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Is Fallout 1st Free with Game Pass?

The short answer is yes, Fallout 1st is free for 1 month with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. But let‘s dive deeper into the details.

As a Fallout fan, I was thrilled when Xbox Game Pass added Fallout 76. This gave me a chance to try out the multiplayer Fallout experience without buying the game.

However, I quickly realized that while the core Fallout 76 game is included with Game Pass, the Fallout 1st membership provides some amazing extra perks that really enhance the experience.

And thanks to a special deal for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, I was able to get Fallout 1st free for an entire month!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting Fallout 1st free with Game Pass, what‘s included with a membership, and whether it‘s worth it for hardcore Fallout fans like us.

What is Fallout 1st?

For those unfamiliar, Fallout 1st is a premium membership program for Fallout 76. It normally costs either $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Fallout 1st gives you access to some sweet bonuses and features that improve the Fallout 76 experience, including:

  • Private Worlds – Your own personal, private servers that you can build and quest in. You can invite up to 7 friends to join you.

  • Unlimited Scrap Storage – An unlimited stash for all your crafting components and junk. No more agonizing over what to dump from your inventory!

  • Survival Tent – A portable camp with stash, sleeping bag, cooking station and scrapbox you can deploy anytime.

  • Monthly Atoms – 1650 Atoms per month to spend in the Atomic Shop on cosmetics and items.

  • Exclusive Cosmetics – Unique outfits, camp decor and emotes only available to Fallout 1st members.

Clearly, a Fallout 1st membership takes Fallout 76 to the next level. But at $13-$100 per month, it‘s a pricey upgrade.

That‘s what makes the Xbox Game Pass Fallout 1st deal so fantastic. You can get a month of Fallout 1st totally free just for being a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber!

How to Get Your Free Month of Fallout 1st with Game Pass

Claiming your free Fallout 1st membership with Xbox Game Pass is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

  2. Open the Xbox app on your console, PC or mobile device.

  3. Go to the Perks section.

  4. Find the "Fallout 1st Membership" perk and select "Claim".

  5. You‘ll receive a code for 1 month of Fallout 1st.

  6. Redeem the code in your account linked to Fallout 76.

Once redeemed, the 1 month Fallout 1st membership will be applied to your Bethesda account.

Now whenever you play Fallout 76, you‘ll have access to all the Fallout 1st benefits like Private Worlds, the Survival Tent, and Scrapbox!

The free month gives you plenty of time to experience everything Fallout 1st has to offer. I‘ll break down exactly what you get with a membership in the next section.

Exploring the Benefits of Free Fallout 1st

Let‘s do a deep dive into all the bonuses and features that come with a Fallout 1st membership, whether you get it free or paid. This will help you make the most of it during your free month!

Private Worlds Unlock True Solo or Co-op Play

One of my favorite parts of a Fallout 1st membership is gaining access to Private Worlds. These are your own personal servers that you can fully customize to your liking.

In a Private World, you can:

  • Quest, build, and explore with no pesky interference from random players.

  • Invite up to 7 friends to join you on adventures or building sessions.

  • Adjust settings like PvP rules, difficulty, and much more.

  • Take over workshops without contest to gain resources.

For solo players like myself, Private Worlds are amazing. I can wander Appalachia at my own pace without random PvP battles or high level players one-shotting enemies before I can tag them.

And when I want to build, I can claim workshops for farming materials without defending them from other players.

Private Worlds also make co-op play so much more immersive. My friends and I change the settings to increase difficulty and turn on survival needs. This makes questing together a true adventure.

We‘ve also had amazing base building sessions where each of us claims a workshop and contributes our haul back at CAMP.

Unlimited Scrap Storage Resolves Inventory Management Woes

Inventory management has always been a headache in Fallout 76. With limited stash space, you constantly have to decide what to keep or dump from your inventory.

But with Fallout 1st, this issue disappears thanks to the unlimited Scrapbox!

The Scrapbox provides unlimited storage for all your:

  • Crafting components like screws, aluminum, circuits etc.

  • Junk like fans, typewriters, globs of adhesive

  • Flux materials from nuked zones

No more debating whether to stash that pile of steel or those silver scraps. Just dump it all in the Scrapbox!

Being able to store unlimited crafting materials makes maintaining weapons, armor and ammo so much easier. I no longer have to go on junk farming runs to fix my gear. It‘s all waiting in the Scrapbox.

And when my stash starts overflowing, I can just stash all non-essential junk in the Scrapbox too. It‘s such a relief.

Here‘s a look at how much I‘ve hoarded in just 2 weeks with the Scrapbox:

Steel Scrap1653
Wood Scraps832
Cloth Scrap459

As you can see, I‘m definitely getting my money‘s worth from unlimited scrap storage!

The Survival Tent Provides a Mobile Base

The Survival Tent that comes with Fallout 1st membership is an invaluable tool during adventures. You can deploy this portable camp anytime, anywhere.

It contains:

  • Sleeping bag to replenish Health, AP, save game

  • Stash box to unload inventory

  • Scrapbox to deposit materials

  • Cooking station to craft food/water

Being able to dump inventory and heal up mid-adventure is super handy. Set up camp, sleep to restore HP, repair gear using scrap, cook a meal, and you‘re ready to keep exploring.

The Survival Tent has gotten me out of many tight spots during intense quests or events. And having instant access to the Scrapbox from anywhere is a game-changer.

You can have multiple tents deployed simultaneously. I like to leapfrog between them during long journeys to regularly refresh resources.

It makes a HUGE difference compared to normal Fallout 76 play when you constantly have to hoof it home to restore HP/AP at CAMP.

Monthly Atoms Provide Cosmetics and Convenience

Along with functional benefits, Fallout 1st also delivers bonus Atoms you can spend at the Atomic Shop each month.

You get 1650 Atoms per month, which is worth about $15 in the Atomic Shop. That alone nearly covers the $13 monthly membership cost.

With bonus Atoms, you can snag cosmetics like outfits, paint jobs, emotes and more. I also use Atoms to buy utility items like Repair Kits or ammo converters.

Here are some of the awesome goodies I‘ve unlocked with Atoms from just one month of Fallout 1st:

  • Red Rocket Power Armor Paint
  • Contemporary CAMP Bundle
  • Brotherhood of Steel Emote Pack
  • Refrigerated Backpack Mod
  • Camden Park Bundle

Being able to grab new cosmetics each month keeps the game fresh and fun. And utility items like Repair Kits help maintain gear.

The monthly Atoms are basically free credits to enhance your experience. It‘s a nice perk on top of all the other membership benefits.

Exclusive Cosmetics Available Only to Members

In addition to bonus Atoms, Fallout 1st members get access to exclusive cosmetic items. These are outfits, camp items, emotes and more that you can‘t get without a membership.

Some of the unique cosmetics I‘ve unlocked include:

  • Civil War Era Dress Outfit
  • Log Cabin C.A.M.P. Bundle
  • "Field of View" Photomode Frame
  • "Take Point" Emote

Donning the exclusive Civil War dress makes me feel like a true survivor thriving in the post-nuclear world. And the log cabin set let me create an awesome rustic base.

These members-only cosmetics help you stand out from the standard stuff available to regular players. They add personality and style.

Between the exclusive items and bonus Atoms each month, Fallout 1st keeps the atomic shop full of new surprises. There‘s always a new outfit or toy to earn.

Is it Worth Keeping Fallout 1st After the Free Month?

After experiencing everything Fallout 1st has to offer during the free month from Xbox Game Pass, you may be wondering whether to keep the membership going.

Here are some pros and cons to weigh when deciding if an ongoing Fallout 1st membership is worthwhile:


  • Private Worlds provide a better solo/co-op experience
  • Unlimited scrap storage resolves inventory woes
  • Survival Tent offers mobile utility
  • Atoms deliver extra cosmetics and items each month
  • Exclusive cosmetics let you stand out


  • It‘s an extra $13-$15 per month
  • You lose scrap storage without membership
  • Normal public worlds can still be enjoyable

For hardcore Fallout 76 players, Fallout 1st is likely worth keeping. But more casual players may not need ongoing access after trying it out.

My advice would be to play during the free month as you normally would. If you find yourself relying heavily on the Private Worlds, Scrapbox, Survival Tent and bonus Atoms, then keeping the membership is probably worthwhile.

But if you don‘t engage much with those bonuses, saving the $13 a month and playing on public servers may be perfectly fine.

I personally found Fallout 1st well worth the monthly fee. But it really comes down to your playstyle and how much you utilize the membership perks.

The free month from Xbox Game Pass is the perfect way to experience Fallout 1st risk-free and decide if you want to continue.

Don‘t Forget to Cancel Renewal if You Don‘t Want to Keep It!

One final tip: if you decide Fallout 1st isn‘t worth keeping after the free month, don‘t forget to disable auto-renewal!

Otherwise, it will charge you $13 at the end of the month for another month. You can turn off auto-renewal in your account settings.

Disabling renewal ensures you won‘t pay anything when the free month expires. You can simply revert to playing normal public worlds in Fallout 76.

But if you want to keep all the awesome Fallout 1st benefits, just leave auto-renewal on so your membership continues month to month.

Either way, be sure to explicitly choose whether to keep or cancel based on your experience during the free period. That way you don‘t get charged unintentionally.

Enjoy Your Free Fallout 1st Trial with Xbox Game Pass!

Well, that covers everything you need to know about getting Fallout 1st free with Xbox Game Pass!

I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of how it works and what to expect with a Fallout 1st membership.

If you‘re a Fallout 76 player, be sure to claim your free month to experience the benefits firsthand.

Enjoy your private servers, unlimited scrap, handy survival tent, bonus Atoms and exclusive cosmetics! Take advantage of your free trial to decide if you want to keep the membership going forward.

Let me know if have any other questions. I‘m happy to share more tips to get the most out of your free Fallout 1st access.

Have fun out there in the West Virginia wasteland! See you around Appalachia.



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