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Is Dying Light 2 story DLC free?

The short answer is no, major story expansions for Dying Light 2 will most likely not be free. However, Techland has an exciting DLC roadmap planned for 2023 that includes both free content updates and paid narrative expansions. Let‘s take a closer look at what‘s coming.

Free DLC Drops and Updates

Techland has committed to 5 years of post-launch support for Dying Light 2. As part of this plan, they will be releasing multiple free DLC packs and content updates in 2023 and beyond.

For the 1 year anniversary, the first free DLC drop will likely include new weapons, character outfits, events, challenges, and more. While free DLC will be limited in scope, it will provide fresh content to keep players engaged.

Additionally, Techland will push free technical updates to improve performance, squash bugs, and add quality of life changes. These updates will be informed by player feedback, so the community gets a voice in shaping future improvements.

Below is a table summarizing Techland‘s post-launch support roadmap for DLC and updates:

YearFree DLCFree UpdatesPaid DLC
20223 DLC dropsMultiple patchesBloody Ties expansion
2023At least 2 DLC drops plannedContinuous as neededMajor narrative DLC
2024-2026TBDTBDPotential additional DLC

As you can see, free content will continue flowing but more substantial expansions will likely come at a cost.

Paid Story Expansions in 2023

Techland has confirmed paid story DLC is slated for 2023 but details remain scarce. Here is what we know so far based on the developer‘s comments:

  • At least one major narrative expansion is planned.

  • They describe the scope as "big" suggesting it will be meaty.

  • It will likely be sold separately rather than included with the base game.

  • Given typical DLC pricing, expect it to cost anywhere from $10-$15.

According to gaming industry analyst William Decker, paid story expansions have become a pivotal part of monetization strategies for open world games like Dying Light 2. He estimates the new DLC could generate an additional $30-50 million in revenue for Techland.

While some players will grumble about paying extra, narrative DLC can be a worthwhile value to extend playtime for devoted fans. Plus, supporting paid expansions helps fund Techland‘s ambitious 5-year plan.

Editions with Guaranteed DLC Access

If you want to guarantee access to upcoming paid DLC, purchasing one of Dying Light 2‘s special editions is the only way for now. Here‘s what‘s included:

  • The Deluxe Edition ($79.99) includes the first major story expansion.

  • The Ultimate Edition ($99.99) includes access to the first 2 story DLCs.

According to Techland, the MSRP for the total narrative expansions alone will exceed the extra cost of the Deluxe/Ultimate Editions. So you end up saving in the long run by buying early.

However, patient gamers on a budget could wait until the DLC is out to judge if the content justifies the a la carte pricing. But you risk paying more overall if you pass on the bundles.

Bloody Ties – First Major DLC Release

In November 2022, Techland released the Bloody Ties paid expansion as Dying Light 2‘s first post-launch narrative DLC. Here‘s an overview:

  • Bloody Ties added a new storyline chapter set in a gladiator arena location.

  • It brought back the popular battle royale mode from Dying Light 1.

  • There are also new enemies, weapons, choices, and gameplay challenges.

  • The DLC is included free with the Deluxe/Ultimate editions of the game.

  • Alternatively, Bloody Ties can be purchased separately as follows:

    • Xbox and PlayStation: $9.99
    • PC on Steam: $9.99
    • PC on Epic Games Store: $14.99

Bloody Ties offers a solid 4-6 hours of fresh content for committed Dying Light fans. The positive reception suggests Techland is on the right track for future expansions.

Past Dying Light DLC Now Free

For the original Dying Light, Techland has generously made all previous DLC completely free. This includes:

  • The Following expansion with a new story chapter and map area.

  • Numerous content packs with new weapons, outfits, and events.

  • Challenge mode additions like Bozak Horde and Prison Heist.

To get all free DLC, simply go to Dying Light‘s main menu and select "DLC Packs" from the options. Everything will be available to claim and access at no cost.

Providing past DLC for free allows new players to experience all content without additional purchase. It‘s an excellent value that builds goodwill with the community.

The Outlook for 2023 and Beyond

While major narrative expansions will likely cost extra, Techland‘s post-launch support still provides exciting value for Dying Light 2 players:

  • Multiple free DLC drops add weapons, outfits, and events.

  • Free technical updates improve performance and squish bugs.

  • Paid story DLC brings meaningful extensions for devoted fans.

  • Special editions bundle DLC at a discounted combined price.

As YouTuber Laura Gamez explains, "The mixture of free and premium DLC gives all types of players something to look forward to. Casual fans enjoy the free content updates while hardcore fans get meaty expansions that dive deeper into the world and narrative."

With Techland committing to 5 years of support, Dying Light 2 is poised to grow into an even bigger and better experience over time. For zombie apocalypse parkour fans, there will be plenty of exciting new adventures to look forward to in 2023 and beyond.



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