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Is It Takes Two Free on PS5? A Complete Guide to Playing Co-Op for Less

If you‘re a PS5 owner interested in playing It Takes Two, you may be wondering – can I access this top-rated co-op game for free? Or will you have to pay $40 for a real friend-shaped adventure?

The short answer is: Yes, you can play It Takes Two without paying the full $40 price tag! While it‘s not free directly on PlayStation Plus, the Friends Pass system allows a buddy to join you for some free co-op chaos.

In this guide, we‘ll break down all the ways to enjoy It Takes Two‘s hilarious gameplay without breaking the bank. From free trials to rental services, we‘ve got you covered on affordable options to embark on this wacky metaphorical marriage counseling journey!

An Award-Winning Co-Op Powerhouse

Before diving into cost-saving methods, it‘s worth understanding why It Takes Two has made such a splash in the co-op gaming scene since its release in early 2021:

  • 90 Metacritic Score – Overwhelming critical praise, winning Game of the Year awards.

  • Creative Gameplay – Constantly shifting mechanics keeps the action fresh.

  • Touching Story – An emotional narrative underscores the gameplay.

  • Stunning Visuals – Vibrant, stylized graphics burst with energy.

  • Seamless Co-Op – Designed purely for immersive two-player action.

It‘s this seamless blending of stellar moment-to-moment gameplay with an impactful story fueled by the chemistry between partners that helped It Takes Two stand out.

Hazelight Studios director Josef Fares clearly has a knack for crafting delightful co-op experiences. It Takes Two takes the formula perfected in A Way Out to new heights.

Breaking Down the Friends Pass System

So how exactly can you and a friend play on PS5 without both buying copies? Enter the ingenious Friends Pass system:

  • Player 1 Buys Full Game
  • Player 2 Downloads Friends Pass (Free)
  • Player 1 Invites Player 2 to Join
  • Enjoy Full Co-Op Story Together!

This unique setup allows the guest to experience all of It Takes Two‘s levels, secrets, and story moments entirely for free! No strings attached.

The Friends Pass supports both online and local wireless play between the owner and invitee. However, you will need an active PS Plus subscription for online co-op.

Over 1 million players have taken advantage of this creative option to play co-op on a budget. It‘s cross-platform too – PS5 works with PC Friends Passes!

Trying Before Buying with the Free Trial

Not ready to dive into the full adventure? The Friends Pass also grants free access to It Takes Two‘s opening level "Love Lost" as a trial.

This provides around 90 minutes of gameplay as an excellent taste of the hijinks in store. You‘ll be shrunken down to doll size and navigate a treacherous dollhouse world teeming with hazards.

It‘s a great way for you and a pal to experience the basics of It Takes Two‘s gameplay variety and charm before deciding on purchasing the full game. And it‘s 100% free!

Game Rentals Offer Temporary Access

If you want to play through the entire It Takes Two story campaign over a short period, game rental services provide affordable short-term access:

  • GameFly – Rent by mail for $9.99/month.

  • Redbox – Rent kiosk disc for around $7/day.

  • Blockbuster – Yup, a few still exist! Call for pricing.

Rental allows you to enjoy all of It Takes Two‘s bizarre gameplay scenarios to conclude Cody and May‘s journey in just a few days for under $10.

Used Discs Can Slash the Cost

While a new copy costs $40, picking up a used PS4 or PS5 disc can greatly reduce the price:

  • eBay – Used PS4 discs around $15-20. PS5 discs sell for around $25-35.

  • GameStop – Pre-owned PS4 copies available for $22.

  • Amazon – Used through third-party sellers for under $30.

Since It Takes Two doesn‘t require an online connection, used discs work perfectly. Just be sure to inspect condition and verify any codes are unused.

Going the used route can let you grab the game for as much as 50% off retail price. Just be sure to sanitize thoroughly, as you never know where a used disc has been!

EA Play Provides Full Access

For $4.99 per month, an EA Play membership grants unlimited access to It Takes Two on PS5 along with many other EA titles.

If you plan to devote a weekend or two to completing the co-op adventure, a single month of EA Play can be cheaper than buying it outright.

Down the road, It Takes Two will almost certainly be added to the EA Play library permanently too. So you could access it anytime by subscribing.

Will It Takes Two Ever Be Free on PS Plus?

It Takes Two is not currently part of the PlayStation Plus service. But based on patterns with other popular co-op games, PS Plus inclusion seems likely further down the road.

Here are a few examples of co-op hits eventually offered for free on PS Plus:

  • Overcooked – Added 3 years after launch
  • A Way Out – Added 2 years after launch
  • Unravel Two – Added 1 year after launch

Using this timeframe, we could expect It Takes Two to join PS Plus in late 2023 or 2024. It will likely be the PS4 version, however.

So while not free yet, keep an eye out for It Takes Two on future PS Plus monthly game lineups!

Cloud Gaming Options to Play on PS5

Thanks to cloud gaming services, you can stream It Takes Two to your PS5 without owning it:

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming – Play It Takes Two via the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Nvidia GeForce Now – Stream through GeForce Now if you own it on Steam.

You will need a strong, low-latency internet connection for decent performance. But cloud gaming lets you workaround PS Store access and play It Takes Two on PS5 without paying for the actual game!

Comparison of It Takes Two on PS5 vs. PS4

If going the used disc route, you‘ll likely encounter both PS4 and PS5 versions. Here‘s how they compare:

FeaturePS4 EditionPS5 Edition
Resolution1080pNative 4K
Framerate30 FPS60 FPS
Load Times~35 seconds~8 seconds
3D AudioNoYes

The PS5 edition takes full advantage of the hardware with higher fidelity visuals, faster loads, and immersive controller haptics. But both offer the same great co-op gameplay.

Co-Op Pro Tips for It Takes Two Gameplay

Once you‘ve figured out how to play for less, here are some pro gamer-approved tips to get the most out of It Takes Two‘s co-op:

  • 🗣 Constant communication is key! Narrate everything you‘re seeing and doing.
  • 🧰 Try every object – they often unlock new mechanics to solve puzzles.
  • 🕹 Take turns controlling both characters for equal play time.
  • 🔍 Search every nook and cranny – collectibles are everywhere!
  • 😅 Don‘t forget to have fun! Losing is part of the chaotic experience.

Sticking together and embracing a spirit of coordination, curiosity, and fun will ensure an awesome co-op experience. The story and gameplay are designed to shine when playing cooperatively.

Is It Takes Two Worth Playing on PS5?

Considering all the options to play It Takes Two for less than full price, is it worth prioritizing on PS5 compared to other co-op games?

In our opinion – absolutely! Even without next-gen enhancements, It Takes Two stands out as a must-play co-op experience:

✅ Constantly changing gameplay mechanics keep the action creative and fresh.

✅ Charming visuals burst with color and character.

✅ Touching narrative underscores the gameplay with real heart.

✅ Designed from the ground up for organic two-player interactions.

If you have a friend to team up with, It Takes Two should rank among the top PS5 co-op games to check out. The critical praise and fan reception speak for themselves – this is a standout title!

Let the Friendship Fun Begin!

While not free directly, services like Friends Pass demonstrate that It Takes Two was tailor-made for sharing fun times with friends on PS5, even on a budget.

We hope these tips help you embark on a lively co-op adventure in this quirky metaphorical marriage counseling world while keeping some coins in your pocket!

Have any other questions on getting It Takes Two on PS5 affordably? Let us know in the comments!



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