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Is FIFA 23 Free Upgrade to PS5?

The short answer is – yes, FIFA 23 offers a free upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, but only if you purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game digitally.

With the Standard Edition, there is no free next-gen upgrade path. You‘d have to buy the game again on PS5.

Upgrading allows you to experience FIFA 23‘s cutting-edge gameplay technologies, stunning visuals, faster load times, and haptic feedback thanks to the DualSense controller. But is it worth paying extra for the Ultimate Edition just to get the free upgrade? Let‘s dive deeper.

A Tale of Two Editions: Standard vs. Ultimate

FIFA 23 is available in two editions – Standard and Ultimate. Here‘s a comparison:

EditionPriceFree PS4-PS5 UpgradeOther Perks
Standard$59.99No3 FUT Gold Player Packs (1 per week for 3 weeks)
Ultimate$99.99Yes3 Days Early Access, 4600 FIFA Points, untradeable FUT World Cup Hero, 3 Days Early Access, untradeable FUT Ones to Watch item

As you can see, the Standard Edition is $40 cheaper but does not offer the free next-gen upgrade. Only the pricier Ultimate Edition includes Dual Entitlement for a free upgrade.

Evaluating the Value of the Free Upgrade

For many FIFA players, the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade alone makes buying the Ultimate Edition worthwhile. Let‘s evaluate if you‘re better off just buying the Standard Edition twice (on PS4 and PS5) versus getting the Ultimate.

  • Ultimate Edition = $99.99
  • Buying Standard Edition on PS4 then PS5 = $59.99 + $59.99 = $119.98

You‘d end up paying $20 more buying the Standard Edition twice compared to getting the Ultimate once. So in terms of pure value, the Ultimate Edition‘s free upgrade provides savings.

But value isn‘t just monetary. The Ultimate Edition also lets you carry over your FUT progress and benefits from PS4 to PS5. Having to start fresh by buying the Standard Edition twice means losing your hard-earned Ultimate Team.

But Do You Really Need the Upgrade?

For casual FIFA players who only dabble in a few matches here and there, paying extra just for a free upgrade may seem unnecessary.

However, for avid FIFA fans who want the most immersive and exciting football experience possible, playing FIFA 23 on PS5 is transformative.

Let‘s look at some of the key tech upgrades that make FIFA 23 a revelatory experience on PS5:

  • HyperMotion2 Technology – Uses advanced match capture data to power machine learning for ultra-realistic player animations and responsiveness. Exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

  • Enhanced Graphical Fidelity – Higher resolution visuals, improved lighting, richer details on players and stadiums thanks to the power of new-gen consoles.

  • Blazing Fast Load Times – Get into matches and menus faster so you spend more time playing.

  • DualSense Controller – Experience the sensation of dribbling, shooting, and collisions with haptic feedback. Adaptive triggers add resistance when sprinting.

  • Audio Improvements – Crowd chants and pitch sounds are more immersive on PS5 thanks to the console‘s 3D audio tech.

For hardcore football fans, these gameplay and presentation upgrades make FIFA 23 feel like a whole new ball game on PS5. It‘s the most realistic and engrossing FIFA yet.

The Consensus: Upgrade is Worth it for Most

Based on the sheer improvements of the PS5 version, industry experts and critics agree that upgrading is highly recommended, even if it means splurging for the Ultimate Edition.

In GameSpot‘s FIFA 23 review, they concluded"FIFA 23 on new-gen consoles like the PS5 is an excellent representation of the beautiful game."

IGN stated "The PS5 version is the way to go. The gameplay improvements afforded by the HyperMotion 2 technology are Tangible and meaningful."

The consensus is clear – to experience FIFA 23 the way the developers intended, playing on PS5 is the sweet spot. For those stuck on a last-gen console, upgrading to new-gen provides a football experience that feels leaps and bounds ahead.

How to Upgrade from PS4 to PS5

If you decide to take advantage of the free next-gen upgrade in FIFA 23, here is how to do it:

  1. Purchase FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition digitally on PS4 via the PlayStation Store. Physical discs do not qualify.

  2. Download the game on your PS4 and play away!

  3. When you get a PS5, download the PS5 version of FIFA 23 from the PlayStation Store.

  4. Your FUT Club, progression and benefits will automatically carry over via your EA Account.

  5. You can now seamlessly switch between PS4 and PS5 with Dual Entitlement. All your data roams freely across generations!

With next-gen deficiencies ranging up to 400GB, be sure you have enough SSD space before upgrading to PS5.

Is the Upgrade Free Forever?

An important caveat is that the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade offer is only free until the launch of FIFA 24 in late 2023. Once FIFA 24 releases, you will no longer be able to upgrade FIFA 23 for free.

So ideally, players should look to upgrade to PS5 before Fall 2023. Otherwise, you‘ll miss out on the free upgrade and have to buy FIFA 24 separately on PS5.

In summary – buying FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is the wisest choice for most PS4 players planning to jump to PS5. The free upgrade path provides excellent long-term value.

Experience the most visceral, realistic FIFA yet on next-gen consoles with game-changing features like HyperMotion 2 and DualSense haptic feedback. The improvements are game-changing.



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