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Is DMZ no longer free?

Don‘t worry, the exciting new Call of Duty mode DMZ remains completely free to play! When it was first introduced in Warzone 2.0, some players feared Activision might make DMZ a paid add-on or put it behind a paywall. Thankfully, that has not happened. As a Call of Duty expert and gaming industry analyst, let me provide a full breakdown on DMZ‘s pricing, what‘s changed lately, and what we can expect in the future.

A Quick DMZ Overview

For those unaware, DMZ is the new PvPvE extraction mode in Warzone 2.0. It takes inspiration from games like Escape from Tarkov with high stakes raids where you collect loot, battle enemies, and try to successfully extract for rewards.

You only have one life per session, so make it count! It‘s an incredibly intense experience that really gets your heart pumping.

Here are some key facts about DMZ as a quick introduction:

  • Launched November 16th 2022 as part of Warzone 2.0
  • Free-to-play experience, does not require Modern Warfare 2 purchase
  • PvPvE gameplay – fight AI and other players
  • Squad based, matches 12 players maximum
  • High risk extraction mode with loss of loot on death
  • Deep weapon customization and hideout hub

Now let‘s get to the pricing details!

Is Call of Duty DMZ Free?

The great news is that DMZ remains 100% free to play as of February 2023. There is zero paywall or premium version. All Warzone 2.0 players on any platform can access everything DMZ related without spending any money.

As DMZ is part of the base Warzone 2.0 experience rather than the premium Modern Warfare 2 package, the developers have kept the mode completely free as an added value.

Here are some key points on DMZ pricing:

  • No entry fee or purchase required
  • Accessible on all platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • All gameplay content and features included
  • Only cosmetics and bonus missions sold separately

This is fantastic for players, as DMZ offers a premium quality experience rivals like Escape from Tarkov charge for. You‘re getting Tarkov-style gameplay totally free!

Has DMZ Gone Paid or Been Removed?

There were some concerns when DMZ underwent a full progression reset at the launch of Warzone 2.0 Season 2. All unlocks, hideout upgrades and mission progress was wiped.

This led to speculation that DMZ was being removed or going behind a paywall. Thankfully, neither of those theories proved true!

  • DMZ was not removed – just player progression reset
  • DMZ did not go paid – core mode remains 100% free

The reset was intended as a one-time event to fix balance issues and exploits before launching major Season 2 changes. DMZ remains in Warzone 2.0 as a free mode.

However, Season 2 did introduce optional paid bundles with bonus DMZ missions and cosmetics. So there are now extras you can buy, but nothing that affects core gameplay.

Will DMZ Stay Free to Play?

By all indications, Call of Duty plans to keep DMZ as a free experience for the foreseeable future. There has been no suggestion it will become paid DLC.

Free access allows DMZ to build a huge player base quickly across console and PC. It also incentives players to keep returning each season to check out new content and events.

From a business perspective, DMZ staying free but offering optional paid extras makes the most sense:

  • Attracts wide audience as free download
  • Increases Warzone 2.0 retention with exciting new mode
  • Paid bundles allow monetization of "whales" who want extras
  • Rewards supporters with bonus missions and cosmetics
  • Avoids divisive paywall that limits player base

As a live service game, DMZ will continue evolving over time. But the core experience remaining free seems like Activision‘s smartest path forward.

What‘s Changed in DMZ Recently?

Now that we‘ve covered the pricing, let‘s discuss some of the major changes that have happened in DMZ since launch:

Season 2 Launch

  • Full progression reset
  • Removal of medium and large backpacks
  • New infiltration/exfil points
  • Improved AI behaviors
  • Bug fixes and quality of life changes

Season 2 Reloaded

  • Jungle Storm world event added
  • New Intel Mission Packs (paid bundles)
  • In-game shop improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


  • 6 new weapons, 4 new operators added
  • New missions, activities and mysteries
  • Optimizations for performance and balance
  • Battle Pass rewards for DMZ playtime

While a controversial start, the Season 2 reset has allowed DMZ to relaunch in an improved state. The future looks bright!

What Can We Expect Next for DMZ?

DMZ remains in active development, with the team committed to expanding it over time rather than resetting every season.

Based on early success, we can likely expect:

  • New missions/events – Jungle Storm is just the beginning
  • Map expansions – new areas to explore beyond Al Mazrah
  • AI enemy types – deadly new foes and bosses to battle
  • Weapon additions – fresh guns to unlock and customize
  • Surprise updates – live events, playlists, challenges, etc

DMZ has only just gotten started. The combination of free access and seasonal new content will keep players engaged for years to come.

Should You Play Call of Duty DMZ?

For any Warzone 2.0 player seeking a heart-pounding complementary experience to Battle Royale, DMZ is a must try while it remains free. The high stakes extraction gameplay offers an intensity rarely seen in Call of Duty before.

Here are my top reasons to drop into DMZ matches right now:

  • Unique PvPvE dynamics – no other FPS offers this mix
  • Incredible weapon customization – build your perfect gun
  • Satisfying progression – unlock new operators, cosmetics and hideout upgrades
  • Strategic squad play – work together or battle alone
  • Ever-evolving experience – new content every season
  • Adrenaline pumping action – high risk, high reward!

Thanks for taking the time to learn all about DMZ‘s pricing and future! See you in Al Mazrah.



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