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Is InfinityFree Free Forever?

InfinityFree is a free web hosting service that offers unlimited web hosting with no catches. Many people wonder – is InfinityFree really free forever? The short answer is yes, InfinityFree does not charge for web hosting and promises your account will remain free indefinitely. However, there are some limitations to be aware of with their free hosting plan.

What is InfinityFree?

InfinityFree is a free web hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and a free domain name with hosting. The service is ad-supported, meaning ads are displayed on your website to cover costs. InfinityFree also makes money through optional paid upgrades.

The free hosting plan includes:

  • Free domain name registration
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer
  • Unlimited web space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • PHP, MySQL, cPanel control panel
  • 1-click installs for apps like WordPress

Is InfinityFree Free Forever?

Yes, InfinityFree does not charge for the free hosting plan or expire free accounts after a certain period of time. You can sign up for InfinityFree whenever you want and host your website on their servers for free, with no time limits.

However, there are resource limitations and restrictions in place to prevent abuse. Although InfinityFree uses the term "unlimited", there are caps on bandwidth, storage space, and other technical factors. But for basic websites, the free plan resources are quite generous.

Limitations of the Free Hosting Plan

While InfinityFree is free indefinitely, the free plan has some notable limitations:

  • Limited bandwidth – Around 400-500GB per month
  • No email accounts – You cannot create email accounts
  • Limited support – Primarily community forums for help
  • Suitable for small sites – Not ideal for large or high-traffic sites

The free hosting works well for simple personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and hobby sites that won‘t use excessive bandwidth. But more advanced users will likely want to upgrade to a low-cost shared hosting plan that offers more features and resources.

How to Get a Free Domain with InfinityFree

A free domain name is included when you sign up for InfinityFree‘s free web hosting. You can choose a .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf or .gq domain extension for free.

Here are the steps to get a free domain with InfinityFree:

  1. Go to and click Sign Up.
  2. Choose a username and password and enter your contact details.
  3. Select your free domain name extension and enter your preferred domain.
  4. Complete the signup process and verify your account via email.
  5. Login to your control panel and set up your free domain.

The domain will point to your InfinityFree account, allowing you to immediately use it for your website.

Pros of InfinityFree

Here are some of the advantages of using InfinityFree‘s free hosting:

  • Completely free – No fees or surprise charges for hosting
  • Easy signup – Quick and simple signup process
  • cPanel included – User-friendly control panel
  • Good for beginners – Easy for those new to web hosting
  • PHP and MySQL supported – Can host dynamic sites and apps

Cons of InfinityFree

Some downsides to watch out for with the free plan:

  • Limited resources – Not suitable for large sites with high traffic
  • No email accounts – Cannot use your domain for email
  • Limited support – Help through forums mainly
  • Ads displayed – Site will show ads
  • Slow speeds – Shared servers can be overloaded

Alternatives to InfinityFree

For more advanced users, a low-cost shared hosting plan may be a better option than totally free hosting. Some alternatives to consider:

ProviderStarting Price

These paid hosts offer more resources, better speeds, email accounts, and excellent support. While not free, their entry-level plans are very affordable for most users.


InfinityFree provides free web hosting forever, with no catches. However, the free hosting has limitations and works best for simple websites with low monthly traffic. More advanced users may prefer a low-cost shared hosting plan to get increased resources and better performance. But overall, InfinityFree is a solid option for free website hosting.



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