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Is Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 Free? A Complete Guide for Gamers

The short answer is – yes! Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 is 100% free to download and play on PC. In this in-depth guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about getting the Hello Neighbor Alpha demo at no cost.

Whether you‘re a parent researching game options for your kids or a gamer interested in this unique stealth horror title, I‘ll provide details on the free Alpha, what it includes, appropriate age ratings, and tips for enjoying the full Hello Neighbor experiences. Let‘s dive in!

Overview: Hello Neighbor Franchise

For those not familiar, Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth horror game series created by independent developer Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild games.

The original Hello Neighbor game first launched in 2017 after a long development process supported by releasing free alpha demos. It was widely praised for its innovative AI and open-ended sandbox gameplay.

The core premise is that you have moved into a new suburban neighborhood and suspect your creepy neighbor is hiding something sinister. You have to sneak into his house, solve puzzles, and uncover his dark secrets all while avoiding capture.

The hit debut spawned sequels like the multiplayer-centric Secret Neighbor in 2019 and Hello Neighbor 2 arriving in 2022.

Across all games, the signature ingredients are:

  • Stealth mechanics as you infiltrate creepy environments
  • An advanced AI opponent hunting you down
  • Environmental puzzles and hidden secrets to uncover

This creates a thrilling and chilling horror experience unlike most other games.

Hello Neighbor Alpha Demo Versions

During Hello Neighbor‘s development from 2015-2017, the developers released free alpha demos so players could try early versions and provide feedback.

In total there were 6 alpha builds made public:

Alpha VersionRelease Date
Pre-AlphaAug 2015
Alpha 1Oct 2016
Alpha 2Nov 2016
Alpha 3Dec 2016
Alpha 4Feb 2017
Alpha 5Mar 2017

Of these, only Alpha 1 remains freely available today. But it offers a nice taste of Hello Neighbor‘s gameplay for free!

Downloading Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 for Free

You can now get the Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 demo 100% free in just a couple clicks:


The easiest way is to download it free on Steam. Just add it to your library and you can install and play anytime.

Official Website

Or go to the official Hello Neighbor website and look for the Alpha 1 download link to grab it direct from the developer.

Once downloaded, Alpha 1 is yours to play whenever you want at no cost. It does not expire.

What‘s Included in Hello Neighbor Alpha 1?

Since this was the very first public demo, Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 offers a small teaser of the full experience.

You get access to the core stealth gameplay loop against a basic AI opponent in a limited environment. Here are the key features:

  • Single suburban house setting
  • 4-5 rooms to sneak through
  • Basic AI neighbor who patrols and chases
  • Environmental puzzles to solve like finding keys
  • Ability to set traps and distractions
  • Early graphics and UI

The goal is to sneak through the neighbor‘s spooky house learning his patterns to unlock new areas and uncover secrets. But he hunts you down if spotted!

While simple compared to later versions, Alpha 1 offers the core stealth infiltration experience that made Hello Neighbor so popular. Now you can enjoy this early demo completely free!

Recommended Age for Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

The full Hello Neighbor games get PEGI 12 ratings for horror elements, violence, and blood. But the free Alpha 1 demo is more family-friendly.

Common Sense Media recommends Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 for ages 8+, with parental guidance for kids under 10. The simple art style and limited environments make it less visually intense than later versions.

I‘d agree Alpha 1 is likely fine for ages 8-11 during daytime hours. Parents may just want to try it themselves first before handing it over to sensitive young gamers. But it serves as a nice introduction to the stealth horror concept for pre-teens curious about the popular Hello Neighbor games but not ready for the full terror!

Improved Graphics and AI in Later Games

While fun and free, it‘s important to note the demo only shows the basics. The full Hello Neighbor games have significantly advanced graphics, environments, gameplay systems, and AI opponents.

For example, here is a graphics comparison of Alpha 1 vs the full Hello Neighbor release:

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 vs Full Game Graphics

The AI also evolves from very simplistic patterns to complex behaviors like reacting to your play style, setting traps, and more terrifying hunting actions.

So if you enjoy Alpha 1, you can look forward to even deeper stealth challenge and atmosphere in the paid titles. Just beware the horror factor ramps up significantly from the family-friendly demo!

Hello Neighbor 2 – Sequel Launching 2022

In August 2022, Hello Neighbor 2 arrives to take the franchise into a bold new direction.

Rather than the neighbor‘s creepy home, this sequel has you sneaking through a troubled neighborhood itself with more open exploration across multiple houses and yards.

Early reviews suggest Hello Neighbor 2 makes big strides improving the graphics, environments, and smoother AI behaviors compared to criticisms of the first game‘s choppy performance.

However, some reviewers say Hello Neighbor 2‘s story still feels vague and the enemy AI can be frustratingly inconsistent. But fans of the original will likely still enjoy the fresh take on sneaking and suburban scares.

Hello Neighbor 2 launches on major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. You can even play it on Xbox Game Pass starting day one!

And the best part is you can jump right into the sequel even if you didn‘t play the original, since the stories are not directly connected.

Tips for Getting Started With Hello Neighbor

If the Alpha 1 demo grabs your interest, here are some tips to get the most out of the full Hello Neighbor games:

  • For younger gamers, play the games yourself first to check the scary factor before letting them dive in. The full titles can get quite intense!

  • Use online guides when you get stuck on puzzles or the neighbor‘s locations. There are tons of tips guides available for free.

  • Start with Hello Neighbor 1 before moving to the sequel since the original sets the foundation. But it‘s not required.

  • Turn up the brightness if you find the atmosphere too dark. This helps reduce the tension and makes it easier to explore.

  • Save often and utilize unlock codes to skip ahead if certain areas become too frustrating. Don‘t be afraid to cheat a little!

  • Take it slow and pay attention to your surroundings. Rushing in will only make you an easy target for the neighbor! Patience and observation are key.

Can You Get Other Hello Neighbor Games Free?

The original developers made Alpha 1 free as a special gift to players. But most other Hello Neighbor games are paid titles.

However, there are some exceptions:

  • The mobile app for iOS and Android is free with in-app purchases

  • Occasionally you can find special deals making the full PC/console games free for a limited time. So watch for promotions on sites like Epic Games Store.

  • Physical disc copies are available to rent from services like GameFly if you just want a short-term trial.

So while Alpha 1 is the only indefinitely free version, you can sometimes score other Hello Neighbor games free or cheap with the right timing and platform.

Bottom Line – Enjoy the Free Alpha!

The Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 demo lets you experience the core stealth horror gameplay that kicked off this hit franchise entirely free. While light on content compared to later entries, it‘s a fun nostalgic trip and great introduction for younger gamers.

Just don‘t expect the full terrifying experience – for that you‘ll need to pick up one of the advanced paid titles. But you really can‘t beat the price of the Alpha 1 demo, plus it‘s a cool piece of gaming history as one of the first looks at this unique game concept.

So download Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 today for a little taste of suburban scares at no cost to you. Have fun sneaking through the neighbor‘s creepy home, but watch your back! You never know when he‘ll come hunting…



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