set as Odin. Paid DLC.

Free DLC Content

  • The Legend of Beowulf: A totally free roguelike mode with procedural dungeons.

  • Crossover Stories: Fun quests that crossover with other AC games. Free updates!

  • Tombs of the Fallen: Extra tomb loot across England. Free to explore.

  • A Fated Encounter: Minor quest added via free title update.

  • Mastery Challenges: Limited time events with exclusive rewards.

So in summary – the full expansions need to be bought, but you‘ll also get regular free content drops!

Does the Season Pass Include all DLCs?

Nope! The Season Pass only includes the first two paid expansions, Wrath of the Druids and Siege of Paris. It does not include Dawn of Ragnarök, the latest massive DLC which must be purchased separately.

Here‘s exactly what you get with the Season Pass:

  • Wrath of the Druids expansion
  • Siege of Paris expansion
  • Legend of Beowulf quest
  • Some bonus in-game items like settlement decorations

Overall the Season Pass provides solid value at $39.99 if you want the first two major expansions, compared to $25 each bought separately. But it doesn‘t cover all paid content.

Can I Play DLC Without Internet?

This depends on whether you have a disc or digital copy of Valhalla:

  • For disc copies, you can play paid DLCs offline once installed. But free updates require an internet connection to download first.

  • For digital copies, you need internet access to download any new DLC. But you can then play paid DLC offline after installing it.

The free content updates need a persistent internet connection. But paid expansions work offline once downloaded, letting you keep exploring anywhere!

Which DLC Should I Get? The Must-Haves

Based on my experience and reviews from fellow gamers, here are the Valhalla DLCs really worth picking up:

Wrath of the Druids

  • My Take: This is an excellent expansion with engaging storylines and fun new locales in Ireland to explore. The varied scenery and medieval cities provide a nice change of pace from England‘s countryside.

  • Reviews: Very positive reviews, with an 85% approval rating on Steam. Fans praised the storytelling and fresh environments.

Dawn of Ragnarök

  • My Take: This wild expansion lets you become Odin in a Norse mythological realm packed with magic enemies. The new powers and ability combos add great gameplay, though the $40 price is steep.

  • Reviews: Reviews are positive so far, with fans liking the massive new world and Odin ability sets. As AC‘s biggest expansion to date, it adds 10+ hours of content.

Based on feedback and my own playtime, the Ireland and Paris expansions are both top quality and worth getting the Season Pass. Dawn of Ragnarök is pricier but may be worth it if you want even more late game content!

Do I Keep DLC Gear in the Main Game?

Yep, a nice bonus is that any weapons, armor, or abilities you gain in paid DLC areas carry back over to England once you return!

The only limitation is you need to reach England‘s recommended power level to equip ultra high-level DLC gear. But otherwise, the gear integrates into the main campaign.

So the DLCs effectively expand gear and build options across the whole base game. Everything carries over between paid expansions and the mainland seamlessly.

Free DLC Overview – Events and Content Updates

While paid DLC is where you‘ll get the biggest new questlines and areas, don‘t overlook the free content either!

Ubisoft has regularly rolled out free updates adding new challenges, quests, and rewards through limited time events and new title updates.

Here are some of the free DLC highlights so far:

  • Ostara Festival: Special weekly event with Yule-themed quests and exclusiverewards.

  • Legendary Hunts: Weekly quests to hunt down elite animal targets across England. Fun challenges!

  • Tombs of the Fallen: Added with a free update – tombs scattered across England to raid for loot.

  • The Legend of Beowulf: Permanent roguelike dungeon mode, totally free to play!

  • A Fated Encounter: Free quest starring Roshan the minstrel, added in Title Update 1.4.1.

While not as sizable as the paid expansions, these free DLCs regularly add new flavor and challenges. Definitely check them out!

To Wrap Up – Paid vs Free AC Valhalla DLC

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a detailed sense of what content comes at no cost, and which expansions need purchase:

  • The big narrative DLCs like Ireland and Francia require purchase separately, or via the Season Pass to save some money. Dawn of Ragnarök is also a paid expansion.

  • But you‘ll also get regular free DLC additions like quests, time-limited events, tombs, and a roguelike mode.

  • Weapons and gear carry back to England after playing paid DLC areas!

  • Based on reviews, Wrath of the Druids and Dawn of Ragnarök come highly recommended for their stories and new worlds.

So in summary – you get to enjoy meaningful free content updates, while choosing whether to expand into the paid DLCs for major new storylines and worlds.

Thanks for reading – hopefully this helps you decide which DLCs seem most appealing and worth picking up! Let me know if you have any other AC Valhalla questions.



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