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Is Guild Wars 2 Totally Free? Everything You Need to Know

If you‘re curious about Guild Wars 2, the most common question is likely "is it really free to play?" The short answer is yes – Guild Wars 2 offers one of the most generous and content-rich free gaming experiences out there. Read on to learn all about what‘s included for free, what content requires payment, and how the business model works.

What Exactly is Free in Guild Wars 2?

Let‘s start with what you can access at no cost:

  • The entire core game world with over 30 explorable zones covering several in-game regions. This includes major cities, expansive overworld maps with dynamic events, dozens of dungeons, and hundreds of hidden areas.
  • Eight character professions (classes) to choose from – Warrior, Guardian, Revenant, Ranger, Engineer, Thief, Elementalist, and Necromancer. You have access to all core class abilities, specializations, and traits.
  • Approximately 300 hours worth of PvE story content spanning levels 1-80. This includes your character‘s deep personal story that evolves based on your choices, as well as the main overarching plot.
  • Five crafting disciplines you can train and level up – weaponsmith, armorsmith, leatherworker, cook, and jeweler.
  • Structured PvP allowing competitive 5v5 matches with all skills unlocked. PvP gear is normalized so anyone can jump in on equal footing.
  • Four massive world boss events along with dozens of dynamic group events that anyone nearby can participate in.
  • Activities like mini-games, jumping puzzles, and racial city tours full of secrets.
  • Waypoint and Asura gate fast-travel systems that let you quickly move across previously visited areas.

That covers the major features available during the 1-80 leveling process and core open world. In short, the entire base version of Guild Wars 2 is free with no trial timers or content locks. You have permanent access to hundreds of hours of content.

The main restrictions involve chat and community systems like trading, which are limited until you reach higher levels. This is to reduce spam and botting/hacking accounts. But it does not limit your ability to play through the full story and open world at your own pace.

What Game Content Requires Payment?

While the original release version is 100% free, Guild Wars 2 has expanded over the years with new paid content:


These add brand new zones, stories, and features to the game:

  • Heart of Thorns ($30) – The Maguuma Jungle zone with hang gliding, the first raid, challenging group content. Adds the Revenant class.
  • Path of Fire ($30) – The Crystal Desert zone with introduction of mounts. Focus on bounties and open world boss events.
  • End of Dragons ($30) – The Cantha zone with fishing, skiffs, and siege turtles. New strikes and meta map events.

Living World Seasons

These are episodic content updates that move the main story forward:

  • Season 1 – Free when originally released, now no longer playable
  • Seasons 2-4 – $15 each if you missed initial free releases
  • Season 5 (Icebrood Saga) – $20 for full season

Bonus Items

Non-gameplay additions like character slots, bank space, level boosters, convenience items, cosmetics, etc. Anything in the gem store is optional and not required to play.

So in summary, the only content off limits to free accounts are the major expansions and living world updates. But again, these are purely additive experiences on top of an already massive free core game.

Free vs Paid Accounts – Limitations

Let‘s talk about the main differences in what free accounts can access compared to paid accounts:

  • Chat – Free accounts cannot use map chat until Level 30, cannot whisper non-friends until Level 30. This reduces spam and botting behaviors.

  • Trading Post – Free accounts have reduced access to buying/selling items on the TP. Helps limit real money transactions and fraud.

  • Character Slots – Free accounts can only create 2 characters. Paid accounts start with 5 slots total. Additional slots can be purchased in the gem store.

  • World Transfer – Free accounts cannot transfer their characters to other servers. Paid accounts can do so for a gem fee.

  • Gold to Gems – Free accounts cannot convert in-game gold into premium gems. This is to combat illicit gold selling for real money.

Overall the chat and trading restrictions are the most significant factors that may motivate free players to eventually purchase expansions. But again, 100% of the PvE and PvP core game content remains fully accessible.

GW2 in 2023 – How Popular is it?

For a game originally launched in 2012, Guild Wars 2 has exhibited impressive longevity. According to various tracking sites, it currently attracts 300,000 to 400,000 active monthly players.

Peak concurrent users on weekends still reach 50,000+ showing strong interest even 10 years later. The launch of the End of Dragons expansion in February 2022 also brought many new and returning players into the fold.

ArenaNet continues to support the game with regular content updates every 2-3 months. This steady flow of new story and features keeps the world feeling alive and populated. The lack of a subscription fee also contributes to its ongoing appeal.

So in 2023, Guild Wars 2 remains one of the most popular and active Western MMORPGs on the market. The expansions and regular updates help retain a loyal playerbase.

Is GW2 Considered "Pay to Win"?

Another common concern around free games is whether they are "pay to win" – requiring spending to gain advantages. The answer is no, Guild Wars 2 is definitely NOT pay to win.

Almost everything available in the gem store is either cosmetic only OR quality of life upgrades like more inventory slots. Nothing in the cash shop provides any direct statistical boosts or combat advantages.

Even if you spend real money on gems, you will have no actual edge over other players who don‘t spend. The most competitive gear remains only earnable through in-game means.

ArenaNet has done an excellent job maintaining a fair playing field and not incentivizing spending out of necessity. Free players can compete and progress just fine without buying anything.

Tips For New Players

If you‘re considering trying Guild Wars 2 as a new free player, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Take your time and enjoy the journey – there‘s no need to rush to level 80. Immerse yourself in this massive fantasy world.
  • Play whichever race and class looks interesting – they are all viable and balanced.
  • Unlock waypoints whenever you can for easy return trips to areas. Navigation is key.
  • Save up any gem rewards from leveling – you can‘t convert gold into gems as a free player.
  • Join a friendly guild so you have people to group with – GW2 is better together!
  • Don‘t worry about "optimal" gear until you reach the endgame at 80.
  • Participate in dynamic events and world boss fights – these are fun group activities.
  • Give structured PvP a try – all skills are unlocked and gear is normalized.
  • Work on maxing crafting disciplines – this will save you money in the long run.

As a free player you have unlimited access to the core world and hundreds of hours of content. Take it slow and steady to really soak in everything Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

Minimum and Recommended System Specs

Guild Wars 2 is quite scalable and can run on a wide range of PC hardware due to its age. Here are the official minimum and recommended system requirements:


  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 x2
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7600, ATI Radeon 2400, Intel HD 4000
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • HDD: 35GB
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit

*Can run at 30 FPS on low settings.


  • CPU: Intel i5 Series or AMD FX / Phenom II
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560, ATI Radeon 6950
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • HDD: 35GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit

*Runs at 60 FPS on high settings.

Any PC built within the last 6-8 years should be able to handle the game reasonably well. The graphics auto-detect and scale down if you are below minimum specs.

Overall Guild Wars 2 has very accessible system requirements by today‘s standards. You definitely don‘t need an expensive gaming rig to enjoy it!

Solo vs Group Gameplay

Guild Wars 2 is primarily designed around open world areas where you will often find yourself playing alongside other random players. But much of the content can still be completed solo if you desire.

Some of the easiest, most beginner friendly classes for soloing the open world include:

  • Ranger – Ranged damage and sturdy pet tank
  • Necromancer – Minions that tank and do damage for you
  • Guardian – Protection, heals, and defense abilities
  • Thief – High mobility and burst damage

While solo is viable, ideally you‘ll want to join group events, world bosses, dungeons, and meta map events as they occur. The gameplay experience is more rewarding and fun with others.

If you have social anxiety or strongly prefer to play alone, GW2 does accommodate that playstyle. But you may want to eventually challenge yourself to interact with others occasionally.

Key Differences at a Glance

Here is a quick summary of how free accounts, paid accounts, and expansions differ:

FreePaid CorePaid Expansions
Price$0$30-50$30 each
Chat LimitsYesNoNo
Trading LimitsYesNoNo
Max Characters255
ZonesCore OnlyCore OnlyAdds New Zones
Classes9 Core9 CoreAdds Revenant
GlidingNoNoHoT Only

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day Guild Wars 2 offers one of the most generous and content-rich free gaming experiences on the market right now. You can easily sink hundreds of hours into the core game without paying anything.

The chat and trading restrictions can be frustrating, but otherwise free players have full access to the entire leveling journey and open world. Optional paid expansions add even more zones, mounts, and elite specializations.

In 2023 Guild Wars 2 remains highly popular and populated thanks to regular updates and no subscription fees. The combat system, dynamic events, jumping puzzles, and sheer variety of activities set it apart.

If you enjoy massive fantasy MMORPG worlds full of treasures to discover, the free core version provides tremendous value. Download it today and start your adventure across Tyria!



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