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Is Farming Simulator Free on PC?

The short answer is yes, you can sometimes get Farming Simulator games for free on PC, but usually with some limitations. Let‘s dive into the details on how to get Farming Simulator at no cost, try demos legally, and get the best deals as a new player.

Official Ways to Get Farming Simulator for Free

Here are some officially sanctioned free options for Farming Simulator currently available on PC:

  • Limited Time Promotions: The most common way is through periodic free giveaways of older Farming Simulator games on digital platforms like Epic Games Store or Steam. For example, Farming Simulator 19 was available for free on Epic for a week in December 2019. You have to claim it during the promotion to add it to your library permanently.

  • Demos: There is a time-limited demo of Farming Simulator 22 available on Steam where you can play for up to 2 hours. Great way to try before you buy!

  • Free-to-Play Versions: An older free-to-play edition called Farming Simulator 14 exists on Steam with reduced equipment and mechanics. Lets you learn the basics.

  • Official Website: offers a browser-based free farming game with simplified graphics and gameplay. Completely free!

So in summary, while full Farming Simulator games are rarely 100% free forever, you can occasionally grab them for free for a limited time on some platforms. Demos and freemium versions also exist for risk-free trials.

Downloading Farming Simulator Illegally – Why You Should Avoid It

You may come across websites offering full Farming Simulator downloads for free or "cracked" versions. However, downloading pirated copies is illegal – Farming Simulator games are copyrighted software, so getting them from unauthorized sources equates to theft.

Most cracked downloads also come bundled with nasty malware, viruses, and other security risks that can seriously harm your computer. They should absolutely be avoided for the safety of your PC.

While it may be tempting to get popular games for free from torrents or illegal download sites, it‘s best to only use legal methods. The hard-working development teams deserve support for their efforts, so purchase genuine copies when you can or take advantage of official promotions.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I understand the desire to get games at no cost. But compromising your computer‘s security and contributing to lost sales that hurt developers in the long run isn‘t worth it. There are plenty of legitimate options to play Farming Simulator cheaply or even free!

Getting Started with Farming Simulator for Free

If you don‘t want to pirate games or wait an eternity for a rare free promotion, there are a few great ways to start playing Farming Simulator on PC without spending any cash:

Try Before You Buy with Demos

As mentioned earlier, there is a generous 2-hour gameplay demo of Farming Simulator 22 available on Steam. This gives you a good taste of the latest entry and mechanics before purchase.

Farming Simulator demos are time-limited, but you can restart them to keep playing. Use it to ensure your PC can run the games smoothly as well.

Play Free-to-Play Editions

Installing the free-to-play Farming Simulator 14 from Steam teaches you the basic farming gameplay loop and controls without restrictions. It‘s a gentler learning curve before diving into the deeper experiences.

The browser-based game is another option for casual gameplay, although with simpler graphics.

Use Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW let you stream Farming Simulator to your PC for free during introductory trial periods. This lets you experience the games risk-free before paying for a subscription.

Xbox Cloud Gaming via Game Pass Ultimate also now includes Farming Simulator, playable on PC.

Subscribe to Game Pass

Speaking of Game Pass, Microsoft‘s Netflix-style gaming subscription service for PC/Xbox includes various Farming Simulator titles for one monthly fee.

It‘s a great way to try the franchise and 100+ other games affordably before buying your favorites. Sign up for deals like 3 months for $1!

Watch Videos and Streams

You can learn a ton about Farming Simulator gameplay just by watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams. See the game mechanics in action before playing.

Channels like Farmer Klein and The Squad have entertaining and informative guides perfect for illustrating what the games are like.

Watching videos is free and helps you make informed purchasing choices down the road after seeing Farming Simulator content in action.

Wait for Discounts and Promotions

The single best way to get Farming Simulator cheaply or free is simply to be patient. Major digital retailers like Steam, Epic, and Fanatical have seasonal sales where the games are up to 75% off.

You may also get lucky with occasional free giveaways of older titles, but be ready to claim them fast before the promotion expires. Wishlist titles on Steam to get alerts for discounts.

Choosing the Best Farming Simulator for New Players

Once you‘re ready to take the plunge into Farming Simulator properly, which game is the best starting point for newcomers? Here are some friendly options:

Farming Simulator 22

The newest franchise entry has the most polish, extensive tutorials perfect for learning, and beginner-friendly options like guidance markers. It‘s the ideal way to start your farming journey.


  • Designed for newcomers with accessible mechanics
  • Modernized graphics and controls
  • Active modding community with new content


  • Higher cost as the latest title
  • Requires a strong PC for ideal performance

Farming Simulator 19

Just a bit older but often discounted up to 75% off on Steam sales, making it a great value. You get many of the same features and mods as FS22 for cheaper.


  • Very affordable on sales
  • Still has an active modding scene
  • Lower PC requirements


  • Not as beginner-focused as FS22
  • Graphics and UI are slightly more dated

Farming Simulator 15

This classic entry from 2015 frequently appears in bundles for just a few dollars. The perfect hopping on point for cash-strapped farming fans.


  • Extremely cheap bundled price
  • More relaxed pace great for new players


  • Very outdated graphics by today‘s standards
  • Far fewer mods and customization options

Farming Simulator 18

Specifically designed as an introduction to the franchise on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The simpler controls and progression make it ideal for total newcomers.


  • Streamlined mechanics for beginners
  • Intuitive touch/controller gameplay


  • Limited to Switch/mobile only
  • Lacks deeper complexities of main series

Any of these options serve as a solid starting point thanks to the intuitive core farming gameplay loop. Evaluate your budget and PC capabilities to choose the best fit.

Purchasing Farming Simulator for PC

Once you decide which Farming Simulator is right for you, here are some tips on grabbing it for your gaming PC:


Every Windows Farming Simulator title is available on Steam, often at significantly discounted prices during their frequent sales.

You can purchase directly on the Steam store, redeem a CD key from other retailers, or gift games to friends. Steam handles auto-updates, cloud saves, achievements and more.

Epic Games Store

Periodically gives away Farming Sim games like FS19 for free during weekly promotions. Their seasonal sales also offer lower prices.

You‘ll need the Epic Games launcher installed to play. It has fewer features than Steam but more frequent giveaways.

Direct from Giants Software

You can buy digital PC editions directly from the website as well. This gives the full purchase price directly to the developers.

However, you‘ll still need a 3rd party platform like Steam or Epic to run the game. Discounts are less common buying direct.

Physical Discs

If you prefer tangible media, physical copies of Farming Simulator can be found online and at some department stores for PC.

Discs allow resale and may come bundled with goodies like maps, tips guides or equipment DLC codes. Just make sure your PC has a disc drive!

Third Party Key Sites

Reputable third party key sellers like Green Man Gaming frequently offer Farming Simulator CD keys at heavily discounted rates.

Just be sure to avoid shady grey market key resellers to ensure your key works and is legitimate. Only use well-known safe sites.

I suggest watching /r/GameDeals to find the latest Farming Simulator discounts and promotions from official sellers. Be patient for seasonal sales around holidays for massive savings.

Also keep an eye out for PC bundles that package the base game with multiple DLCs included to get the most content for your money.

System Requirements

Before buying any Farming Simulator game, make sure your PC meets or ideally exceeds the minimum system requirements for a smooth experience:

Farming Simulator 22

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
  • CPU: Intel i5-3330 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R7 265 with 2GB VRAM
  • Storage: 70GB HDD

Farming Simulator 19

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel i3-2100T or AMD FX-4100
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTS 450 or Radeon HD 6970 with 1GB VRAM
  • Storage: 15GB HDD

Use sites like Can You Run It to scan your PC against the minimum and recommended specs. This ensures a smooth 60fps experience.

Upgrading components like your graphics card or RAM can help if your current machine falls below the requirements.

Getting Started in Farming Simulator as a Newbie

Once you have Farming Simulator up and running, here are some pro tips to help you learn the ropes as a beginner:

  • Complete the Interactive Tutorials – Every Farming Sim has helpful guided tutorials introducing all the controls and mechanics at your own pace.

  • Start on Easy Difficulty – Choose easy economy settings so you have more starting money and time to learn the systems.

  • Focus on One Thing at a Time – Master crop farming before diving into animals and forestry. Slowly expand.

  • Lease Equipment First – Don‘t buy equipment right away. Leasing lets you test options before purchasing.

  • Try Beginner Maps from the Workshop – Fan-made maps designed for new players provide a more guided experience.

  • Join a Helpful Multiplayer Server – Other farmers are often happy to provide advice and assistance in multiplayer.

  • Use External Guides – The Farming Simulator Wiki has detailed guides on all aspects. YouTube tutorials are great too.

  • Take It Slow – No need to rush things! Play at your own relaxed pace to enjoy the zen farming lifestyle.

  • Roleplay Your Farm Fantasy – Give your farm a backstory and theme to roleplay. Makes the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

With the right guidance, even a total newcomer to simulation games can quickly get hooked on the addictive and surprisingly deep gameplay Farming Simulator offers.

Expanding Your Farming Simulator Experience

Once you get the basics down and have a profitable farm up and running, here are some ways to expand the experience:

  • Explore Mods – The Farming Simulator mod hub offers thousands of free mods to customize and expand the game in incredible ways. Must-have for getting the most out of your farm.

  • Try Different Maps – Fresh maps, either official DLC or player-created, provide new layouts and settings to keep things interesting.

  • Focus on Logging or Animals – Branch into different industries like forestry or manufacturing to keep long-term farms engaging.

  • Play Multiplayer – Cooperatively or competitively managing a farm with friends adds fun social dynamics.

  • Roleplay Scenarios – Concepts like rags-to-riches farms, specific historical eras, or themed challenges let your imagination run wild!

  • Check Out Fan Content – The Farming Simulator community creates stunning original art, videos, guides, mods and more.

Regularly evaluating new mods on sites like ModHub and trying fan-made maps keeps the Farming Simulator experience feeling fresh. The creative community expands the games tenfold.

Is Farming Simulator Worth Playing in 2023?

With ultra realistic graphics and deep simulation mechanics, Farming Simulator has earned its reputation as one of the most enjoyable sandbox franchises out there. But is it still worth playing in 2023? Absolutely.

Here‘s why Farming Simulator stands the test of time:

  • Relaxing Gameplay – Few games provide the same zen, pastoral pleasure. It‘s incredibly cathartic and relaxing to grow your dream farm at your own pace.

  • Incredible Depth – While easy to pick up, mastering advanced agricultural techniques provides hundreds of engaging hours.

  • Constant Updates – Giants Software and modders continually add exciting new content with frequent patches, mods and DLC.

  • Active Community – With over 2 million copies sold on Steam alone, you‘ll never run out of fellow farmers to share the experience with.

  • Cross-Platform Play – Share one farm across PC, consoles, mobiles and even cloud via crossplay.

  • Educational – You‘ll learn genuine farming techniques from seeding to harvesting and operating authentic machinery. Surprisingly true-to-life under the hood.

In 2023 and beyond, I fully believe Farming Simulator will continue dominating the simulation genre thanks to this magical formula. There‘s simply nothing else quite like it.

Give the free trial options a shot if you are still unsure. But once you get a taste of the farming lifestyle, you may quickly find yourself addicted to the relaxing routine sim that is Farming Simulator!

The Bottom Line

While Farming Simulator games aren‘t typically free to own permanently unless you catch a special promotion, there are plenty of ways to try the franchise risk-free with demos, free-to-play editions, and more.

Support the developers with genuine purchases when possible, but never fall for cracked downloads that can harm your computer with viruses and malware. Patience pays off with seasonal sales.

Farming Simulator is absolutely worth the investment once you dive in. With ultra realism that still feels accessible for beginners, vibrant mod communities, relaxing gameplay and constant expansions, it‘s a franchise built to stand the test of time.

So let go of your urban worries, and embrace the zen farming lifestyle. Farming Simulator offers one of the most magical, addicting simulation experiences in all of gaming. I hope these tips help you jump in and get your virtual crops planted for a pleasant, pastoral adventure!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.