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Is Far Cry 6 Free Forever on PS4?

The short answer is – no, Far Cry 6 is not free forever on PlayStation 4. It is a premium title that needs to be purchased separately in order to play the full game permanently. However, there have been limited-time free access events that allowed PS4 gamers to experience Far Cry 6 temporarily without paying. There is also a permanent free trial that provides a snippet of the game.

But if you want unlimited access for good, you will need to buy Far Cry 6 on the PlayStation Store. Fret not though, because the game frequently goes on attractive discounts making it very affordable for PS4 owners.

As an avid PS4 gamer myself, I totally understand the desire to play amazing new titles like Far Cry 6 for free. In this detailed guide, I‘ll clear all your doubts regarding getting Far Cry 6 free on PS4, so you can take the optimal decision.

Can I Access Far Cry 6 For Free on My PS4?

I know the prospect of playing a 2022 AAA release like Far Cry 6 for zero dollars sounds incredible. However, getting the full version permanently free on PS4 legally is unrealistic.

Being a major Ubisoft production, Far Cry 6 is a premium-priced game like most big-budget titles. It usually costs $59.99 on the PlayStation Store. So getting it for free forever is unlikely.

But once in a while, Ubisoft offers limited-time events that unlock Far Cry 6 for free temporarily. For example, in February 2023, Far Cry 6 was available for free on PS4 and PS5 for 5 days. Such promotions give you temporary access if you‘re vigilant.

There is also the permanent free trial which lets you play the starting island without restrictions. So while not free forever, you still have avenues to experience Far Cry 6 for zero investment through the trial or time-limited promotions.

What Free Events Have Allowed Access to Far Cry 6 on PS4?

Ubisoft has provided a few opportunities for PS4 owners to enjoy Far Cry 6 free of cost for a few days via these events:

  • Far Cry 6 Free Play Days – From February 16 to 20, 2023, Far Cry 6 was available for free on PS4 and PS5.

  • Free Weekend – A similar free weekend promotion happened from March 24 to 27, 2023.

During these events, the full game unlocked for free download from PlayStation Store without needing PS Plus. You could play as much as you want until the end of the event, after which purchase was required.

Such free events usually recur a few times annually for major Ubisoft releases. So you may see more similar promos this year allowing temporary free Far Cry 6 access on your PS4.

Does The Permanent Free Trial Let Me Play Far Cry 6 Freely?

The free trial for Far Cry 6 does not provide unrestricted access to the full experience. But it offers a generous chunk of content from the starting island area for permanent free play.

On PS4, this trial allows you to:

  • Play through the entire introductory Isla Santuario island.
  • Experience the initial story missions and meet main characters.
  • Explore the starting region and side activities freely.
  • Get familiarized with core gameplay mechanics.
  • Keep any progress and trophies earned.

While not the complete game, the free trial gives you a meaty vertical slice for zero cost. Your saved data also carries over if you purchase the game later.

What Game Content Is Locked In The Free Trial?

As the Far Cry 6 free trial lets you play only the first island area, the following major content is inaccessible:

  • The other regions like Madrugada, Valle De Oro, etc.
  • Most of the main story missions after Isla Santuario.
  • Majority of side quests across Yara‘s islands.
  • Many advanced weapons and gear.
  • Endgame areas and content.
  • Co-op and online multiplayer modes.
  • Post-credits storyline.

So while the intro island offers new players ample gameplay, the free trial locks out the rest of the open world pending full purchase.

If I Buy Far Cry 6 on PS4, Do I Keep My Free Trial Progress?

Absolutely, any progression or trophies you earn in the free trial carries over seamlessly if you decide to buy the game later.

The save file persists on your PS4, so you can simply purchase Far Cry 6 and continue right where you left off in the trial. No progress will be lost.

Many players use the free trial to experience a demo and then purchase the full game. So rest assured your unlocks and accomplishments remain intact when upgrading from trial to full version.

Can I Play Far Cry 6 Online Co-Op During Free Access Events?

Yes, the temporary free events for Far Cry 6 unlock not just the single player campaign, but also the online co-op mode allowing 2-player gameplay.

You can team up with a friend who also has access to the free event and enjoy the entire co-op campaign for the event‘s duration without paying. This allows you to check out Far Cry 6‘s multiplayer functionality.

However, the permanent free trial only includes the single player content. Co-op is locked unless you purchase the full game.

Who Is Far Cry 6 Aimed At? Evaluating Its Worth

Before committing to purchase Far Cry 6 on your PS4, think about whether it aligns with your gaming preferences. Here is the target demographic for this title based on its features:


  • First-person shooter fans
  • Players who enjoy stealth and action
  • Those looking for an immersive narrative
  • Fans of exploration and discovery


  • Players who like tropical island aesthetics
  • Those interested in guerrilla revolutions
  • History buffs who appreciate fictional takes on real events


  • Open world enthusiasts
  • Those who like recruitment mechanics and AI companions
  • Fans of customized loadouts and gameplay styles
  • Users who enjoy tackling outposts methodically


  • Players who find flawed, complex antagonists intriguing
  • Those looking for memorable lead characters
  • Users appreciative of high-stakes, dramatic storytelling


  • Friends who want to collaboratively play through a campaign
  • Players who enjoy strategizing and coordinating with partners
  • Groups who like guerrilla-style co-op gameplay

Post-Launch Content

  • Gamers who prefer expansive games with continuous updates
  • Players wanting extensive post-launch content through DLC
  • Users who don‘t mind spending on new story episodes

Is Far Cry 6 Worth Purchasing for PS4 Owners?

Based on user reviews and critic opinions, Far Cry 6 is absolutely worth buying for PS4 owners who enjoy open world first-person shooters. Here are the biggest factors that make it a compelling purchase:

Massive and Diverse Open World

Far Cry 6 features the largest open world seen in the franchise spanning 11 unique regions across the islands of Yara. There is immense environmental diversity allowing engaging exploration.

Captivating Story and Villain

The narrative about overthrowing a fascist dictator is gripping. Anton Castillo portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito is an enthralling, Shakespearean antagonist with depth.

Chaotic Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay

The core first-person action successfully captures the feeling of guerrilla combat. Fighting Anton‘s troops using creative tactics and tools provides adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Freedom of Approach

Between the vast arsenal and Supremo backpacks, you have extensive options to approach any combat situation based on your playstyle.

Memorable Allies and Amigos

Recruitable allies like Chorizo the dog and the other animal Amigos add flavor to the guerrilla fantasy and provide tactical support.

Detailed Visuals and Effects

Despite some scalability limitations, Far Cry 6 leverages the PS4 hardware to deliver a beautiful and atmospheric Caribbean island setting.

Co-Op Campaign

The option to play the entire story campaign cooperatively with a friend adds replay value through fun tactical co-op action.

Post-Launch Support

Ubisoft has provided continuous post-launch support in the form of free content updates as well as three major narrative DLC expansions.

Things to Consider Before Buying Far Cry 6 for PS4

However, there are some caveats you should evaluate before purchasing Far Cry 6 on your PS4:

  • It is locked at 30 FPS on PS4 whereas the PS5 version offers 60 FPS gameplay.

  • The open world density and draw distance is lower compared to other platforms.

  • There are occasional frame rate dips in high-action sequences.

  • Multiplayer community is smaller on PS4 versus other platforms.

  • Long load times when fast travelling or respawning.

  • 100 GB storage space required as download size is huge.

So while very playable, the PS4 version does have some technical compromises expected for the older hardware. But the well-optimized gameplay and engaging content outweigh the cons for most PS4 users.

Game Length: How Many Hours Does Far Cry 6 Take to Beat?

Here is a quick overview of how long it takes to beat Far Cry 6 based on your playstyle:

  • Main Story – 25-30 hours
  • Main + Extras – 45-55 hours
  • Completionist Run – 80-100 hours

So you‘re looking at least 25 hours just for the core mandatory content, making it a meaty FPS campaign. With side quests and optional content, length can almost double to around 50 hours. And if you aim for full completion, it provides 80+ hours of gameplay.

Alternate Ways To Play Far Cry 6 for Cheaper

If you are intrigued by Far Cry 6 but don‘t want to pay full price, consider these strategies:

  • Wait for discounts during PlayStation Store sales where it drops to $20-30.

  • Buy a used physical copy which can offer savings up to 50%.

  • Split the cost with a friend by game sharing the digital version on PS4.

  • Subscribe to services like PS Plus Premium or Ubisoft+ that offer the game as part of their library.

  • Play on disc by renting through services like GameFly rather than buying it.

So while not free, you can reduce the cost by $20 to $40 through such alternate purchase options.

Will Far Cry 7 Come to PS4? Should I Wait for It Instead?

Far Cry 7 has not yet been announced by Ubisoft. It is speculated to release sometime in late 2024 or 2025. When it does arrive, it is likely to be a cross-generational title playable on both PS4 and PS5.

But Far Cry 6 is an excellent current-gen entry itself. Waiting 2+ years just for the next iteration may not be worth it. Far Cry 6 gives you dozens of hours of quality FPS content on PS4 right now.

Later on, you can play Far Cry 7 as well to enjoy the incremental improvements and new setting. So it is arguably better to play Far Cry 6 already instead of waiting indefinitely.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Far Cry 6 for PS4?

Considering all factors, my verdict is yes, Far Cry 6 is absolutely worth purchasing on PS4 provided you like open world first-person shooters and engaging narratives.

Despite some expected technical compromises for the older hardware, it is a content-rich title with jaw-dropping tropical environments, thrilling guerrilla combat, an intriguing villain, and meaningful gameplay customization.

The 25+ hour long campaign offers fantastic value-for-money, with ample replayability through side quests and co-op. Ubisoft has also supported the game well post-launch with improvements and new content.

Occasional free events do provide temporary free access on PS4. But for unlimited unrestricted gameplay, buying Far Cry 6 is the only option and highly recommended for fans of the FPS genre. Just be sure to seek discounts or buy used copies to get the most bang for your buck.

I hope this detailed guide gives you complete clarity on playing Far Cry 6 free vs paid on PS4. Let me know which option you picked and how you are enjoying this thrilling Caribbean adventure! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Far Cry 6 require PS Plus for multiplayer features?

A: Yes, a PS Plus subscription is required for online co-op and other multiplayer functionality. The solo campaign is playable without PS Plus.

Q: What graphics settings does Far Cry 6 use on PS4?

A: It runs at a resolution targeting 1080p with a frame rate capped at 30 FPS. The PS4 Pro plays at higher 1080p resolution but still 30 FPS.

Q: How does Far Cry 6 perform on base PS4 versus PS4 Pro?

A: The PS4 Pro offers higher, more stable 1080p resolution and slightly better texture filtering. But frame rate is 30 FPS locked on both. Load times are faster on PS4 Pro too.

Q: Is there a way to transfer PS4 save data to PS5 for Far Cry 6?

A: Yes, Far Cry 6 supports cross-gen save transfers from PS4 to PS5 through the Ubisoft Connect cloud storage system.

Q: Does Far Cry 6 PS4 disc work on PS5?

A: Yes, the PS4 disc version of Far Cry 6 is backwards compatible and will work seamlessly on PS5 hardware too. You get access to the PS5 enhancements as well.

Q: Is the Season Pass worth buying for Far Cry 6?

A: If you enjoy the base game, the Season Pass is recommended as it adds 3 major narrative DLCs focusing on the villain perspectives, adding around 15 hours of new content.



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