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Is FS 19 Still Free in 2023?

No, Farming Simulator 19 is not free anymore. The popular farming simulation game was temporarily available for free on the Epic Games Store back in early 2020. But that limited-time promotion ended long ago.

So is there any way for gaming enthusiasts to get FS19 for free in 2023? Or even at a steep discount? Let‘s dig into the options.

A Look Back: How FS19 Became Temporarily Free

First, let‘s understand how Farming Simulator 19 came to be free in the first place.

In early 2020, developer Giants Software partnered with Epic Games to offer FS19 as a free download on the Epic Games Store for 1 week. This coincided with the game‘s release on Stadia‘s cloud gaming platform.

During the week of February 6-13, 2020, anyone with an Epic Games account could claim their free copy of FS19 to keep permanently.

This promotion gained FS19 over 7 million new users on Epic‘s platform! It also helped drive awareness of Epic‘s weekly free game program.

But the free ride didn‘t last forever. After February 13, FS19 went back to its regular $40-50 pricing on Epic and other platforms.

Current Options – Can You Still Get FS19 Free or Cheap?

Okay, back to the present – it‘s 2023 and you want to play FS19, but don‘t want to pay full price. What are your options?

While a totally free copy is unlikely now, here are a few legitimate ways to get Farming Simulator 19 at discounted or even no cost:

  • Keep watching for another free promotion on Epic Games Store or a different platform. FS19 could certainly go free again for a limited time.

  • Try out the free trial of FS19 offered on Stadia. You can play the full game for 1 hour per session on Stadia without buying.

  • Follow gaming deal sites that alert you to giveaways and contests. For example, Nintendo Switch fans scored free copies of FS19 by entering Nintendo‘s Brazil game giveaway last year.

  • Use CD key reseller sites like G2A cautiously. You can sometimes find FS19 CD keys there trickling in from past promotions or discounts. But quality isn‘t guaranteed.

  • Buy a used physical copy of FS19 for consoles via eBay or local game stores. Again, cheaper but not free.

Now let‘s move on to FS19‘s sequel, Farming Simulator 22. Is scoring that game free a possibility?

FS22 Tips – Can You Get the Newest Farming Simulator Free?

Unfortunately, Farming Simulator 22 is not currently available for free on any digital platform. As a newer 2022 release, FS22 maintains its full $50-60 price tag for now.

That said, here are a few tips to get FS22 at the lowest possible cost:

  • Add FS22 to your Steam wishlist and wait for a discount. Steam offers FS22 sales frequently, often slashing 35-40% off.

  • Watch for Epic Games Store promotions. Since Epic gave away FS19 for free, they may run FS22 promotions too.

  • Consider Xbox Game Pass for PC – FS22 is included with the Game Pass subscription library. You can access it as long as your membership lasts.

  • Buy from an authorized CD key reseller during a promo sale, but beware of shady grey market key sites.

  • Trade games, items, or accounts to offset costs. For example, you can trade Steam items on sites like eBay to essentially get FS22 for free.

While scoring brand new titles like FS22 for zero dollars is extremely rare, using the tips above can allow you to get Farming Simulator 22 significantly cheaper than the full $60 price tag.

And who knows – someday in the future, FS22 may surprise us all and go free just like FS19 did back in 2020! As a fan of this farming sim franchise, I‘ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled.



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