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Is Hitman 3 a Free Upgrade? Everything You Need to Know

The answer is yes – Hitman 3 is absolutely a free upgrade for existing owners! Developer IO Interactive announced some massive changes coming to the Hitman trilogy. Let‘s discuss what it means for players.

Hitman 3 Rebranded as "World of Assassination"

IO Interactive revealed that Hitman 3 will be renamed "Hitman World of Assassination." This new package will include full access to all the levels from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 at no additional cost.

If you already own Hitman 3, you‘ll automatically be upgraded to this new edition across all platforms. It streamlines the entire trilogy into one cohesive experience.

This is fantastic news for longtime fans. I‘ll break down exactly what the rebranding entails and key tips for making the most of it. Let‘s dive in!

Hitman By the Numbers

Before getting into the details, let‘s look at some key statistics that showcase just how popular and far-reaching the Hitman series is:

  • Over 15 million total games sold since the original Hitman: Codename 47 in 2000
  • Hitman 3 sold over 3 million copies in its first 10 days
  • Peak of 30,000 concurrent players for Hitman 3 on Steam
  • Hitman videos have over 500 million views on YouTube
  • There are 24 million Hitman players on PlayStation

These are impressive figures that speak to the devotion and passion of Hitman fans worldwide. IO Interactive has cultivated a hugely successful stealth/assassin franchise here.

Now let‘s see how they are improving the experience even further with the new Hitman World of Assassination edition.

PS4 to PS5 Free Upgrade

For PlayStation owners, upgrading from PS4 to PS5 is seamless:

  • When you buy a digital PS4 copy of Hitman 3, the PS5 version can be downloaded at no extra cost.
  • This allows you to play in 4K resolution with HDR graphics, higher frame rates, and 3D audio support on the PS5.

It‘s a free next-gen upgrade for PS4 disk owners too. Simply insert the disk to access the PS5 enhancements.

Accessing Previous Games‘ Levels

Here‘s a quick look at how you can import locations from the previous two titles:

PS4/PS5Import locations using Access Passes if you own Hitman 1 or 2
XboxSame process as PlayStation
PCHitman 1 and 2 levels will automatically carry over on Steam

For physical console copies, you‘ll first need the Game of the Year or Legacy editions before importing.

On all platforms, your progress and unlocks from past games will carry over into Hitman World of Assassination. This unified ecosystem makes it far more convenient to play through the entire trilogy seamlessly.

What‘s in Each Edition?

There are two versions of Hitman 3:

  • Standard Edition – Base game only
  • Deluxe Edition – Includes extra escalation missions, suits, and items

Importantly, both editions will now grant access to all content from the previous games. So Standard Edition owners aren‘t missing out on anything core to the experience.

The Deluxe Pack just provides some bonus in-game extras for bigger fans.

Hitman 3 Improvements

So beyond combining all three games, what does Hitman 3 bring to the table? Here are some of the key upgrades over Hitman 2:

  • Enhanced Visuals – Higher resolution textures, more detailed environments, improved lighting and reflections.
  • Refined Gameplay – Smoother animations, smarter AI, better crowd density and reactivity.
  • New Mechanics – Camera hacking, device sabotaging, body carrying, ledge hang, and more.
  • More Interactive Maps – Chongqing has vertical city streets and Dubai is set in a massive skyscraper.

Overall, IO Interactive made many technical and design improvements that enhance the core Hitman formula. The game just feels better to play thanks to the cumulative tweaks.

Rebranding Analysis

Consolidating the full trilogy into Hitman World of Assassination represents a major shift in IO Interactive‘s distribution model. What motivated this decision?

It reduces confusion for new players – Previously, buying each game separately was convoluted. This bundles everything cleanly in one package.

More engagement opportunities – With all content in one client, it‘s easier to bring players back with live events and new seasons.

Prepares the game for the long term – This positions Hitman World of Assassination as an evolving platform with a longer tail.

While dislisting the previous titles is controversial, the benefits arguably outweigh the downsides here. It solves many problems players faced while providing a higher value offering.

Tips for Upgrading

If you‘re looking to upgrade to Hitman World of Assassination, here are some tips:

  • Download the latest Hitman 3 update to enable the merge

  • Double check you own required legacy editions if transferring discs

  • Claim your free Access Passes in Hitman 3 after importing older games

  • Track your progress transfer on IO Interactive‘s website

  • Take advantage of the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade if on PlayStation

  • Refer to IO‘s detailed support page if you encounter any issues

For new players, purchasing Hitman World of Assassination is now the best way to experience the entire trilogy. And for existing owners, the process is free and mostly seamless.

Hitman Keeps Getting Better

With the new Hitman World of Assassination edition, IO Interactive made the excellent decision to combine all three games into one cohesive whole. This is a huge win for longtime fans who now have permanent access to all content in one place. And it provides a streamlined entry point for curious newcomers too.

The trilogy has come a long way since the original Hitman: Codename 47 back in 2000. I can say with confidence that Hitman World of Assassination marks the definitive Hitman experience. Kudos to IO for their continued support and improvements. I‘m excited to see where they take things next!

Let me know if you have any other questions about the new Hitman edition. I‘m happy to provide tips to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly.



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