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Is Far Cry 6 free trial the full game?

The short answer is – yes! Ubisoft‘s recent free trial for Far Cry 6 gave you access to the entire base game, not just a small slice. You could explore the full open world, experience the complete story, and unlock progression during the 4-day event. It was one of the most generous free trials ever offered compared to other big game demos.

But now you‘re probably wondering…how exactly did the Far Cry 6 free trial work? And will Ubisoft ever offer this awesome promotion again? Don‘t worry, friend – I‘ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive deep into everything you need to know about the Far Cry 6 free trial event. Let‘s jump right in!

Here‘s exactly what was included in the free trial

When Ubisoft announced this promotional free trial, they made it clear you‘d get the "full game experience" for a limited time. No content cuts, no walled-off sections – the entire base game was up for grabs!

According to the official description from Ubisoft themselves, here‘s everything that was available during the free trial:

  • The complete introductory experience on Isla Santuario
  • Full access to the open world map of Yara
  • The entire main campaign and storyline
  • All side quests, activities, challenges
  • Co-op missions and other online features
  • Hundreds of weapons and vehicles at your disposal
  • Character/gear progression systems fully enabled

So in plain terms, you got the full Far Cry 6 package! The only restriction was access to DLC expansions or season pass content. But the core game was all there for you to enjoy.

Just take a look at this handy graphic I made to summarize it:

Far Cry 6 Free Trial
Open World of Yara✅ Full Access
Main Story Missions✅ All Unlocked
Side Quests & Activities✅ Full Unlocked
Weapons/Vehicles✅ All Unlocked
Character Progression✅ Full Unlocked
DLC Expansions❌ Not Included

See? You really got the real deal during this free promotion. Keep reading as I‘ll explain even more about how long it lasted and what progress carried over.

How long did players get to enjoy the free trial?

This tantalizing free version of Far Cry 6 was only available for a limited time. The full trial period lasted 4 days total, but the exact dates varied slightly depending on which platform you played on.

Here‘s a breakdown of the Far Cry 6 free trial duration for each platform:

  • PlayStation (PS4, PS5): Feb 16 (12AM PT) – Feb 20 (11:59PM PT)

  • Xbox (Xbox One, Series X|S): Feb 16 (12AM PT) – Feb 20 (11:59PM PT)

  • PC (Epic Games Store): Feb 17 (4AM PT) – Feb 20 (12AM PT)

  • PC (Ubisoft Connect): Feb 16 (12AM PT) – Feb 20 (11:59PM PT)

So depending on whether you played on PlayStation, Xbox or PC – you had between 72 to 96 hours of unlimited access. That‘s 3 to 4 whole days to enjoy Far Cry 6!

I don‘t know about you, but in my opinion 4 days is a really generous amount of time for a free trial. It gave me enough freedom to fully explore Yara at my own pace, while also providing a good feel for the gameplay loop.

Did your progress from the free trial carry over?

This was arguably the coolest part of the whole promotion. Any progress you made during the free trial was NOT reset afterwards!

That means all your earned weapons, unlocked skills, completed missions, challenges, etc. were saved. If you decided to purchase the full game after playing the trial, you could simply continue right where you left off.

There was no starting back at square one after the free period ended. Your character, gear and advancement seamlessly carried over.

So not only did you get to play the full game for free for several days, but you also got a generous head start if you opted to buy Far Cry 6 later on. That‘s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

How did this compare to free trials for other big games?

We have to be real here – the free trial for Far Cry 6 was insanely generous compared to most other big game demos. Publishers often severely limit free trial access, but not in this case!

Let‘s compare the FC6 trial to some other recent examples:

  • Elden Ring: Only allowed you to play up to a certain point, not the full game.

  • Horizon Forbidden West: Limited to a tiny intro/tutorial area, nothing else.

  • Battlefield 2042: Capped your max level and progression after a few hours.

As you can see, most free trials for major releases are barebones – but Far Cry 6 broke the mold! Ubisoft absolutely knocked it out of the park by providing the complete experience.

You have to give them credit for being so player-friendly. This was a free trial done RIGHT!

Will Ubisoft ever offer this awesome free trial again?

I know what you‘re thinking…will Ubisoft ever repeat this amazing Far Cry 6 free trial promotion? Can we expect to see it return in the future?

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn‘t shared any solid plans to run this free trial again. The February 2022 event seemed like a special one-time thing. But while another free trial hasn‘t been confirmed, I wouldn‘t rule it out either!

Here are some key points:

  • This initial free trial was likely to encourage more sales after launch. Repeating it could further boost interest.

  • Ubisoft loves to run free weekends and short trials to hype up their games, like Assassin‘s Creed.

  • Far Cry 6 is rumored to receive a year 2 content roadmap. A second free trial could support that.

So while we can‘t expect the same trial to return anytime soon, I anticipate good odds of Ubisoft running something similar for Far Cry 6 again down the road.

Maybe we‘ll see the trial return around the holidays or paired with upcoming game announcements. But only time will tell, so stay tuned!

What are your options if you totally missed the free trial?

Don‘t panic if you unfortunately missed out on playing the Far Cry 6 free trial! While you can‘t access that specific promotion anymore, there are still a few solid options available:

  • Wait for a sale: Far Cry 6 goes on sale ALL the time across platforms, usually 50% off or more. Wishlist it and you‘ll jump on a deal in no time.

  • Watch streams: Seeing FC6 gameplay on Twitch or YouTube gives you a great feel for the experience before committing to buy.

  • Rent first: Many stores like Redbox allow you to rent Far Cry 6 for cheap to test it out.

  • Find similar games: Titles like Horizon Zero Dawn or Days Gone scratch a similar itch and frequently see deep discounts.

  • Try Ubisoft‘s other trials: Ubisoft themselves offer some free trials for games like Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla or Immortals Fenyx Rising to sample their formula.

See? With a little patience and creativity, you can still get a risk-free taste of what Far Cry 6 offers. Don‘t lose hope yet!

Key Takeaways on the Far Cry 6 Free Trial Event

Let‘s do a quick recap of the key facts for the Far Cry 6 free trial:

  • It provided the full base game experience, not a restricted demo
  • Lasted for 4 days depending on your platform
  • All progression during the trial carried over if you bought the game
  • One of the most generous free trials compared to other big games
  • No solid confirmation yet on if/when it could return again
  • You have options to try before you buy even if you missed it

Hopefully this breakdown gave you a crystal clear understanding of how the Far Cry 6 free trial worked and what made it so special. While it was limited-time, Ubisoft set a new standard for accessibility with this one!

The Bottom Line

The free trial for Far Cry 6 was an absolutely awesome opportunity to experience the game risk-free. Although the promotion has ended, I sincerely hope Ubisoft decides to run it again in the future based on all the positive feedback.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for game discounts and other ways to preview FC6 for cheap. Trust me, after playing the free trial yourself, you‘ll probably be itching to pick it up permanently! It gave just a hint of how incredibly fun and addictive this entry in the series can be.

So in closing, I highly recommend playing Far Cry 6 whenever you get the chance. The free trial may be over, but Yara still awaits! Just be patient and you‘ll get to cause chaos on this tropical paradise soon enough, my friend. Thanks for reading!



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