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Is Lindsey Horan Married? An Insight into the USWNT Star‘s Relationship Status

In the world of women‘s soccer, few names shine as bright as Lindsey Horan. The American midfielder has dazzled fans across the globe with her incredible talent, cementing her status as a bonafide star.

With fame inevitably comes intense public curiosity about her personal life. After all, who isn‘t curious to know if one of the world‘s top female footballers has tied the knot?

The Burning Question – Is Lindsey Horan Married?

Let‘s start by getting right to the core question so many want answered:

No, as of February 2023, Lindsey Horan is not married.

However, there is an exciting update in her relationship status – she is happily engaged to her long-time partner Tyler Heaps!

Lindsey and Tyler, a former soccer player himself, got engaged in June 2022 during a romantic trip to Paris. She shared the joyful news and gave us the first glimpse of her dazzling engagement ring in a heartwarming Instagram post.

So while the wedding bells haven‘t rung just yet, Lindsey has found her life partner in Tyler. Let‘s take a closer look at their special love story!

Who is Lindsey Horan? A Look at Her Incredible Career

Before we dive into Lindsey‘s personal life, it‘s worth recapping her phenomenal professional journey to understand why her every move captivates legions of soccer fans.

At just 29 years old, Lindsey Horan has already achieved what most players could only dream of in an entire career:

  • 108 caps for the US Women‘s National Team – Debuted at age 19 in 2013, becoming the youngest player to represent USWNT at the time.

  • Olympic gold medalist in 2021 and FIFA Women‘s World Cup winner in 2019 with USA.

  • NWSL Championship win with Portland Thorns in 2017.

  • 4-time NWSL Best XI selections and NWSL MVP runner-up in 2018.

  • Played professionally in the USA (NWSL), France (PSG), and Germany (Wolfsburg) by age 25.

  • Became the first American woman to score in a UEFA Champions League final in 2022 while at PSG.

Her stellar play has earned Lindsey numerous accolades already. She is a rising superstar who will likely shine for Team USA during the 2023 World Cup and 2024 Olympics.

With such massive accomplishments under her belt, it‘s easy to see why Lindsey is such a revered figure in women‘s soccer at just 29.

Inside Lindsey Horan‘s Road to Engagement with Tyler Heaps

Lindsey may be a global soccer icon, but off the field she leads a relatively quiet personal life. Her relationship with fiancé Tyler Heaps has been kept low-key, away from the media glare.

Here is a timeline of Lindsey and Tyler‘s romantic journey based on snippets shared on social media and in interviews:

2016 – Meet in France

Lindsey and Tyler first met when they were both playing soccer in France – Lindsey for PSG and Tyler for L‘Entente SSG. Some dear mutual friends introduced the athletes in Paris, setting the foundation for a blossoming romance.

2017 – Bond Over Travel Adventures

After initially connecting in France, Lindsey and Tyler began dating long-distance. During vacations, they prioritized traveling together and exploring the world, including trips to Italy, Croatia, and Africa.

"Traveling is one of our greatest passions as a couple. We love adventuring together and making memories away from soccer and work," Lindsey told POPSUGAR in 2020.

2019 – Getting Serious

By 2019, Lindsey and Tyler‘s relationship was going strong. Lindsey brought Tyler as her date to the USWNT‘s World Cup victory tour that year. He also spent Thanksgiving with her family, marking a big step.

2020 – Withstanding the Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, Lindsey and Tyler weathered months of separation as she trained for the Olympics in the U.S. and he was based in France. But their bond endured the trying circumstances.

June 2022 – Engagement in Paris

After six years together, Tyler was ready to take the leap and propose to Lindsey. He popped the question near the Eiffel Tower during a nostalgic Paris trip. Lindsey happily said yes!

Present Day – Planning a Wedding?

The newly-engaged couple have shared few details yet about their future wedding plans. But with a lifelong partnership sealed, fans can expect wedding bells in Lindsey and Tyler‘s future!

By the Numbers: How Lindsey Horan Reached Global Stardom

To fully appreciate the level of fame Lindsey Horan has achieved as a soccer star, here is a quick statistical snapshot of her success and following:

  • 3.4 million Instagram followers
  • 50+ major awards and recognitions
  • $2 million estimated net worth
  • Ranked #25 on ESPN World Fame 100 list of most famous female athletes (2021)
  • Top 10 in endorsement earnings amongst women‘s soccer players with partners like Nike, Panasonic, and Chobani

Lindsey‘s superstardom reaches well beyond the pitch. She is one of the most popular and decorated American soccer players of her generation.

The Scoop on Her Age: How Old is Lindsey Horan?

In addition to relationship status, Lindsey Horan‘s fans are also highly curious about her age.

Let‘s clear up any uncertainty:

Lindsey Horan is currently 29 years old.

She was born on May 26, 1994 in Golden, Colorado. Later this spring, on May 26, 2023, she will celebrate her 30th birthday!

Having debuted with the senior USWNT at just 19 years old, Lindsey‘s soccer career has essentially played out entirely in the public eye to date.

But as she nears 30 in 2023, Lindsey has certainly matured both personally and professionally over the past decade, evolving into a leader on and off the field.

Inside the Rumor Mill – Lindsey‘s Engagement Speculation

When Lindsey flashed her ring in the Instagram photo from June 2022, it immediately sparked a firestorm of speculation about whether she was engaged or not.

Here is a timeline of how the engagement rumors played out:

June 18, 2022 – Lindsey posts a beach photo with a ring clearly visible on her left hand. No caption indicating significance of the ring.

June 20, 2022 – Several entertainment sites report that Lindsey is engaged based on the ring photo. No official confirmation.

June 25, 2022 – Close friend Sydney Leroux comments "congrats" under Lindsey‘s post, fueling engagement rumors.

July 11, 2022 – Lindsey finally confirms her engagement to Tyler Heaps with an Instagram post captioned "I said OUI!"

So while Lindsey did not directly address the speculation at first, she did eventually announce the happy news on her own terms once ready.

How Lindsey‘s Status Compares to Fellow USWNT Stars

Lindsey is not the only renowned American soccer star balancing personal life with World Cup glory. Let‘s see how her relationship timeline stacks up against other top USWNT players:

NameRelationship StatusYears Dating Before EngagementEngagedMarried
Lindsey HoranEngaged to Tyler Heaps6 yearsJune 2022TBD
Alex MorganMarried to Servando Carrasco5 yearsDecember 2013December 2014
Megan RapinoeEngaged to Sue BirdOver 3 yearsOctober 2020TBD
Julie ErtzMarried to Zack Ertz5 yearsFebruary 2017March 2019

Many of Lindsey‘s USWNT counterparts also opted for long courtships prior to marriage. Now engaged herself, it seems likely wedding bells will ring for Lindsey in the next few years as well!

What Does This Mean for Superfan Supporters?

For devoted USWNT fans and Lindsey Horan super supporters, her engagement is thrilling news!

Ryan, a diehard soccer enthusiast who runs a Lindsey Horan fan account, shared his perspective:

"Lindsey is like a role model to me on and off the field. She‘s an amazing person as well as an incredible athlete. I‘m so happy she found her person in Tyler and they‘re starting this new chapter together."

Casual observers may also find Lindsey‘s relationship journey inspiring:

"Even if I don‘t follow soccer too closely, Lindsey seems so down-to-earth despite her fame and success," remarked Claire, a working mom. "It‘s cool to see that she prioritizes her loved ones just like anyone."

No matter what type of fan you are, Lindsey and Tyler‘s precious love story is sure to warm your heart!

Looking Ahead with Respect for Lindsey‘s Privacy

While details about Lindsey‘s engagement are out in the open now, it‘s imperative for her true fans to also respect her privacy and boundaries as a public figure navigating personal milestones.

The realities of being in an almost decade-long relationship with another high-level athlete under constant scrutiny are unimaginable to most of us. As Lindsey‘s career continues shining brightly, she deserves space on matters of the heart.

There will likely be more exciting updates related to wedding planning in Lindsey‘s future. When she is ready to share them, her fans will celebrate!

For now, let‘s simply enjoy Lindsey‘s incredible talent blessing soccer pitches worldwide, while also cheering her on in finding happiness off-the-field with her new fiancé.



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