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Is Korblox Free? The Short Answer and a Deep Dive into Obtaining this Coveted Sword

The short answer is: Unfortunately, no, Korblox is not free in Roblox. It is a very rare limited item that can only be acquired through Robux purchase, trading, or extremely lucky unboxing. There are no legit ways to get Korblox for free outright.

However, this guide will provide an extensive look at the various options dedicated Roblox players have for obtaining the iconic Korblox sword without spending real money. We‘ll examine the costs, odds, risks, and rewards associated with the grind for this coveted virtual weapon.

As an avid Roblox player myself, I totally understand the appeal of wanting to score rare items like Korblox for your personal collection. Let‘s dive in!

Buying Korblox Directly from the Avatar Shop

The Avatar Shop is where you can purchase clothing, accessories, emotes, and gear for your Roblox avatar. Korblox is occasionally sold here for 17,000 Robux.

To give you an idea of how much real money 17k Robux costs:

  • 800 Robux = $9.95 USD
  • 17,000 Robux = Around $212 USD

As you can see, buying Korblox directly from the Avatar Shop is very expensive! However, if you already have enough Robux in your account from memberships, developing games, selling merch, promo codes, etc., then snagging Korblox for 17k is the fastest way to obtain this rare sword.

The downside is that availability is inconsistent. Korblox may go months without appearing in the Avatar Shop, so you have to monitor it closely and be ready to buy it immediately when that 17k price tag pops up. Talk about intense FOMO!

But say you‘re a new player without much Robux yet. Is there another way you can get Korblox without having to fork over 200 bucks? Let‘s explore a popular option…

Trading Your Way to Korblox

Trading is huge in Roblox. Players exchange items, limiteds, collectibles, and Robux in hopes of scoring rare finds like Korblox for their collection.

Of course, nobody is going to give away Korblox for free. You‘ll need to put up something valuable to even have a chance at making a fair trade for this legendary sword.

According to analysis from Rolimon‘s, an independent trade adviser website, the value of Korblox is around 285,000 Rap, or "Rolimon‘s Approximate Price."

For comparison, here are the Rap values of some popular Roblox limited items:

  • Frost Guard General: 245,000 Rap
  • Dominus Aureus: 1,000,000 Rap
  • Blue Sparkle Time Fedora: 345,000 Rap

As you can see, Korblox is up there as one of the most valuable items in the Roblox economy. For even a chance at trading for Korblox, you‘ll need items that are worth hundreds of thousands of RAP at minimum.

Some common items that traders ask for when offering Korblox include:

  • Godly Knives from Murder Mystery 2: Chroma Saw (130k RAP), Chroma Darkbringer (145k RAP)
  • Hats: Any Dominus, Sparkle Time Fedoras
  • Robux: 200k+
  • Event Items: Frost Guard General, Ribbon of Winters Night

However, because Korblox is so rare and coveted, most owners try to get big overpays in value for it. Patience and persistence are critical when trading up to Korblox.

I recommend checking trade advisers like Rolimon‘s, monitoring trade Discord servers, and frequently visiting Trading Hubs in Roblox to evaluate current item values. Study what kinds of deals are taking place and what overpays are expected for Korblox.

Then, start with smaller trades to build up your inventory value over time. Work your way up to rare event items, high demand Godly MM2 knives, and hundreds of thousands in RAP/Robux. Eventually you may get lucky finding a trader willing to exchange Korblox for your haul!

Trading avoids having to spend real money to get Korblox. But it still requires a major time investment plus valuable assets others will want. As a new player, trading up to Korblox will be extremely difficult. But with months of strategic trading, it‘s possible!

Trying Your Luck with Korblox Unboxings

Various Roblox events, brand partnerships, and promotions have put out limited-time boxes or codes with a chance to unlock Korblox and other rare items.

During the Ready Player Two event in 2020, there was an enamel pin box that cost 70 Robux but had a 0.1% chance to contain Korblox. Some dedicated collectors bought hundreds trying to get it.

Other promotional events like Toys ‘R‘ Us boxes have also rarely had Korblox available. But again, the odds are absurdly low, often less than 1%. You could easily spend thousands of Robux on boxes and still never unbox Korblox.

While it is possible to get insanely lucky, buying these loot boxes requires a ton of Robux spent and hoping that less than 1% probability goes your way. If you do buy boxes, go in with zero expectation of actually scoring Korblox. Treat it as a bonus, not the objective.

Is Korblox Actually Free on October 27th?

Every October, an internet rumor starts circulating that Korblox will be obtainable for free on the 27th. This myth seems to have originated from fake tweets and doctored YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, Roblox has never made any official statement about releasing Korblox for free. As a limited item, it would make no sense to hand out such a high-value sword to every player.

While the idea of scoring a free Korblox code sounds amazing, this October 27th rumor is just a widespread hoax. Don‘t get your hopes up or make plans for grabbing Korblox on that date.

Treat any rumors about free promo codes or Korblox giveaways with skepticism. Stick to legitimate gameplay like trading and unboxing for a fair shot.

The Risks of Exploits, Hacks, and Sketchy Sites

As Korblox is so desired, some players turn to hacking tools, game exploits, or sketchy third party sites to try and grab this sword quickly. However, these tactics often result in accounts getting banned by Roblox moderators.

Here are some shady methods that often backfire:

  • Free Robux generators that claim they can give you instant currency for Korblox. They always end up being fake.
  • Injecting scripts that spawn rare items into your inventory. This breaks Roblox Terms of Service.
  • Clicking on random ‘free Robux‘ links that are actually phishing attempts or malware.
  • Downloading cracked Roblox apps that have exploits and cheats built in. These will get your account deleted fast.

While it‘s tempting to take shortcuts, hacking or cheating to get Korblox is unethical, risky, and can end with your account being permanently banned. Avoid these tactics at all costs – the sword isn‘t worth losing your entire Roblox profile!

Determining if the Effort for Korblox is Worth it

With how challenging it is to legitimately earn Korblox through trading or unboxing luck, you have to step back and examine if chasing this item aligns with your personal Roblox values and goals.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Is owning a status symbol like Korblox crucial to my enjoyment of Roblox? Or am I actually having more fun collaborating with friends and making games?
  • Are there other NEW swords and weapons I‘d rather save my hard-earned Robux and inventory for?
  • Am I getting too obsessive about owning Korblox even though it‘s just a virtual item?
  • Is trying to trade and unbox for Korblox burning me out?

Be honest about whether you are still playing Roblox for the right reasons – to be creative, socialize, and have fun! If the drive for Korblox reaches an unhealthy level, take a break and refocus on the parts of the game you genuinely enjoy most.

Trust me, as someone who also thinks Korblox looks incredibly cool, I‘ve had to stop and ask myself these same questions during my own trading journeys. At the end of the day, this legendary sword won‘t drastically change your life or make you happier long-term.

Stay vigilant about keeping your priorities aligned, friend. There are tons of other amazing Roblox experiences out there for you to embrace.

The Bottom Line

While there is sadly no way to get Korblox for free, you still have legitimate options like strategic trading or lucky unboxing to work toward earning this coveted sword.

Buying it directly from the Avatar Shop is the fastest route, but requires saving up hundreds of dollars worth of Robux to catch that 17k price tag.

Trading up to higher value limiteds is possible for earning Korblox without spending real money, but takes massive dedication over months or years of play. Unboxing relies almost entirely on chance, so manage expectations accordingly.

My best advice is to stay patient, keep playing Roblox the right way, protect your account, and have an amazing time regardless of whether or not you eventually acquire Korblox! Wield that sword with pride if you get it friend, but please don‘t lose sight of what really matters most – having fun.

I hope this long, thorough guide gives you a detailed perspective on obtaining the legendary Korblox sword! Let me know if you have any other Roblox questions. I‘m always happy to help new players navigate this vast gaming metaverse.



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