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Is Laura Cover, Aaron Boone Wife, More than Just a Former Playboy Playmate?

When you hear the name Laura Cover Boone, you may immediately think: former Playboy Playmate. After all, Laura earned the iconic title of Playmate of the Month for October 1998, appearing in the legendary magazine in various states of undress. So it‘s no surprise that her past attracts attention, since she‘s married to prominent Major League Baseball manager Aaron Boone.

But here‘s the thing – there‘s a lot more to Laura‘s story than just a brief modeling stint over 20 years ago. Since then, she‘s grown immensely as a wife, mother, and strong woman who values family above all else.

Rather than cling to past fame, Laura has embraced true meaning through marriage and motherhood. Let‘s explore the full story of her journey with Aaron – one that proves beginnings don‘t have to define you.

Small Town Girl Becomes Playmate

To understand Laura‘s path, you have to know where she came from. Born in 1976, she grew up in the tiny town of Bucyrus, Ohio. With a population just over 12,000, Bucyrus was a prototypical Midwest community – quaint, charming, and everyone knew each other.

As a girl, Laura was outgoing and adventurous. She got involved in everything from ballet to 4-H. And she was blessed with girl-next-door good looks – bright blue eyes, radiant smile, long blonde hair. In high school, the 5-foot-5 Laura began dabbling in modeling. After graduating in 1994, she started to pursue it more seriously.

At age 18, Laura made the bold move to Scottsdale, Arizona. Drawn by the warm weather and burgeoning modeling scene, she aimed to advance her career. Laura soaked up the Arizona lifestyle – lounging by poolsides, tooling around in fast cars, and building up her modeling portfolio.

Her career eventually brought an invitation to pose for Playboy. While nervous at first, Laura viewed it as a golden opportunity she couldn‘t pass up. So in 1998, at age 26, she earned the coveted title of Playmate of the Month for October issue.

Suddenly Laura‘s photos were being admired and gawked at by millions of eager men (and women). She gained instant notoriety – the Playmate platform catapulting her fame and modeling career.

But Laura also knew Playboy was just a stepping stone. Driven to expand her resume, she branched into acting with roles in movies like 1999‘s Blackrock and TV shows such as The Man Show.

Still, while Laura enjoyed success and the limelight, something was missing. A grounded Midwestern girl at heart, she hoped to someday trade the glitz for a more settled, domestic life.

Fate would soon intervene to make that dream come true.

Aaron Boone – Legacy Kid Turned Yankees Hero

In the late 90s, a handsome young baseball player named Aaron Boone was making his mark on the major leagues. Born into a baseball family – his father Bob was an All Star catcher – expectations were sky-high for Aaron and his brothers to continue the legacy.

Aaron grew up in Southern California and was drafted out of high school by the Cincinnati Reds in 1994. Though injuries hampered him early on, he cemented himself as the Reds‘ starting third baseman by 1998.

For six seasons, Aaron delivered consistency for Cincinnati, batting .270 with 80 home runs. But he yearned for a bigger stage – and got it in July 2003 when he was traded to the New York Yankees in midseason.

The very next October, Boone wrote his name into Yankee lore with one of the most famous home runs in baseball history. In the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 7 of the ALCS, Boone smashed the first pitch he saw for a walk-off solo shot, defeating the rival Red Sox and sending New York to the World Series.

"Aaron Boone – home run! The Yankees win it – six to five!" bellowed ESPN announcer Chris Berman. Boone circled the bases waving his hands, delirious, while 55,000 fans at Yankee Stadium erupted in chaotic celebration.

That one soaring ball ensured Boone‘s place among Yankee immortals. Though his playing career ended a few years later, Boone‘s path was carved for future glory in the Bronx.

Playmate Meets Baseball Slugger

Laura Cover and Aaron Boone first connected sometime around 1999. Details are scarce, but they were introduced by mutual friends – likely in Arizona, where they both lived at the time. The spark between them was instant.

By that point, Laura had appeared in Playboy and was pursuing acting, while Aaron‘s MLB career was taking off. On the surface, their lives seemed very different. But they actually had a lot in common – Midwestern roots, close families, grounded values, easygoing personalities.

Perhaps most importantly, both craved more meaning and normalcy outside the spotlight. Laura had enjoyed modeling fame but hoped for a family life. Meanwhile, Aaron sought refuge from the pressures of pro baseball.

The more time they spent together, the more their relationship blossomed. The couple kept details very private, but they realized this was the real thing. Just a few years after meeting, Aaron and Laura decided to tie the knot.

Arizona Wedding Unites Playmate & Baseball Star

On November 9, 2002, Aaron and Laura made it official under the warm Arizona sun. They exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Phoenix attended by 60 close friends and family.

Laura looked stunning in a traditional white strapless Vera Wang gown, clutching a bouquet of red roses. Boone cut a dashing figure in a black tuxedo. The newlyweds sealed their union with a tender kiss before cheering guests.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with a lavish reception at the Ritz. Tables were decorated with lush flower centerpieces, elegant dinnerware, and candles that cast a cozy glow. Waiters served gourmet fare like seared scallops and filet mignon.

For the reception, Laura slipped into a striking off-the-shoulder white dress that showed off her curves. She and Aaron laughed with delight while cutting into their towering, eight-tier wedding cake adorned with sugary flowers.

As the evening wound down, the happy couple hit the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. They swayed gently to "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams as loved ones encircled them. After twirling around joyously, Aaron dipped Laura for a dramatic kiss to seal their unforgettable day.

The opulent Ritz Carlton affair kickstarted Aaron and Laura‘s blissful new life together as a married couple.

Becoming a Baseball Wife and Mom

Shortly after the wedding, Laura discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to their first child, a son named Brandon, in August 2003. And the Boone family continued expanding at a rapid pace.

Daughter Bella arrived two years later, followed by son Jake in 2008 and youngest daughter Sergot in 2009. Laura cherished her new role as a mother, calling the kids her "proudest achievement in life."

As Aaron‘s career took the family to new cities like Cleveland and Minnesota, Laura happily supported him while creating a loving home for their children. With four kids under the age of nine at one point, her hands were full!

Laura spent many late nights caring for sick kids and early mornings getting them fed, dressed, and off to school. She became a full-on soccer mom, shuttling her busy brood to practices and games.

And wherever their dad Aaron played, Laura made sure the kids felt at home in the clubhouse and dugout. They loved visiting Aaron in the locker room, eating post-game spreads, and watching him from the stands. Brandon, the oldest, took the most interest in learning the game from his dad.

The constant moving wasn‘t always easy. But Laura embraced the peripatetic baseball lifestyle that kept Aaron employed. Friends describe her unwavering devotion to both Aaron and the kids.

In 2008, Laura told Milwaukee Magazine it could be overwhelming at times being a baseball wife and mom:

"It’s a little difficult having four kids, a husband and moving around a lot. But I feel so blessed to be living this life."

Through all of it, Laura maintained perspective on what mattered most – keeping her family happy and grounded amid Aaron‘s fame.

Inside the Confusing Life of a Baseball Wife

As glamorous as it appears being married to a pro baseball player, it comes immense responsibilities and challenges. I want to take a quick aside to give you some insight into the intriguing life of a baseball wife.

First, there are the logistical headaches – like moving your household every few years as teams trade players. Wives must meticulously manage the household, often while their husbands are on road trips.

There are also social pressures based on old fashioned traditions. Baseball wives are expected to look attractive, act polite, support their husbands, and keep any troubles private. Some unwritten rules:

  • Attend every home game dressed nicely
  • Volunteer for charity events
  • Look thin and fit
  • Avoid tabloid drama
  • Never complain about the demanding schedule

On top of all that, baseball wives deal with tons of public scrutiny. Tabloids and sports radio love gossiping about their looks, status, and lifestyles.

Laura‘s friend Ashley Horton, married to Reds player Adam Duvall, described constantly feeling judged:

"No matter what we do, it‘s wrong. If I‘m at a game, people say, ‘Doesn‘t she have anything else going on?‘ If I post on Instagram, it‘s, ‘She‘s so thirsty for attention.‘"

So while Laura enjoyed the comforts of Aaron‘s MLB salary, she also had to develop thick skin. Staying grounded through all of it was crucial.

Pressure Cooker: Leading the Yankees

Of course, the microscope only intensified when Aaron was named manager of baseball‘s marquee franchise – the New York Yankees. In December 2017, the team tapped him as successor to Joe Girardi.

Managing the Yankees isn‘t a job – it‘s a lifestyle. The position‘s enormity is hard to overstate. Expectations from fans and media are smothering. The Bronx Zoo, as Yanks clubhouse has been called, is a pressure cooker.

Aaron knew the challenge he faced. "Understand the expectation here and the stature of this franchise," he told the press. Yes, Aaron stepped into the most high-profile job in American sports.

Right away, the intense NYC media spotlight and rabid Yankees fans focused on Boone. The team‘s title drought had reached nine years – an eternity by their standards. Boone‘s honeymoon period was measured in days, not months.

The Yankees missed the World Series in Aaron‘s first two seasons at the helm, resulting in nonstop second guessing of his decisions. Sports talk stations dissected his every move. Critics wondered if he had the tactical chops and backbone to guide the storied franchise.

Veteran manager Joe Torre summed up the chaotic climate:

"New York is not an easy place to be…The writers every day. The talk shows every day. The scrutiny is tough."

Through all the turbulence, Laura remained Aaron‘s anchor at home. Regardless of what the papers and angry talk show callers said, she expressed unwavering faith in Aaron. Her support lifted his spirits during difficult stretches.

Boone thanked his wife for being a rock:

"It‘s not easy for people around me either when I‘m going through struggles. That‘s when you‘ve got to lean on your support system. Laura has been there for me every step of the way."

No matter the external pressure, Laura ensured their household a sanctuary from Yankee madness.

Cross Country Move to Connecticut

After years in Arizona, the Boones uprooted to the Northeast in 2018. Aaron‘s new gig as Yankees manager meant relocating to the Big Apple metro area. The team provided him with a lavish residence in the affluent town of Greenwich, CT.

For Laura, it meant not just moving to a new state but clear across the country. The demands of Aaron‘s job necessitated being within close range of Yankee Stadium. So Greenwich, with easy access to New York City less than an hour away, fit the bill.

Greenwich charmed the family with its good schools, low crime rate, and abundance of upscale shops and restaurants. Their sprawling six-bedroom home boasted amenities like a private tennis court and heated pool.

Of course, the East Coast meant major lifestyle changes. Gone were the sunny desert days and wide open mountain views Laura had grown to love in Arizona. Instead, New England delivered bitterly cold winters and rainy springs.

For Aaron, the benefits outweighed any drawbacks. He could fully immerse himself in the Yankee experience rather than manage remotely from afar. The hands-on approach proved wise, as Aaron led the Yankees to a stellar 103-59 record in his second season.

As usual, Laura made the transition smooth for the family. The kids had reached ages – from elementary to middle school – where moving wasn‘t too disruptive. They settled into top-ranked Greenwich public schools and made new friends.

Laura did miss having family nearby. Both sides of their relatives remained out West. But she embraced their new adventure and lavish Greenwich lifestyle. Ever the supportive wife, Laura helped Aaron feel at home in the high-stakes NY market.

Giving Back to the Community

Laura and Aaron aim to teach their kids the value of helping others less fortunate. As part of that, both are active in charitable work and volunteering.

A cause near to Laura‘s heart is breast cancer awareness. Tragically, she lost her mother to breast cancer in 2013. She now regularly participates in fundraising events supporting breast cancer research.

"It‘s so important for my daughters to grow up volunteering and seeing my husband and I try to be role models to others," Laura said.

Aaron is heavily involved with Proceeds, a nonprofit that provides school supplies and equipment to underserved students in NYC. He partners frequently with Turn 2 Foundation, started by Yankees legend Derek Jeter to combat youth substance abuse.

The couple also makes frequent trips back to Aaron‘s hometown of Cincinnati to help at food banks and take part in events like the annual Freestore Foodbank Rubber Duck Regatta race that raises over $500k to fight hunger.

Despite their privileged lifestyle, Laura and Aaron work hard to keep their kids grounded. Laura never takes for granted the basic comforts she lacked in rural Ohio as a girl.

A Playmate Who Found Deeper Fulfillment

There‘s much more to Laura Cover Boone than initially meets the eye. Yes, her appearance in Playboy was memorable and helped open doors professionally. But that photoshoot over two decades ago captured just a fleeting moment.

Since then, Laura‘s built a rich, multidimensional life. What truly fulfills her is not fame or fortune, but family. As a fiercely devoted wife and mother of four, Laura reinvented herself on her own terms.

Rather than cling to past validation, she found soul-satisfying joy in supporting her husband and raising well-rounded kids. Laura evolved from attention-seeking model to stoic, mature anchor holding down the Boone homestead.

None of that diminished the challenges she‘s confronted as a baseball wife – the moves, scrutiny, expectations, and Aaron‘s long absences. But Laura tackles each new phase with grace. She‘s proven a true partner to Aaron every step, celebrating in good times and buoying him in bad.

In the end, Laura Cover Boone shows that where you begin in life need not define your destination. By embracing growth, humility, and purpose as a wife and mother, she authored a story more meaningful than any magazine shoot.



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