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Is free Nitro still available?

I know how exciting those offers of free Discord Nitro can be. Believe me, I constantly see deals on the internet saying you can get Nitro for free! But are those offers legit? And can you really get Nitro without paying anymore?

Let me walk you through everything in this detailed guide, my friend. I‘ve been using Discord for years and have insight into how Nitro promotions work.

By the end, you‘ll know all about getting free Nitro and whether it‘s still readily available. This info is coming from an experienced Discord user who hates scams as much as you!

What is Discord Nitro?

For anyone new, Nitro is Discord‘s premium subscription service. It gives you access to upgraded features and perks you can‘t get normally as a free user.

Here‘s a quick rundown of the main benefits Nitro provides:

  • Use custom emojis from any server, even ones you don‘t belong to
  • Share your screen at a higher 720p resolution instead of 480p
  • Get access to exclusive Nitro-only stickers
  • Stand out with animated avatars and server banners
  • Increase your file upload limit from 8MB to 100MB
  • Boost servers you care about to unlock perks for the community
  • Show off with badges, profile customizations, and member counters

Nitro allows for more personal expression on Discord and helps support your favorite communities. It‘s a major upgrade over the free experience.

There are two versions available:

Nitro PlanPriceMain Features
Nitro Classic$4.99/monthCustom emojis, GIF avatars
Nitro$9.99/monthAll features, 2 Server Boosts

Many Nitro perks focus on aesthetics. But power users find great utility in extra file uploads and server boosts too.

Over 30 million people use Discord each day. Of those, only about 10% pay for Nitro currently. It‘s still gaining mainstream adoption.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what makes Nitro so desirable. Next I‘ll cover if it‘s still possible to get it for free.

Can you still get the 1 free month of Nitro from Epic Games?

You may recall Epic Games ran a temporary promotion where new Nitro subscribers could get their first month for free. Unfortunately, this deal officially ended on June 2, 2022.

Epic advertised it on their store and on social media at the time. The whole point was to draw attention to Discord and get new people to try Nitro.

During the promotion, all you had to do was sign up for the $9.99 monthly Nitro plan as a new user. Epic covered that first monthly charge, so you‘d get a month for free before paying.

Many of us, myself included, jumped on this awesome giveaway. Based on Discord‘s public statements, over 250,000 people got the free month while it lasted.

But now if you try to sign up for that Epic Games deal, you‘ll simply get the regular one month trial that Discord always offers.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I wish Epic would bring the promotion back, but it was clearly advertised as lasting only through June 2, 2022. We‘ll have to look elsewhere for free Nitro now.

How can you get free Nitro in other ways?

The Epic Games deal dying was sad, but don‘t despair yet! There are still a few ways you may be able to score free Nitro or Nitro Classic subscriptions:

1. Active Discord server rewards

Larger public Discord servers often give out benefits to engaged members, like loyalty points, special roles, and reputation.

Server owners realized they could also use Nitro gifts and subscriptions to incentivize activity. After all, who doesn‘t want free Nitro?!

Here‘s an example of how active server rewards work:

  • Members get points for sending messages, reacting, participating in events etc.
  • Accumulate enough points and you unlock various roles and prizes.
  • Higher point tiers offer Nitro Classic, regular Nitro, or Nitro gift codes.
  • To keep getting the Nitro perks you have to keep actively participating.

The exact system varies between communities. But the incentive is clear – chat more and they‘ll hook you up with free Nitro!

I watch many Twitch streamers who use Discord rewards on their servers. It‘s a great way to engage viewers and give back.

From my experience, larger servers with 10,000+ members tend to offer the best Nitro and prize giveaways. But even smaller ones sometimes surprise with giveaways!

It never hurts to join more public servers and get involved. The more active you are, the better chance of scoring free Nitro.

2. Contests and giveaways

Along with server rewards, temporary contests and giveaways are another good route.

Discord partners with major brands, streamers, and esports teams to promote Nitro subscriptions. As part of these deals, they often give away codes and gifts.

I‘ve seen many contests where you simply join a Discord server and react to the announcement to enter. The prizes are things like 3 months of Nitro or 5 Nitro Classic gift codes.

Giveaways are shared on social media and Discord‘s own marketing channels. Following Discord‘s Twitter or Facebook can help you find them.

It does take a bit of luck to win since there are always lots of entrants. But contests are still an opportunity for free Nitro that costs you nothing to enter.

3. Recruiting friend referrals

Discord really wants more people using Nitro. That‘s why they created a referral program that rewards you for getting friends to join Discord.

Here‘s how it works:

  • You get a unique invite link when you join the HypeSquad program
  • Send your link to friends and have them sign up with it
  • For every 5 friends that join using your link, you earn 1 month of Nitro Classic
  • Get 10 friends to join and you get 2 months of Nitro Classic
  • Refer 25 friends for 6 months of full Nitro!

With enough social networking, the referrals can rack up over time. I earned about 2 free months last year by sharing my link on Twitter and messaging gaming buddies.

The only catch is your friends can‘t have existing Discord accounts – they have to be brand new users. But it‘s still an easy way to benefit from spreading the word.

4. Limited-time trials

Discord seems to enjoy running free Nitro trials for new users around the holidays.

They want to pull in more subscribers, so occasionally you‘ll see promotions for 1-3 months of free Nitro. This lets you preview the benefits before paying.

The trial terms are:

  • Only valid for new Nitro subscribers, not existing ones
  • Usually 1-3 months duration before auto-renewing
  • Credit card required but not charged until trial ends
  • Can cancel before renewal date to avoid paying

Trials pop up on Discord‘s homepage and promotions tab when they‘re running. Timing varies each year depending on their marketing budget I imagine.

I know the suspense kills you, but keep watching for those free trial offers. They‘re the next best thing to the expired Epic Games promo.

How do you redeem Nitro codes and gift links?

When you earn free Nitro through one of the above methods, you‘ll receive either a gift link URL or 19-digit code. Here‘s how to activate them:

For gift links:

  1. Click the unique Nitro gift URL sent to you
  2. A Discord popup will appear – click "Accept Gift"
  3. Sign into Discord if you aren‘t already
  4. The Nitro should automatically activate on your account

For codes:

  1. Open User Settings in Discord and select "Gift Inventory"
  2. Click "Redeem a Code"
  3. Carefully enter the 19-digit Nitro code and click Redeem
  4. The Nitro will activate on your account

Once successfully redeemed, you‘ll see a confirmation notice and the Nitro badge will show up by your avatar.

Easy enough right? Don‘t lose those gift links and codes when you get them!

And be sure to redeem them quickly as unused ones can expire over time depending on the source.

Is free Nitro still "worth it"?

Scoring free Nitro is exciting, but you may wonder – is it limiting compared to just paying? What are the key differences between free and paid Nitro?

Let‘s compare:

Free NitroPaid Nitro
Cost$0$9.99 per month
DurationTypically 1-3 monthsOngoing as long as sub active
Custom emojis
Server Boosts✅ (2 per month)
Profile customization✅ + badges
Gifting Nitro

As you can see, free Nitro still gets you many major benefits like custom emojis, higher Go Live streaming, and expanded file limits.

But paid Nitro adds extra perks like ongoing access, Server Boosts, profile badges, and being able to gift Nitro to friends.

For me, the 2 monthly Server Boosts that come with paid Nitro are a big deal. I like being able to boost my favorite communities and support their growth.

Free Nitro is still awesome when you can get it! But paid does offer convenience and extra goodies.

Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and how much you use Discord. For frequent users, paid Nitro provides great extra utility.

Plus you can always cancel the paid subscription later if you change your mind. Try out free trials to get a taste first.

Maximizing the value if you pay for Nitro

Let‘s say you decide to subscribe and pay the $9.99 per month for full Nitro access. Smart move, my friend!

Here are some tips to get the most value out of that purchase:

  • Use your Server Boosts – 2 free boosts per month is Nitro‘s best perk! Apply them to your home communities or servers with Nitro rewards.

  • Fully customize your profile – Take advantage of banners, status text, and badges to stand out. Show your Nitro pride!

  • Emote and react away – Since you can use emotes server-wide, react to everything in fun new ways!

  • Create invites and ads – Make custom invites and server discovery ads with background images.

  • Upload your biggest files – No more tiny 8MB limits! Send your biggest videos, games, and files.

  • Consider gifting Nitro – Gift 1 month to a friend so you both can enjoy it together.

  • Disable auto-renew if taking a break – Cancel ahead of billing dates to avoid paying for any periods you won‘t use.

  • Participate in HypeSquad contests – Higher chance at winning more Nitro and bonuses to extend your subscription.

Following this advice ensures you fully exploit Nitro and feel great about the subscription cost. Discord offers a lot for $9.99/month if you use it to the max!

What happens when Nitro gifts and trials expire?

Let‘s cover some housekeeping around unused gift links and trial Nitro periods. I don‘t want you caught off guard!

  • Unused gift links eventually expire and become invalid:
    • 90 days after being purchased if sent from desktop
    • Never expire if sent from mobile
  • Canceling a free trial before it renews means you won‘t be charged anything
  • When paid Nitro expires, unused time converts to subscription credit
  • The credit applies towards future renewals tomaximize the value

So when possible, try to redeem gifts quickly. But even if a subscription ends, the unused duration isn‘t completely lost.

Avoiding Nitro scams

I want to briefly warn about all the Nitro scams and impersonators out there. They will try to bait you with links to "free generators" and "giveaways."

These are all shady attempts to steal your info or hack your account. Never enter your password anywhere except the official Discord app.

And only trust gift links sent directly from Discord or someone you know personally. Any rando offering free Nitro is always a scam.

We have to be vigilant! I never want your account compromised just for some virtual perks. Priority #1 is staying safe.

Is free Nitro still readily available?

I know this was a super long guide, so let me tie it all together for you:

While the Epic Games promotion ended, there are still ways to occasionally earn free Nitro through server rewards, contests, referrals, and trials.

Paid Nitro ensures ongoing access with extra perks, but costs $9.99 per month. Evaluate your usage and budget to decide if it‘s worth it.

Only claim Nitro from trusted direct sources, not sketchy third parties. And redeem gifts quickly before they expire!

Although limited-time, free Nitro opportunities still pop up reasonably often. As an experienced Discord aficionado, I think patience and persistence will pay off.

Just keep actively engaging in servers, entering contests, inviting friends, and watching for trials. Free Nitro may take a bit more work now – but still very much achievable with the right strategy!

I hope this super detailed guide gives you the insider knowledge to start leveling up your Discord experience. Let me know if you have any other Nitro-related questions! I‘m always happy to help out a friend.



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