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Is Far Cry 6 still free in 2023?

No, the free trial period for Far Cry 6 has ended. The full game is no longer available to play for free as of February 20, 2023.

But don‘t worry! In this guide, I‘ll give you all the details on the Far Cry 6 free trial, whether you can still access the game for free, and tips to get the most out of Far Cry 6 if you decide to purchase.

The Details of the Far Cry 6 Free Trial Period

Ubisoft offered a limited-time free trial for Far Cry 6 from February 16-20, 2023. This gave gamers 5 full days to play through the entire base game for free.

According to Ubisoft, over 15 million players participated across platforms – making this Ubisoft‘s most successful free weekend ever!

Here are the key details on the Far Cry 6 free trial:

  • Platforms – The trial was available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect.

  • Content – Players had full access to the base game, including all story missions, open world exploration, and online co-op. No content was limited.

  • Progression – Any progress made during the trial carried over if you purchased the full game.

  • Pre-Load – Players could pre-load Far Cry 6 starting February 15th to play as soon as the trial began.

  • Discounts – The free weekend coincided with up to 70% off Far Cry 6 and its DLC expansions.

So in summary, this was a full-access free trial to let players experience the entire Far Cry 6 package before deciding whether to purchase.

Can You Still Play Far Cry 6 For Free?

Now that the short free trial period has ended, Far Cry 6 is no longer free to play.

The trial ran from February 16-20, 2023. After February 20th, you‘ll need to purchase Far Cry 6 to be able to play.

Here is an easy timeline of important Far Cry 6 free trial dates:

  • February 15 – Pre-load available
  • February 16 – Free trial begins
  • February 20 – Free trial ends
  • February 21 – Discounts ended

So unfortunately, there is no way to play the full Far Cry 6 game for free any longer. The trial period has expired.

But don‘t fret! Below I‘ll cover some ways you may still be able to access Far Cry 6 at no or low cost.

How Can You Get Far Cry 6 for Free or Cheap?

While you can no longer play the full Far Cry 6 game for free, here are a few options to access it at no or reduced cost:

Xbox Game Pass

Far Cry 6 is included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription for console and PC. As long as you maintain an active subscription, you can download and play the full game.

  • Over 25 million subscribe to Xbox Game Pass
  • Access 100+ games for one monthly fee
  • Available on Xbox consoles, PC and mobile

So if you‘re an Xbox gamer, this is by far the best way to play Far Cry 6 without paying the full $60 price tag.

Ubisoft+ Subscription

Gamers on PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna can access Far Cry 6 via Ubisoft+. This Netflix-style subscription offers access to over 100 Ubisoft games.

  • Launched in 2019
  • Over 3 million subscribers as of December 2022
  • Access new Ubisoft games on release day

If you game on PC, Ubisoft‘s subscription is a great way to play Far Cry 6 and save money.

PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium

PlayStation owners can access Far Cry 6 through the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tiers. Far Cry 6 was added to the PlayStation Plus game catalog in December 2022.

  • Over 30 million PlayStation Plus subscribers
  • Extra offers 400+ games for $100/year
  • Premium has 700+ games for $120/year

For PS4/PS5 gamers, a PlayStation Plus subscription including Far Cry 6 is cheaper than buying at full price.

Watch for Sales

While not free, Far Cry 6 does frequently go on sale across platforms. It‘s often discounted 40-60% off during seasonal and holiday sales events.

  • Current best deal: 50% off on PlayStation Store
  • Next major sale: Likely Spring or Summer 2023
  • Add to wishlist to get notified of deals

By catching a Far Cry 6 sale, you can pick up the game for as little as $30. A bit of patience can net big savings.

Buy Pre-Owned

Checking for pre-owned copies at retailers like GameStop is another way to potentially get Far Cry 6 at a discounted price.

  • Pre-owned usually $15-25 cheaper
  • Good option if you prefer physical games
  • Ensure copy is in good, working condition

Going pre-owned saves you money upfront. Just be sure to inspect the disc or cartridge condition before purchasing.

So while Far Cry 6 is no longer free, you still have plenty of options to access the game for less than full price. Game subscriptions, sales and pre-owned copies can help you save big.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Far Cry 6

If you do take the plunge and purchase Far Cry 6, here are some key tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of the experience:

Thoroughly Explore Yara

Far Cry 6‘s fictional country of Yara is massive and packed with hidden items, collectibles and side activities. Take your time wandering off the main story path to uncover secrets and complete additional challenges.

  • Over 300 unique collectibles to find
  • Hidden caves, shipwrecks and architectural ruins
  • Complete all Treasure Hunts and Side Operations

Rotate Your Amigos

These animal pals offer unique abilities and perks. Frequently swap out your Amigo companion to change up abilities and playstyles.

  • Each has individual bonuses like distraction or healing
  • Find all 6 Amigos to unlock achievements
  • Match your Amigo to your gameplay strategy

Fully Upgrade Weapons & Gear

Finding resources to upgrade your weapons, clothing and backpacks unlocks powerful new mods and abilities. Max them out to increase your offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Each weapon has its own upgrade tree
  • Backpacks (Supremos) have 3 upgrade levels
  • Upgrade clothes to increase stealth, health, stamina

Use Stealth Tactics

While you can go in guns blazing, using stealth tactics like distractions, silenced weapons and takedowns makes you more effective against overwhelming enemy numbers.

  • Use the crouched grass to hide
  • Throw cans to lure enemies away
  • Perform silent machete takedowns

Take Breaks

With so many activities and things to see, playing Far Cry 6 in shorter, regular gaming sessions can help prevent fatigue and burnout.

  • Huge open world can feel daunting
  • Make incremental progress rather than marathon sessions
  • Approach objectives step-by-step

Play Co-Op

Team up online with a friend in 2 player co-op to collaborate and conquer Yara together. It‘s a fun social experience and you can revive each other when things get tough.

  • Complete the entire story in online co-op
  • Strategize with a friend against enemies
  • Revive and assist your co-op partner

I hope these tips help you enjoy all that Far Cry 6 has to offer. Take it slow, explore thoroughly and use guerrilla tactics to get the most out of your time in Yara.

Is Far Cry 6 Worth Buying in 2023?

Even though it originally launched in 2021, Far Cry 6 remains an excellent purchase in 2023 for fans of open world first-person shooters.

Here‘s a quick rundown of what makes Far Cry 6 still worth buying:

Massive open world – Yara is a huge, diverse and living open world. From tropical beaches to mountain forests, urban cities to rural farmlands, there‘s tons of terrain to explore.

Great story & performances – The narrative of overthrowing dictator Antón Castillo is compelling, with fantastic voice and motion capture performances.

Deep progression -By gathering resources and completing activities, you can unlock new abilities, mods and gear to customize your playstyle.

Tons of weapons & vehicles – Blast enemies with makeshift Resolver weapons or call in a vehicle drop to traverse land, air and sea.

Unique setting – The fictional country of Yara provides a vibrant and refreshing backdrop, differentiated from past series locales .

Improved post-launch – Since launch, many technical issues have been patched, quality of life improvements added, and new content released.

3 big DLC expansions – Hours of additional story content added in each expansion: Vaas Insanity, Pagan Control, and Joseph Collapse.

So even in 2023, Far Cry 6 remains an excellent open world FPS and is absolutely worth picking up, especially at a discounted price. The expansive world, compelling narrative and deep customization provide a meaty solo or co-op experience.

The Bottom Line

While the limited-time free trial has ended, Far Cry 6 is absolutely still worth buying and playing in 2023. Take advantage of discounts, subscriptions and pre-owned copies to get it cheaply. And use these tips to get the most out of your time liberating the islands of Yara!

I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview on whether Far Cry 6 is still free in 2023, how to access it cheaply, and why it remains a great purchase for FPS fans even after the free promotion ended. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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