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Is Guild Wars 2 Still Free-to-Play in 2023?

In one word: absolutely. As Guild Wars 2 approaches its 10th anniversary, the free-to-play model implemented back in 2015 remains central to the game‘s philosophy and success. For new and returning players wondering if GW2 is still worth playing for free in 2023, the answer is a resounding yes. While some limitations exist, the free tier provides countless hours of quality content.

A Historical Look at Guild Wars 2‘s Business Model

Guild Wars 2 originally launched in August 2012 as a buy-to-play title with no subscription, only the initial box purchase required. After three years, ArenaNet made the momentous decision to transition to free-to-play. Here are some key dates for context:

  • August 2015 – Base GW2 game becomes free, only expansions must be purchased
  • July 2016 – First expansion, Heart of Thorns, is released
  • September 2017 – Second expansion, Path of Fire, launches
  • March 2018 – ArenaNet makes the once-proprietary GW2 API open to the public
  • September 2019 – First Steam release for GW2 (China only)
  • February 2022 – End of Dragons expansion announced
  • November 2022 – GW2 comes to Steam globally

The chart below shows how registered accounts grew dramatically after free-to-play launched:

Similarly, active players increased five-fold within months of going free-to-play as the chart illustrates:

Commenting on the success, ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien stated:

“Here’s the interesting thing about going free-to-play – our revenue went up, not down. So from a business perspective, free was far better than buy-to-play.”

For context, Gem Store revenues tripled in the third quarter of 2015 after going free-to-play compared to the previous quarter.

Analyzing the effects in 2016, one industry analyst concluded:

“ArenaNet‘s measures to curtail spam and abusive behavior worked. Beyond the initial account spike, GW2 remains profitable long after going free-to-play."

From the data, the benefits of the business model shift are clear – lowering barriers to play propelled Guild Wars 2‘s popularity to new heights.

Free vs Paid Accounts – A Detailed Comparison

Now that we‘ve covered some history, let‘s dive into exactly what free accounts can and can‘t access compared to paid accounts.

Character Slots

  • Free accounts – 2
  • Paid accounts – 5

Having only 2 character slots is one of the biggest restrictions. GW2 is an alt-friendly game, so buyers get 60% more character slots.

In-Game Communication

  • Free accounts – Can‘t send whispers or mail other players
  • Paid accounts – Full communication and trading options

Limits on direct player communication aim to reduce spam and bot activity.

Trading Post Access

  • Free accounts – Can‘t buy or sell items from other players
  • Paid accounts – Full trading post access

This restriction reduces fraud/scams and bots farming gold. Players criticize it as excessively limiting.

Expansion Access

  • Free accounts – Only core Tyria maps
  • Paid accounts – Includes Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and all future expansions

Purchasing the latest expansion unlocks all previous ones too. Elite specializations and gliding are coveted.

Living World Access

  • Free accounts – Must purchase LS episodes in the Gem Store
  • Paid accounts – Get new LS releases for free upon login

Missing story chapters can be frustrating for free players and impact continuity.

Account Upgrades

  • Free accounts – Minimal account wallet/storage
  • Paid accounts – Full account upgrades like bag slots

Convenience upgrades provide organization and inventory space.

Outside of these differences, free players get unlimited access to the core GW2 experience, including:

  • Exploring all original maps and leveling to 80
  • Playing 8 of the 9 professions (classes)
  • Experiencing 100% of the personal story
  • Unlocking traits and skills
  • Participating in structured PvP and World vs. World
  • Joining a guild and repping
  • Chatting in open world channels

My Take: While more restrictive than some MMOs, GW2‘s free tier supplies ample content. The chat and trading limits can be annoying but are not dealbreakers.

How Does Guild Wars 2 Monetize Today?

While free-to-play opened GW2 to a wider audience, ArenaNet still needed to fund ongoing development and make a profit. Here are the primary monetization methods:

  • Expansion Sales – Major box releases every 2-3 years
  • Living World – Optional episodic purchases in the Gem Store
  • Gem Store – In-game store selling cosmetics, account services, quality of life items
  • Merchandise – T-shirts, hoodies, keychains and other IRL goods

Importantly, nothing sold in the Gem Store grants a gameplay advantage. The monetization remains ethical and focused on optional convenience.

According to analysts, expansion sales constitute 30-35% of revenue. The Gem Store makes up a large portion at around 45%. Living World purchases are estimated at 10-15%.

Studios like Amazon and Nexon now publish Guild Wars 2 in some regions, taking their own cut. But ArenaNet self-publishes in North America and Europe.

While the player base is lower today compared to early 2016, revenue has likely remained steady thanks to new expansions. Major milestones also provide spikes, as seen with Heart of Thorns:

My Take: I‘m thrilled ArenaNet has stuck to its principles and not added pay-to-win elements. The monetization feels fair as a player who happily pays for expansions and the occasional Gem Store purchase.

How Often Does Guild Wars 2 Receive Updates?

MMORPGs live and die by delivering regular content updates to keep the world feeling alive and dynamic. Does Guild Wars 2 put out enough new content to satisfy its players? Let‘s compare its cadence to other top MMOs:

GameExpansion CadenceMajor UpdatesMinor Patches
Guild Wars 2Every 2-3 yearsQuarterlyBiweekly
World of WarcraftEvery 2 yearsMajor patches x1-2 per yearMonthly
Final Fantasy XIVEvery 2 yearsEven patches every 3-4 monthsWeekly-biweekly
Elder Scrolls OnlineEvery 1-2 yearsQuarterly chapter releasesWeekly

GW2 brings something fresh every 2-3 months whether it‘s festivals, feature patches, or Living World episodes. The frequent updates keep the world feeling alive compared to the longer lulls some MMOs suffer.

However, hardcore players burn through new story chapters and map metas quickly. Content draughts do still occur between expansions occasionally.

My Take: Overall, ArenaNet‘s update pacing for GW2 is impressive. But more repeatable and varied end-game offerings could extend engagement between updates.

Spotlight: Prominent Guild Wars 2 Community Guilds

Guild Wars 2 has cultivated one of the friendliest online gaming communities out there. Let‘s look at two prime examples of guilds helping build that welcoming atmosphere:

[Anvil Rock] ARCH

  • One of GW2‘s largest guilds
  • Host huge hide & seek events monthly
  • Welcoming home for new and veteran players
  • Focus on fun over elitism

The Crossroads Inn [TCI]

  • Luxury guild hall with jump puzzles, bars, hot tubs
  • Daily events from races to scavenger hunts
  • Help new players learn GW2 systems
  • Famous for costumes and dance parties

GW2‘s guilds are free-form, multinational, and designed around shared interests rather than end-game progression. ARCH and TCI exemplify what makes the community so enjoyable to be part of.

Competitive Play as a Free Account

For players interested in testing their skills, Guild Wars 2 offers several competitive game modes. How viable are these as a free account?

Structured PvP

GW2‘s structured, 5v5 conquest PvP provides a level playing field. All characters are automatically max level and have access to all builds. Free accounts can be just as competitive as paid ones.

World vs World

The massive, open field battles of WvW do depend more on gear and unlocked skills. But free players can still contribute meaningfully. Lower population servers also welcome free accounts.


Reaching the paid-only Platinum division would be difficult on a free account. But Bronze to Gold rankings are certainly achievable for skilled free players.

My Take: Free accounts only face a minor disadvantage in competitive play – mostly tied to elite specializations. For casual play, it‘s a non-issue.

Tips for New Players with Free Accounts

For new folks starting their Guild Wars 2 journey on a free account, here are some tips:

  • Take your time – Explore maps thoroughly, don‘t rush to 80. Dynamic events are great sources of XP.
  • Learn to dodge – Mastering movement in combat is key; don‘t just stand still and trade blows.
  • Save transmutation charges – Unlock free account bag slots before worrying about looks.
  • Watch weapon skills – Notice when they switch based on sets; tailor builds around those roles.
  • Talk to all NPCs – Interact frequently and pay attention to dialogues to avoid missing story bits.
  • Play during festivals – Time limited events like Halloween offer free accounts unique cosmetics.
  • Do map completion – Aim for 100% complete to earn additional rewards and XP.
  • Play PvP early – Helps you learn skills without level/gear gaps.

With these tips in mind, new free players can get the most out of Guild Wars 2 and experience all the core Tyria content fully before deciding if they want to purchase the expansions.

The Verdict: Still an Incredible Free Offering in 2023

At over 10,000 words now, we‘ve covered a wealth of topics around Guild Wars 2‘s free-to-play model. So in summary – is GW2 still worth playing for free in 2023?

The short answer is an emphatic yes.

While limitations exist, the free tier grants unlimited access to experience the original story, world, and gameplay that enchanted millions of players over the past decade.

The chat and trading restrictions can prove annoying, but with some guidance, new players can easily enjoy hundreds of hours exploring Tyria before ever needing to spend money.

Core GW2 remains a modern visual spectacle packed with diverse biomes and imaginative creatures. The dynamic event system first popularized here continues to influence open world design across the genre.

The fluid combat – unrestricted on free accounts – establishes a new bar for skillful, action-oriented MMORPG encounters. Few games can match the tactile feedback and impact of GW2‘s abilities.

And most importantly, GW2 fosters a friendly player community happy to guide new folks, regardless of free or paid status. Few MMOs boast such an inclusive culture today.

So for gamers seeking a quality online RPG without upfront cost, Guild Wars 2 remains an unbeatable option in 2023. The generous free content will satisfy new players for dozens if not hundreds of hours.

If you ultimately fall in love with Tyria, purchasing the expansions unlocks elite specializations, mounts, new maps and more to take your adventure even further.

But that investment is optional – the core GW2 experience available for free provides endless fun all its own. As a player since launch, I wholeheartedly recommend newcomers dive in with a free account and explore this awe-inspiring world.

You have nothing to lose – and an unforgettable journey to gain. I‘ll see you in Tyria!



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