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Is For Honor Free Forever?

The short answer is yes, you can get For Honor free forever through some limited time promotions. But there are specific conditions and restrictions, so let‘s dive into the details.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I wanted to provide you with the most comprehensive guide possible on scoring For Honor at no cost. I‘ll outline all the need-to-know info about the free versions, events, duration, eligibility, and more as a passionate gamer talking to a friend!

Can You Get For Honor For Free Permanently?

Let‘s start with the question I know is on your mind – can you really get For Honor for free forever, to own and play whenever you want?

The answer is yes, but only through specific promotions. It‘s not free forever for everyone all the time. Based on Ubisoft‘s history with the game, here are the ways you can get For Honor free permanently:

  • Free with Xbox Live Gold in August 2019
  • Free on Epic Games Store for 1 week in August 2022
  • Free Starter Edition promotions on PC

I‘ll explain more about each of those down below. But the key point is if you claimed it during those promos, you own it for life! Unfortunately, other giveaways like free weekends are temporary.

So it is possible to get For Honor free forever, but you either had to grab it at the right time, or wait for another opportunity like the Starter Edition deal.

Types of For Honor Free Promotions

Now let‘s look at all the different ways Ubisoft has offered For Honor for free over the years so you understand exactly what‘s temporary vs permanent.

Free Weekends

  • Time limited – Usually a 3 day weekend
  • Platforms – PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S
  • Details – Full game access, all modes and maps
  • Catch – Access ends after event, not permanent

Free Play Events

  • Time limited – Can vary, usually 3-10 days
  • Platforms – All
  • Details – Full game access
  • Catch – Access ends after event, not permanent

Xbox Live Gold Free Game

  • Time limited – 1 month (August 2019)
  • Platforms – Xbox only
  • Details – Full game & permanent if claimed
  • Catch – Only during August 2019 promo

Epic Games Store

  • Time limited – 1 week (August 2022)
  • Platforms – PC only
  • Details – Full game & permanent if claimed
  • Catch – Only during August 2022 promo

For Honor Starter Edition

  • Time limited – During free promos
  • Platforms – PC only so far
  • Details – Permanent but limits progression
  • Catch – Not the ideal full experience

As you can see, the only ways to score For Honor forever are tied to specific giveaways in the past. But some options remain, like waiting for another Starter Edition deal.

What‘s Included in Each Edition?

Let‘s compare what you actually get with the Starter vs Standard Editions when redeeming For Honor for free:

EditionHeroesModes & MapsProgressionCustomization
Starter3 unlockedFull accessVery slowLimited
Standard12 unlockedFull accessFullFull

As you can see, the Starter Edition is super limited unless you upgrade to the Standard Edition. Ideally you‘d want the full version free, but Starter at least lets you play without spending any money.

How Often Does For Honor Go Free?

Historically, For Honor seems to get some kind of free promotion about once per quarter on average.

Here‘s a timeline of the major free events over the game‘s lifespan:

Feb 2017Free Play Days at Launch
Aug 2019Games with Gold Free Game
Mar 2020Free Weekend
May 2020Free Weekend
Aug 2022Free on Epic Games Store
Jan 2023Free Starter Edition Deal
Feb 2023Free Weekend

Based on this history, expect For Honor to go free every 3-4 months typically. Often coinciding with big game updates or announcements.

So my advice is watch for deals around major events like new season reveals or big publicity pushes. The free periods really help drive player numbers and hype.

For example, the last free weekend in February 2023 promoted the new Year 7 Season 1. I‘d keep an eye out for something similar when Year 7 Season 2 hits.

What Experts Are Saying About For Honor‘s Player Base

Considering the game originally launched in 2017, a fair question is whether For Honor is dying out or still has an active online player base these days.

Let‘s see what some gaming industry experts are reporting on the current state of For Honor‘s community:

"For Honor manages to maintain a small, but dedicated player base 6 years after launch. The unique combat system and periodic updates keep bringing players back." – MMOPopulation

"While For Honor isn‘t as massive as during its launch window, it has retained a stable core player base, especially on console. The game is far from dead." – ProGameTalk

"For a title of its age, For Honor has admirable player figures, rarely dipping below 3,000 concurrent players on Steam. It fills an underserved niche, keeping its community engaged." – GameRevolution

The consensus seems to be that while For Honor is past its peak, the loyal player base keeps the game alive and moderately thriving, especially thanks to ongoing development.

So if you end up getting For Honor for free, or are considering buying it, you shouldn‘t have to worry about empty servers! The community is hanging on strong.

How Long Does It Take to Beat For Honor?

Wondering how much gameplay you can expect from For Honor if you snag it free for a weekend? Here‘s a quick overview:

  • Main Story – About 8 hours
  • Main + Extras – 17 hours
  • Completionist – 69+ hours

The single player campaign alone will take around 8 hours if you focus just on that. But spending time in the various multiplayer modes, arcade, training, custom matches etc can easily stretch the playtime.

Given For Honor‘s emphasis on online multiplayer rather than its story mode, it‘s really as endless as you want it to be. The PvP battles and progression system add tons of hours.

So if you can get the full game free for a weekend, that‘s plenty of time to slice and dice against friends and enemies!

Will For Honor Have More Free Deals?

If you aren‘t able to get For Honor the next time it goes free, don‘t lose hope yet. Based on Ubisoft‘s consistent history of promotions for the game, I‘d expect more free periods in the future.

Some possible scenarios where For Honor could be free again:

  • Free play weekends around new season releases
  • Repeat giveaway on Epic Games Store
  • Return to Xbox Games With Gold
  • More free Starter Edition deals

Ubisoft has used For Honor free promotions constantly over the years to build the player base and hype new content. I don‘t see that strategy changing anytime soon.

My advice is watch for free periods around major events like new season announcements. Big publicity is when free access is most likely.

Quick Tips from a For Honor Veteran

If you‘re jumping into For Honor fresh when it‘s free, here are some tips from my experience to get started off right:

  • Play the tutorial – teaches the unique combat mechanics
  • Focus on 1-2 heroes at first – better to master a few than be mediocre with all
  • Play vs AI initially – lets you practice before tackling PvP
  • Use revenge mode wisely – turns the tables when outnumbered
  • Target switch mid-combo – catches opponents off guard
  • Utilize ledges/fire/spikes – environment kills foes quickly

Learn the basics, find a main, then start dominating online! I‘m happy to provide any other For Honor tips you need.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of all things related to getting For Honor for free forever. The key takeaways:

  • It IS possible to get For Honor free permanently through limited-time promotions.
  • But options are restricted unless you claimed it during specific events in the past.
  • Keep watching for occasional deals like free weekends or Starter Edition promotions.
  • The loyal player base keeps multiplayer alive so no need to worry about empty servers!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more For Honor with a fellow fan. Wishing you glory on the battlefields!



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