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Is Farming Simulator Free? A Complete Guide to Getting Started with Virtual Farming

The short answer is yes, you can get Farming Simulator games for free under certain conditions. While the latest Farming Simulator 22 edition costs $49.99 on PC/Mac and $59.99 on consoles, there are ways to play for free through promotions or by trying scaled-down mobile versions. Read on for a detailed guide to everything Farming Simulator, including how to start virtual farming for zero dollars.

As a long-time fan of simulation games, I totally understand the appeal of Farming Simulator. Who wouldn‘t want to sit back and manage their own bustling farm? The serene setting and methodical gameplay make Farming Simulator the perfect way to kick back after a stressful day. And thanks to great deals and free options, you can become a virtual farmer even on a budget.

In this guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know as a beginner, from picking the right Farming Simulator game to crucial starting tips. With the right strategy, you‘ll be plowing fields and milking cows in no time. Let‘s dig in!

An Overview of the Farming Simulator Series

First, a quick rundown of the different Farming Simulator games:

GameRelease YearPlatforms
Farming Simulator 152015PC, PS4, Xbox One
Farming Simulator 172016PC, PS4, Xbox One
Farming Simulator 182017Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita
Farming Simulator 192018PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Farming Simulator 202019iOS, Android
Farming Simulator 222021PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

The core series from GIANTS Software targets PC and major consoles, while spin-off mobile versions have also been produced. Farming Simulator 22 is the latest release, boasting enhanced graphics and simulation.

Upcoming games include the hotly anticipated Farming Simulator 23, scheduled for release in Q3 2023 on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Scoring Farming Simulator 19 for Free

Now let‘s get to the good stuff – how to get Farming Simulator for zero dollars. The best opportunity is with Farming Simulator 19.

This 2018 release often goes completely free during special promotions. By keeping an eye out for deals, you can add it to your library permanently.

The most well-known Farming Simulator 19 freebie is on the Epic Games Store. They offer weekly rotating free games, and Farming Simulator 19 has been featured every 4-6 months or so. Just log into your Epic account during the promo period and it‘s yours for life.

Other stores and subscription services like Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Plus have also given away Farming Simulator 19 for a short period in the past. Follow gaming news sites to learn about upcoming giveaways and snag this great farming sim without paying.

Trying Farming Simulator on Mobile

Now I know staring at a tiny phone screen isn‘t ideal for complex farming strategy. But mobile apps offer another route to sample Farming Simulator gameplay for free.

Farming Simulator 20 is the official mobile version for Android and iOS devices. This simplified free-to-play experience gives you a farm to build up through typical mobile gameplay loops. If you don‘t mind the excessive ads and limited scope, it‘s playable for $0.

There are also lots of Farming Simulator knock-offs on mobile stores. These include Farm City, Farm Land, and Ultimate Farming Simulator. The graphics won‘t blow you away, but they provide a quick farming fix.

For the full immersive experience though, you‘ll need to spring for one of the main PC or console Farming Simulator editions.

What You Get with Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 represents a big leap forward for the series. On PC/Mac it retails for $49.99, while the console versions cost $59.99 on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

So what do you get for the higher price tag compared to previous entries like Farming Simulator 19? Quite a lot actually:

  • Enhanced graphics and visuals – Crisper 4K resolution on supported devices, with refined vehicle/environmental textures. Lighting, weather, and landscapes are more lifelike.

  • Larger open world environments – U.S. Midwest-inspired map Erlengrat features wide open cultivated fields stretching to the horizon. Also includes revamped European environments.

  • More customization – Additional vehicle color options, custom farmhouse decor, and enhanced character creator for customizing your farmer avatar.

  • New vehicles and farming activities – Over 400 vehicles from Case, New Holland, and more including cotton harvesters, telehandlers, and lumber equipment. New production chains for grapes, olives, bees and equipment maintenance.

  • Multiplayer improvements – Better stability, settings, and player scaling. Also adds cross-platform multiplayer so PC, console and Stadia players can team up or compete.

If you want the peak of farming realism and modern features, Farming Simulator 22 is absolutely worth the $50-60 buy-in. Especially when you consider the huge gameplay time sink completing all the farming tasks provides.

Recommended Free Simulation Games

Okay, maybe you aren‘t ready to commit financially to Farming Simulator just yet. In that case, you can still enjoy many free simulation games for PC and mobile that can scratch that Farming Simulator itch. Here are 5 great options:

Sims 4 (PC) – Care for human Sims rather than livestock, but still satisfying creative gameplay. Frequent giveaways of base game.

Farmville 3 (Mobile) – Casual farming and community builder with microtransactions.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC) – Drive picturesque European routes as a long haul trucker. Base game free.

FlightGear Flight Simulator (PC/Mac) – Comprehensive airplane piloting simulator with realistic controls.

BitLife (Mobile) – Hilarious text-based life simulator where you can try living as a farmer.

Key Tips for Farming Success

Time for the fun part – actual virtual farming gameplay! Once you have a Farming Simulator game fired up, here are some tips to get your farm thriving:

  • Take it slow – Start small with just a field or two, some basic equipment, and a couple animals. Don‘t take out huge loans that can quickly tank your finances.

  • Master one production chain – Focus your early game on a single profitable crop or livestock like cows. As that starts generating steady income, expand into other areas.

  • Make smart investments – Use early profits to buy better equipment like tractors and seeders. Prioritize upgrades that increase productivity.

  • Hire workers – Pay for AI workers to help you cultivate fields, harvest crops, care for animals. Frees you up to take on other tasks.

  • Check prices regularly – Sell crops and productions goods when prices are highest. Time markets wisely.

  • Take on contracts – Earn extra cash early on by completing short contractual tasks for other farms like baling hay or transporting grain.

Stick to this slow building strategy, and you‘ll have a smoothly operating farm generating tons of cash. Soon you can diversify into vineyards, beekeeping, greenhouses and more niche farming activities.

Final Thoughts on Farming Simulator Free Options

Farming Simulator delivers an unparalleled authentic simulation farming experience, but also requires an upfront payment – unless you catch it on discount or mobile.

Farming Simulator 19 gives you the most robust game for zero dollars if you grab it during a timed giveaway. Or stick to mobile for a slimmed down but free farming sandbox.

Once you have Farming Simulator up and running, take your time building up the farm. Smart investments and good resource management are key. Then sit back and enjoy living the peaceful agrarian life!

Have you played Farming Simulator or have questions about getting started? Let me know in the comments! I‘m always happy to chat virtual farming.



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