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Is It Takes Two Free with Xbox Game Pass?

Let‘s get this cleared up right away – No, It Takes Two is not included with a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription.

To access It Takes Two through Xbox Game Pass, you specifically need the Ultimate tier subscription. This bundles together Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play access.

So while the critically praised It Takes Two is not playable with the base Xbox Game Pass library, you can download and play the full game for free by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Below I‘ll give you a full guide to exactly what you get with each tier of Xbox Game Pass, how It Takes Two fits in, and whether subscribing to Game Pass is worth it in the long run. Let‘s dive in!

Breaking Down the Xbox Game Pass Tiers

Microsoft offers a few different subscription option when it comes to Xbox Game Pass. This table outlines the basic differences between each tier:

SubscriptionMonthly PriceWhat‘s Included
Xbox Game Pass for Console$9.99Access to over 100 Xbox One/Series X
Xbox Game Pass for PC$9.99Access to over 100 Windows PC games
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate$14.99Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and Xbox Cloud Gaming

As you can see, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles quite a lot together for just $5 more than the basic console or PC tiers. Let‘s break down exactly what you get with each part:

Xbox Game Pass for Console grants unlimited access to download and play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games. New titles are added every month, while some leave the catalog rotation.

Xbox Game Pass for PC works just like the console version, but for a separate library of over 100 games optimized and playable on Windows PCs.

Xbox Live Gold is required for online multiplayer gaming on Xbox consoles. This lets you compete and chat with others online.

EA Play gives access to Electronic Arts‘ subscription service and an additional collection of games.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to stream and play Xbox games on mobile devices and browsers without needing a console.

Bundled together, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides tremendous value at just $14.99 per month. You get access to hundreds of games across console, PC, and cloud streaming.

It Takes Two Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Since It Takes Two is an Electronic Arts published game, it is only accessible through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The standard tiers of Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass for PC do not include EA titles.

But remember, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate contains EA Play – so you can download and play It Takes Two for free by subscribing to Ultimate!

What Exactly is EA Play?

EA Play is Electronic Arts‘ own subscription service that is now bundled at no extra cost with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For $14.99 per month with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you simultaneously receive full EA Play benefits which grant:

  • The Play List: A vault of full EA games to download

  • 10 hour trials: Early access to new releases before launch

  • Exclusive discounts and member rewards

  • No restrictions: Play EA Play games as much as you want

The Play List is EA Play‘s game catalog, with over 75+ titles available as of November 2022. These range from classics like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to newest hits like FIFA 23.

Notable Play List games in late 2022 include:

  • It Takes Two
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Madden NFL 23
  • The Sims 4
  • Battlefield 2042
  • FIFA 23
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • Dead Space

And many more top EA franchises. Having Xbox Game Pass Ultimate means access to all these EA Play games at no added cost.

Friends Pass Allows Sharing It Takes Two Co-op

It Takes Two is exclusively a local or online co-op game for 2 players. The entire adventure must be played cooperatively.

Luckily, It Takes Two supports a Friends Pass system where only one player needs to own the full game. This allows you to share the experience even if your friend doesn‘t have their own subscription.

As long as one gamer has an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, they can invite a friend to download the It Takes Two Friends Pass trial and play the full game together.

The Friends Pass acts as a free trial, but grants access to 100% of the It Takes Two co-op campaign. So you don‘t have to own two subscriptions to enjoy the game cooperatively!

Try Out the First Chapter for Free

If you‘re unsure whether It Takes Two will be fun, you and a friend can download the Friends Pass trial version to check it out risk-free.

The Friends Pass trial gives access to the complete 1-2 hour first chapter of It Takes Two. This allows you to play through the introduction and get a feel for the gameplay, story, and cooperative elements.

Playing just the first chapter together is a great way to find out if you want to continue the full adventure before paying for any subscription.

You‘ll get a sense of the versatile gameplay, fantastic visuals, and emotional narrative that It Takes Two is so highly praised for – without cost.

All About It Takes Two: The Co-op Hit

It Takes Two is a co-op third person action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts in 2021.

The game follows Cody and May, parents going through a divorce who get magically transformed into living dolls. Their young daughter Rose didn‘t want them to split up, so she wishes for them to stay together – causing the transformative curse.

Trapped in a fantastical world, Cody and May must cooperate to navigate various gameplay challenges and mini-games as the only way to reverse the spell and return to normal.

Playing as both Cody and May, two players must work together in creative ways to progress through action-packed levels and boss battles using unique character abilities.

It Takes Two uses the metaphorical story and variety of gameplay scenarios to explore relationships in an imaginative way. The narrative focuses on saving Cody and May‘s family by mending their strained marriage.

Reviewers praised It Takes Two for its heartwarming story, gorgeous visuals, and exceptional co-op specific gameplay mechanics. It won numerous Game of the Year awards in 2021.

Who Is It Takes Two For? Gameplay Length and Age Ratings

It Takes Two takes most gamers 10-15 hours to complete. The pacing is designed around two people playing together, rather than solo.

The ESRB rated It Takes Two T for Teen, with cartoon violence and some mild language being the only concerning content. There is nothing too graphic for older players.

The complex emotional narrative exploring divorce and relationships makes It Takes Two best suited for players in their teens or older. The metaphorical story will likely go over the heads of younger audiences.

While accessible for beginners mechanically, It Takes Two shines when played cooperatively by teen and adult gamers who can appreciate the thoughtful relationship commentary it offers.

How Does Game Pass Value Compare to Buying Games?

Let‘s break down the actual monetary value of Xbox Game Pass compared to individually purchasing the games it offers access to.

  • It Takes Two standard price: $39.99

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate monthly price: $14.99

Given It Takes Two‘s typical $39.99 cost, you would recoup your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month fee after less than 3 months to break even. And that is for access to 100+ other games also available that month!

Based on a typical Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 year subscription cost of $179.99, you would only need to be interested in 5 or more Xbox Game Pass games annually for it to provide better value than buying individually.

According to Microsoft, "members save up to 20% versus buying games separately" with Xbox Game Pass. Given constant additions and the bundled services, this savings can go even higher in practice.

Industry analysts have projected Xbox Game Pass Ultimate could save gamers over $600 a year compared to purchasing titles at full retail price. That makes the $14.99 monthly fee an incredible bargain for regular players.

The Downside of Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass

One risk of subscription services like Xbox Game Pass is that available games can change every month as new titles get cycled in and older releases get removed.

If you‘ve downloaded a game using your active Xbox Game Pass membership and that title gets taken off the service later on, you‘ll lose access unless you separately buy that game.

While it‘s uncommon for major Microsoft exclusives to get removed from Game Pass, other third party games like It Takes Two could potentially leave someday if licensing deals change.

Luckily, Xbox Game Pass grants a 20% discount on any game in the library if you want to permanently purchase a title that is exiting Game Pass and keep playing it.

But just be aware that Xbox Game Pass games can expire, so take advantage of downloads like It Takes Two promptly in case they get rotated out eventually.

Does Xbox Game Pass Make Sense in the Long Run?

While no service offers endless value forever, Xbox Game Pass presents tremendous savings for most gamers – especially if you enjoy both console and PC gaming.

Accessing over 100 top-tier games across various devices for just $14.99 a month is difficult to pass up. You would likely spend far more buying a handful of these titles outright.

According to Microsoft, over 25 million gamers had subscribed to Xbox Game Pass as of January 2022. Analysts estimate that number has since grown to 30+ million Game Pass members.

This massive adoption shows that players recognize the value Xbox Game Pass provides. Subscribers would need to actively play just 2-3 titles per year from the catalog to likely break even or better versus purchasing separately.

And remember, new games are added every month. Xbox Game Pass gives you a huge, expanding games library available anytime for one reasonable monthly price.

For co-op fans, being able to play an acclaimed title like It Takes Two together while only one person pays is a massive bonus. The same goes for accessing 100+ other multiplayer games with friends.

Even accounting for the risk of losing access to some titles eventually, Xbox Game Pass grants you a tremendous amount of variable gaming content for your subscription dollar.

In Summary: Breaking Down Xbox Game Pass and It Takes Two

Let‘s recap the key points:

  • It Takes Two is not included in standard Xbox Game Pass for Console or PC.

  • You need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get It Takes Two for free.

  • Ultimate bundles console/PC Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and cloud gaming for $14.99 monthly.

  • EA Play provides access to 75+ games including It Takes Two in its Play List vault.

  • Only one gamer needs Ultimate to share It Takes Two‘s full co-op using Friends Pass.

  • Trying the first free chapter is a great way to demo the game.

  • It Takes Two is a 10-15 hour co-op adventure focused on saving a marriage.

  • The game is best suited for teens/adults due to its metaphorical themes.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides exceptional value compared to buying several games.

  • Titles can leave Xbox Game Pass eventually, so play downloads like It Takes Two ASAP.

  • Overall, Game Pass offers outstanding and economical access to content for most players.

So while It Takes Two does require the pricier Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the value is well worth it, especially for co-op gamers who can share the experience. Give it a shot today and save your marriage from the comfort of your couch!



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