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Is Drew Carey Married? Let‘s Take a Deep Dive into His Relationship Status and Career Journey

Drew Carey is one of those celebrities that feels like a friend, even if we‘ve never met. His witty humor and infectious charm have made him a fixture of American television for decades. But one personal question has continued to follow the comedian and host – is Drew Carey married?

The short answer is no, Carey has never tied the knot. However, he‘s come close more than once! Keep reading as we unravel the details around Drew‘s relationship history, family life, meteoric career, and recent exploits in 2023.

By the end, you‘ll have the full scoop on this multifaceted star‘s marital status and much more. Some highlights up front:

  • Marital Status: Twice engaged but never married
  • Current Relationship: Single and focused on his career
  • Net Worth: A whopping $160 million
  • Recent Work: Hosting The Price is Right and cameo TV appearances

Alright, let‘s dive deeper and get to know the man, myth, and legend that is Drew Carey!

Clearing Up the Marriage Mystery Once and For All

I know what you really want to know first and foremost – has Drew Carey ever actually been married?

The definitive answer is no, Drew Carey has never been married.

However, that doesn‘t mean he hasn‘t come close over the years. In fact, Carey has been engaged not once, but twice during his time in the spotlight.

His first engagement was in 2007 to Nicole Jaracz, who was a contestant on The Price is Right. The pair seemed head over heels and made plans to wed. But after a 5-year relationship, they called off their engagement in 2012 with no marriage.

Carey would find love again in 2017 when he proposed to his girlfriend, licensed family therapist Amie Harwick. She said yes and they were engaged for over a year before splitting up in 2018, once again with no trip down the aisle.

So while Drew is frequently linked to gorgeous women and has had serious relationships, when it comes to marriage – the iconic host is 0 for 2 so far.

As of 2023 at age 64, Carey remains one of Hollywood‘s most eligible bachelors. Which leads us to the next topic…

Inside Drew Carey‘s Current Relationship Status

With his track record of proposals not panning out, what‘s the current relationship status for this still unwed silver fox?

Well, as of late 2023, Drew Carey is believed to be single and keeping his romantic life private. There are no indications that he is dating or in a relationship at the moment.

It seems after his two high-profile engagements crumbled, Carey may be taking time to focus on his passions like stand-up comedy and hosting gigs rather than rushing into another committed partnership.

And who can blame him? With an estimated net worth of $160 million and enduring popularity on TV, Drew has plenty of fulfillment in his life without a significant other.

That said, Carey has made it clear family is important to him. Back in 2018 when engaged to Amie Harwick, he said: "I really want a family. I‘m not getting any younger, so I have to act now if I want to be a dad."

So while the marriage plates have cooled for now, never say never! Drew remains outspoken about wanting to settle down. For now though, Carey seems content playing the field and keeping his love life private.

The Special Lifelong Bond Between Carey and Kathy Kinney

If Drew Carey isn‘t in a traditional romantic relationship currently, he does have a unique lifelong connection with one special lady: his longtime friend and co-star Kathy Kinney.

Kinney, best known for playing sassy Mimi Bobeck on The Drew Carey Show, shares an incredibly close friendship with Carey that has warmed fans‘ hearts for decades. Their paths first crossed in 1995 during auditions for the sitcom.

Sparks immediately flew between the pair, with Carey later saying: "I loved working with Kathy from day one. Our chemistry was instant."

Throughout the show‘s 10 season run, their on-screen rivalry and witty banter became a staple. Off-screen, a powerful platonic bond blossomed.

25 years later, Carey and Kinney‘s friendship endures. They make regular appearances together and support each other‘s projects. Kinney frequently posts throwback photos with Drew, captioned with inside jokes only they understand.

While he may not have a wife, Carey clearly has a lifelong pal in the vibrant Ms. Kinney. Their soulmate-level connection is #FriendshipGoals fully realized!

A Glimpse at Drew‘s Family and Thoughts on Having Kids of His Own

Drew Carey has zero biological children, which raises questions around his desire to become a father down the line. Well, during his 5-year engagement to Nicole Jaracz, Carey got a taste of parenthood by serving as a stepfather figure to her young son, Connor.

By many accounts, Drew cherished his role helping raise then 7-year-old Connor, saying: "That boy is so special to me. I‘ve loved getting to be a part of his world."

So while he has no natural children, Carey seems open to and fulfilled by a paternal role, should he meet the right partner.

In a 2018 interview, Carey directly addressed his thoughts on having kids:

"I really want a family. I‘m not getting any younger so if I want to be a dad, I need to act now. My dream is marrying someone with a couple kids already that I can become a father to. I love children."

It seems fatherhood could still be in the cards for America‘s favorite game show host and comedian. The doors remain open, if Mr. Right comes along.

From Stand-Up Comic to Beloved Host: Drew‘s Rise to Fame

Now that we‘ve covered the relationship side, let‘s rewind and explore how this boy from Ohio became one of the biggest television personalities in the world.

The Early Comedy Days

Drew Carey initially caught the performing bug doing stand-up comedy in his hometown of Cleveland in the late 1980s. His observational humor and improv skills quickly earned him acclaim on the local circuit.

By 1991, Carey achieved national fame by appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His career skyrocketed after this breakout moment.

Over the 90s, Carey toured as a stand-up comedian and appeared on specials for Showtime and HBO. His 2002 comedy special Drew Carey: Live in Las Vegas earned Carey a CableACE Award.

Sitcom Star

Capitalizing on his fame, ABC premiered The Drew Carey Show in 1995 starring Carey as a fictionalized version of himself. The sitcom was an instant ratings smash, resonating with Carey‘s working-class Ohio humor.

The Drew Carey Show ultimately ran for 10 seasons, wrapping in 2004 as one of ABC‘s longest-running live-action comedies. The role cemented Carey as a loveable, relatable star.

Hosting "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

As if one hit show wasn‘t enough, Carey began hosting the improv series Whose Line is it Anyway? on ABC in 1998. His quick wit made him the perfect emcee for the zany program.

The show originally ran until 2006 and was later revived from 2013-2020 with Carey reprising his role. His natural chemistry with the cast led to countless hilarious moments.

Becoming "The Price is Right" Host

In 2007, Carey reached a new peak when he was tapped to replace the retiring Bob Barker as host of the iconic game show The Price is Right.

This high-pressure opportunity proved the ideal fit for Carey‘s blend of humor and accessibility. He made the role his own while respecting the show‘s legacy.

The Price is Right remains a ratings powerhouse with Carey at the helm. He has hosted over 2,000 episodes and counting since his 2007 debut.

Drew Carey‘s Career By The Numbers

  • 2,056 episodes of The Price is Right hosted since 2007
  • 272 episodes of The Drew Carey Show across 10 seasons
  • 231 episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? hosted
  • Over $1 billion given away in cash and prizes on Price is Right during Carey‘s tenure
  • 9 Stand-up comedy albums released
  • Honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003

It‘s safe to say this comedian from Cleveland has come a long, long way.

Drew Carey‘s Net Worth – Just How Rich is He?

With his abundance of high-profile TV gigs and comedy projects over a 40+ year career, it‘s no surprise Drew Carey has amassed an incredible amount of wealth.

But just how rich are we talking?

As of 2023, Drew Carey‘s net worth is estimated at $165 million. That‘s right – over $160 million in the bank.

The bulk of his fortune stems from The Price is Right salary, which reportedly earns him $12.5 million per year. That‘s some serious cheddar!

Additional income flows in from residuals on The Drew Carey Show reruns, stand-up tours, hosting specials, cameo appearances, production projects and various investments.

Even compared to other Hollywood stars and TV hosts, Carey‘s bank account is next-level. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure doesn‘t hurt!

Rumors and Speculation About Carey‘s Off-Screen Life

Given his long career in the public eye, Drew‘s personal world has faced plenty of speculation and rumors. Specifically around his romantic preferences and sexuality.

Some have theorized Carey may be gay or bisexual, based on his fashion choices, supportive LGBTQ+ comments, and lack of candor on his dating life.

However, the star has never directly addressed or confirmed anything related to his sexual orientation or private passions off-screen. He seems to prefer keeping fans guessing when it comes to his love life.

While public curiosity continues around his preferences, ultimately Carey‘s focus remains on his comedy and cherished TV gigs rather than headlines.

Before Showbiz Fame, Carey Served in the U.S. Marine Corps

It may surprise some to learn that prior to his breakout in comedy, Drew Carey spent 6 years as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He signed up in 1980 at age 22 shortly after finishing college.

Carey recalls Basic Training being a difficult transition, saying: "I went from total slacker to having guys yelling in my face everyday."

In 1983, he was deployed overseas to Okinawa, Japan for two years. Being thousands of miles from home in an unfamiliar land tested him.

Reflecting on his military service, Carey said "It was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I‘ve done. It really shaped me into an adult."

So the next time you see Carey perfectly pressed and polished on The Price is Right, remember it‘s his Marine training kicking in!

Checking in on Drew Carey‘s Life and Career in 2023

Drew Carey shows zero signs of slowing down in 2023 as he approaches 65 years old later this year. He remains in demand on television and comedy stages nationwide.

On the TV side, Carey is still going strong in his 16th year as host of The Price is Right. He continues bringing enthusiasm and humor to the enduring game show five days a week.

Carey also made appearances last year on shows like Impractical Jokers, The Masked Singer (disguised as The Swan!), and had a cameo in an episode of The Goldbergs.

Outside of acting, Carey‘s passion project is stand-up comedy. He‘s been performing live shows again and released a new comedy album "Carey-oke" in 2022 featuring parody versions of pop songs.

Between his jam-packed work schedule, close friends like Kathy Kinney, and desire to be a father someday, Drew Carey‘s world is rich and fulfilling, with or without a spouse.

While his marital status remains the eternal question, Carey‘s legacy of laughter seems rock-solid. This beloved entertainer continues spreading joy across America into his later years.

The Price is definitely still Right with Drew at the helm!

Summing Up The Scoop on Drew Carey‘s Marriage Status and Career Journey

Let‘s do a quick recap of all the ground we covered here on Drew Carey‘s personal and professional path:

  • Despite two engagements, Carey has never married and is currently single

  • His net worth sits at a comfortable $160+ million

  • Got his start in comedy in the late 80s before hitting it big in the 90s/2000s

  • Has an incredibly close, decades-long friendship with Kathy Kinney

  • Remains the beloved host of The Price is Right after 15+ years

  • No kids yet but has expressed a desire to be a father in the future

  • Stays actively performing stand-up and cameos amid his game show duties

So in summary – the man is doing just fine! While his romantic history has had twists and turns, Carey seems content focusing on bringing laughter into the world (and growing his wealth).

But who knows – perhaps marriage could still be in the cards down the line if he meets the right partner. For now, Carey is living his best life as Hollywood‘s perennial bachelor.

And that‘s the complete inside scoop on the relationship status and phenomenal career of the one and only Drew Carey! Hopefully this provided a detailed glimpse into what makes this guy so gosh darn lovable.

Stay tuned to see what‘s next for America‘s favorite funnyman and game show guru. Excitement and laughs are sure to follow wherever Drew Carey goes!



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