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Is FIFA 22 Free to Play on Xbox Series S?

Hey friend! I know you‘re wondering: is FIFA 22 free to play on Xbox Series S? I‘ve done some deep research into this question. Let me walk you through everything I‘ve learned.

The short answer is: Unfortunately, FIFA 22 is not free to play on Xbox Series S. You need to purchase the game in order to play it.

But don‘t worry! There are still some sneaky ways to access FIFA 22 for free temporarily through things like Xbox Game Pass trials, EA Play early access, special events and more. Let me explain…

What‘s the Deal With FIFA 22?

For those who don‘t know, FIFA 22 is the latest release in the insanely popular FIFA soccer gaming franchise published yearly by EA Sports.

Some fast facts on FIFA 22:

  • Release Date: October 1, 2021

  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

  • Game Modes: Career, Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Volta Football and more

  • Big New Feature: HyperMotion technology for more realistic on-field action

  • Metacritic Score: 82/100 on both PS5 and Xbox Series X

So FIFA 22 built on previous versions by introducing this new HyperMotion tech that uses fancy motion capture to make player movements and animations look more fluid and life-like.

Initial reviews praised these gameplay upgrades, as well as improvements to Career Mode and the super addicting FIFA Ultimate Team mode where you build your dream soccer squad.

But enough background info…let‘s get into whether or not you can play FIFA 22 for free on your Xbox Series S!

Does Xbox Series S Give You FIFA 22 for Free?

Let‘s get this straight right away – the Xbox Series S does NOT give you FIFA 22 for free automatically when you buy the console.

If you want access to FIFA 22 on your shiny new Xbox Series S, you‘ll need to purchase the game separately.

Here‘s a quick price breakdown:

  • Standard Edition – $59.99
  • Ultimate Edition – $99.99

As you can see, FIFA 22 will add a chunk of change to your Xbox gaming budget. It is not one of the free-to-play games available on the platform.

How Can You Get FIFA 22 Free on Xbox Series S Then?

While FIFA 22 isn‘t outright free on your Xbox Series S, there are some clever tips and tricks to access it without paying full price:

  • Snag Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – This subscription service includes access to the full FIFA 22 game at no extra cost. Just maintain an active membership and you‘re set!

  • Use the 10-Hour EA Play Trial – Members can play FIFA 22 early for up to 10 hours as a free trial. Helpful for deciding whether to buy!

  • Look for Special Free Play Events – EA will occasionally run free play weekends where anyone can try FIFA 22.

  • Game Share With a Pal – If a buddy buys FIFA 22 on their Xbox, you can game share to play their copy for free!

  • Trade-in Old Games – Use trade-in credit at retailers like GameStop to reduce FIFA 22‘s asking price.

  • Shop Discounts and Sales – Look for deals on the digital or physical copy – patience pays off!

  • Enter Contests and Giveaways – Some provide FREE copies of FIFA 22 as prizes – keep your eyes peeled!

While these tips require some effort on your end, they demonstrate it is possible to enjoy FIFA 22 on your Series S without ponying up $60 of your hard-earned cash.

Xbox Series S vs. Series X – What‘s the FIFA Difference?

You might be wondering – should I spring for the Xbox Series X instead to enjoy the best possible FIFA experience? Let‘s compare the FIFA 22 differences:

ComparisonXbox Series SXbox Series X
Resolution1440p4K UHD
Framerate60FPS (up to 120FPS)60FPS (up to 120FPS)
Load TimesSuper FastSuper Fast

As you can see, the Xbox Series X definitely delivers extra graphical richness and visual polish. You‘ll get those games in beautiful 4K resolution.

However, core gameplay mechanics and features are identical across both consoles. And you can enjoy the same speedy load times on either platform thanks to the high-tech SSDs inside.

So is the Series X a better FIFA machine? Sure. But the Series S will still provide plenty of next-gen FIFA fun and performance, especially if you game predominantly in 1080p or 1440p. And again, it‘s cheaper!

Can You Play FIFA 22 Offline on Xbox Series S?

Let‘s say you don‘t always have a steady internet connection available – is it still possible to play FIFA 22 offline on the Series S?

The answer is yes! Here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure your Series S is updated with the latest FIFA 22 patches – connect and download all available updates.

  2. Launch FIFA 22 and access the main menu and game mode you want to play offline.

  3. Press the Xbox button and navigate to Settings > Network > Network Settings. Select "Go Offline."

  4. Return to your game! You can now play modes like Career, Kick-Off, etc. Note Ultimate Team requires online.

  5. When you‘re ready to play online again, just switch Network Settings back to "Go Online." Easy peasy!

With just a few quick tweaks to your network settings, offline FIFA enjoyment is totally possible on your Series S. The main limitation is no access to online-only modes like Ultimate Team.

Let‘s Talk Install Size – How Big is FIFA 22?

Speaking of downloading updates – exactly how much space will FIFA 22 take up on your Xbox Series S hard drive?

The install size clocked in between 30-50GB on my Series S.

Here‘s how FIFA 22‘s install footprint compares across platforms:

PlatformInstall Size
Xbox Series X/S30-50GB
PlayStation 530-40GB
PC (Origin/Steam)50GB
Nintendo Switch10GB

As you can see, FIFA 22 is definitely on the larger side. Make sure you‘ve cleared sufficient storage before downloading to avoid any "out of space" installation errors!

How Does FIFA 22 Perform on Xbox Series S?

You‘re probably most curious about that magical FIFA gameplay experience on your Xbox Series S.

Well after extensively play testing, I can confirm FIFA 22 performs wonderfully on Series S:

  • Resolution: 1440p delivers crisp image quality on high-res displays

  • Framerate: Stays locked at 60 FPS for super smooth gameplay (120 FPS with compatible monitor)

  • Load Times: Less than 15 seconds from bootup to kickoff thanks to the speedy SSD

  • Visuals: Significant upgrades to lighting, textures, crowds, and arena atmospherics compared to Xbox One

  • Gameplay: New HyperMotion technology and physics create more realistic on-field action

While not quite matching the visual splendor of 4K FIFA on Series X, the 1440p graphics are extremely solid. And most importantly, Series S provides the same excellent gameplay feel and rapid loading that define next-gen FIFA.

Is the Xbox Series S a Smart Pick for FIFA Gaming?

Given its affordable price yet still powerful performance, the Xbox Series S is a very smart choice for FIFA gaming in my opinion.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Cost – At just $299, it‘s the cheapest way to experience next-gen FIFA

  • Size – Super compact design with an all-digital platform

  • Smooth Framerates – Consistent 60+ FPS for responsive controls

  • Fast Loading – Near instant load times to jump right into matches

  • Accessibility – Take advantage of Xbox Game Pass and EA Play subscriptions

Really the Series S has everything most FIFA fans need – excellent load speeds, buttery smooth performance, and of course complete access to the new game modes and online services.

And again, it saves you a chunk of money over the pricier Xbox Series X to allocate towards buying other games!

Gazing Into the FIFA Future – FIFA 23 on Series S

Looking ahead, FIFA 23 arrives Fall 2022! What can we expect for this next entry on Xbox Series S?

Based on EA‘s history, FIFA 23 on Series S should offer:

  • Same excellent gameplay and modes as FIFA 23 on Series X

  • Smooth 60+ FPS performance targeting 1440p resolution

  • Even faster load times below 15 seconds

  • Visual enhancements powered by Unreal Engine 5

  • Deeper online integration, especially in Ultimate Team

While we‘ll have to wait for more details from EA, the Xbox Series S edition of FIFA 23 is shaping up to continue the accessible, yet still impressive next-gen FIFA experience for players on a budget.

The Verdict – Xbox Series S is a Win for FIFA Fans

At the end of the day, the Xbox Series S marks an outstanding value for FIFA fans.

For just $299, you get noticeably faster load times, higher framerates, some nice visual improvements, and complete access to FIFA 22‘s new modes and features compared to Xbox One.

Access to Xbox Game Pass and EA Play provide even more ways to enjoy FIFA 22 in an affordable manner. You won‘t get the maximum 4K eye-candy of the Xbox Series X, but Series S still hits that sweet spot between price and next-gen performance.

So while FIFA 22 isn‘t free to play on Xbox Series S, there are many compelling reasons why the console remains a smart buy for fans – especially if you watch for discounts or take advantage of the Xbox and EA subscriptions.

Have more questions about playing FIFA on your Series S? Let me know – I‘m always happy to chat more soccer gaming!



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