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Is Lost Ark 100% Free-to-Play?

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games. Since its Western release in February 2022, Lost Ark has quickly become one of the most popular MMOs, attracting over 20 million players globally. But an important question for many gamers is: can you realistically experience all of Lost Ark‘s content as a completely free player? Or does spending money confer major advantages? In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze Lost Ark‘s free-to-play model in depth and examine whether it‘s viable to play without ever spending money.

Overview of Lost Ark‘s Free-to-Play Approach

First, let‘s outline the basics of Lost Ark‘s free-to-play structure:

  • The game itself is 100% free to download and play without a subscription fee
  • Optional microtransactions exist for cosmetics, level boosts, pets, and convenience items
  • An in-game shop sells Royal Crystals that can be exchanged for premium Blue Crystals
  • Blue Crystals allow players to buy most cash shop items from other players via the Auction House
  • Gold earned in-game can also be exchanged directly for Blue Crystals

So in essence, nothing in Lost Ark is explicitly locked behind real money. Players can experience all gameplay content and meaningfully progress their characters without spending. However, some convenience items, cosmetics, and accelerators are only purchasable with Royal Crystals. The question is whether free players are at a true disadvantage or just a slight inconvenience.

What Can You Obtain as a Free Player?

All Core Story and Side Quests – The entirety of Lost Ark‘s substantive PvE campaign content is free, including over 100 hours of main story quests and side adventures spread across multiple continents. Free players have access to the same fun NPC narratives, sprawling vistas, and challenging raid bosses as paying players.

All Dungeons, Raids, and PvP – No gameplay content is gated for free players. All matchmaking dungeons, weekly raids, and competitive PvP game modes can be experienced without spending money. This includes endgame activities like Legion Raids and Battlegrounds.

All Classes and Character Progression – Free players have access to all of Lost Ark‘s 15 unique classes, with the ability to make 6 characters per server by default. The level cap of 60 and entire itemization/progression system is fully unlockable as a free player.

All Collectibles, Engravings, and Rapports – Lost Ark has a massive amount of collectible content, horizontal progress systems, and rapport NPC dialogues – all available to free players. These include Island Tokens, Masterpieces, Giants Hearts, Skill Point Potions, Engravings, Card Decks, Emotes, Songs, and much more.

Stronghold and Crew Progression – Your personal Stronghold hub and the ability to amass ships and crew members is completely free. This deep progression system offers huge roster-wide perks.

Participation in All Events and Giveaways – Free players have identical access to time-limited events like racing, co-op challenges, treasure maps, log-in bonuses, streams, and code giveaways. These events offer hefty rewards.

Ability to Reach Item Level Cap – With enough time invested, a free player can reach Lost Ark‘s current endgame item level cap and participate in all PvE/PvP activities. The only limitation is having fewer weekly chances at honing upgrade materials.

Trading Gold for Crystals – Gold earned in-game can be exchanged directly for premium Blue Crystals via player auctions. This allows motivated free players to buy cash shop items without spending real money. The exchange rate fluctuates based on supply/demand.

In summary, Lost Ark places no hard restrictions on free players – the only limitations relate to convenience, cosmetics, and progression speed.

What Do You Miss Out on as a Free Player?

Now let‘s examine some of the main items that require real money purchases:

  • Exclusive Cosmetics – Many of the flashiest weapon skins, mounts, pets, outfits, etc. can only be obtained by direct purchase rather than bought with in-game gold. However, free players do have access to a wide selection of cosmetics through gameplay.

  • Level/Item Boosts – Cash shop boosts and level skips can accelerate gear progression. But leveling manually to the cap is very feasible.

  • Pheons – These tickets for auction house purchases help paywall trading somewhat for free players. But they are given out for free regularly.

  • Additional Character Slots – You start with 6 slots, but more require purchasing expansion tickets. However, 6 slots are plenty for most players.

  • More Weekly Raid Attempts – Paying for extra entry tickets lets you run raids more times per week for upgrade materials. But this is not essential.

  • Premium Crystalline Aura – Subscription aura provides various benefits like reduced fast travel costs and bonus crafting slots. The free version grants some perks too.

  • Inventory Slots and Weight – You start with ample inventory space, but expanding further requires purchases. Inventory management is thus a bit trickier.

Overall, most cash shop items provide either cosmetic appeal or convenience/speed boosts rather than unilateral power increases. A patient free player can obtain nearly everything (outside of cosmetics) that a paying player can, albeit slower.

Is Lost Ark‘s Free-to-Play Experience Fair?

The question of whether Lost Ark‘s free-to-play model feels fair or overly restrictive comes down to player perspective and priorities. Here are some considerations:

  • For story-focused casual players, the free experience feels extremely generous. You can play 100+ hours without hitting any hard paywalls or feeling mandated to spend.

  • For completionist players aiming to collect all items, the plethora of exclusive cash shop cosmetics can feel restrictive or predatory, especially considering their high prices.

  • For efficiency-focused players who prioritize vertical progression above all, the weekly lockouts and material grind can mandate buying level boosts and raid tickets.

  • For PvP-focused players, only having access to basic cosmetics and convenience items creates minimal disadvantage since no power is gated behind spending.

  • For social players invested in housing items and character customization, the abundance of cosmetics locked behind purchases can feel limiting.

Overall, most of Lost Ark‘s free-to-play limitations relate to cosmetics and progression speed rather than hard gameplay restrictions. For casual or semi-hardcore players, Lost Ark likely feels very playable and fair without spending money. But for players who prioritize rapid progression, fashion, or 100% completion, Lost Ark‘s model likely feels more restrictive unless you pay.

Tips for Progressing Faster as a Free Player

If your goal is to progress through Lost Ark‘s PvE item levels as efficiently as possible without spending, here are some tips:

  • Focus on increasing your Stronghold level – This provides powerful roster-wide bonuses.

  • Do Island quests weekly for huge material hauls.

  • Run infinite Chaos Dungeons to stockpile honing resources.

  • Sell tradeable mats like Oreha Fusions and Great Honor Leapstones for gold.

  • Funnel resources to your main rather than spreading across alts.

  • Utilize event vendors whenever they appear for cheap honing materials.

  • Craft the maxiium number of fusion materials weekly after you unlock the Stronghold workshop.

  • Buy Weekly Guild Shop offerings using Guild Bloodstones.

  • Exchange Pirate Coins and Guild Bloodstones for useful items like Solar materials.

  • Run Una‘s Tasks on cooldown for easy gold and other rewards.

With smart optimization, free players can hit Lost Ark‘s endgame relatively quickly. However, without buying level boosts or raid tickets, the grind to the absolute item level ceiling will take months.

Is Reaching Endgame Feasible as a Free Player?

An important question is whether a totally free player can reasonably expect to reach Lost Ark‘s endgame raid and PvP content. The answer is definitively yes, but it requires knowledge, effort, and most importantly patience.

While paying players can swipe their credit card to instantly boost a character to the item level threshold of the latest raid, free players must manually level and incrementally upgrade their gear through honing. This becomes progressively expensive and failure-prone at higher item levels without cash shop boosts.

However, Lost Ark does not have an exponentially steep gear grind like some Korean MMOs. Through smart resource management, utilizing events, and playing multiple alts, a free player can hit the item level needed to participate in all endgame content after a few months of dedicated play. Will they be among the world first raid clearers? Certainly not. But can they experience all the content without paying? Absolutely.

There are numerous examples of Lost Ark content creators and hardcore players clearing the latest raids completely free-to-play. It just requires focus, diligence, and accepting that paid players will get there faster. Ultimately, Lost Ark‘s endgame remains reasonably accessible to free players.

What Players Are Saying About Lost Ark‘s Free-To-Play Model

Overall, the community response from Western players to Lost Ark‘s free-to-play approach has been generally positive, especially compared to other titles. Some common sentiments include:

  • Extremely generous and playable for casual players.

  • Does not feel overly pay-to-win for a Korean MMO.

  • Reaching max level and mid-tier raids feels achievable free-to-play.

  • Endgame item level grind eventually gets daunting without buying materials.

  • Cosmetics being cash shop only feels restrictive to some players.

  • Paying helps progression speed but is not mandatory by any means.

  • Some annoyance around Pheon costs limiting auction house access.

  • Certain quality-of-life perks locked behind premium subscription.

  • Appreciation for ability to directly exchange in-game and cash shop currency.

So in summary, most Lost Ark players agree the core free experience feels solid, especially compared to expectations of Korean MMOs. However, opinions diverge at the highest levels of progression when the grind to stay competitive as a free player becomes quite demanding. Players also have mixed feelings on the cosmetic cash shop. Overall though, the community seems to find Lost Ark one of the fairest free-to-play implementations out there.

How Viable is Lost Ark as a Long-Term Free-to-Play Game?

For players looking for a new MMO to potentially play for months or years while avoiding a subscription, Lost Ark has incredible value and depth as a free-to-play game. However, there are some important long-term considerations:


  • Tons of content, collectibles, and horizontal progress for long-term motivation.

  • No hard paywalls that ever prevent you from progressing.

  • New classes, continents, and raids added regularly for free.

  • Does not take exponentially greater money investment over time to stay competitive.


  • Cannot reasonably attain all cosmetics available without spending.

  • The gear progression grind past ~1400 item level becomes very slow.

  • Maintaining multiple top-tier alts long-term gets very costly.

  • Can feel forced to do unenjoyable daily/weekly chores for materials.

  • Consistent play needed to keep pace with item level caps.

Overall, Lost Ark offers an immense amount of free content that can keep even dedicated players occupied for months without spending a dime. However, players who obsess over collecting everything or racing to server-firsts may feel increasingly pressured to spend over time.

How Does Lost Ark Compare to Other Top Free-to-Play MMOs?

Here is a brief comparison of how Lost Ark‘s free-to-play approach stacks up to some other popular free MMOs:

GameFairnessPay ConveniencePay PowerEndgame Viable
Lost ArkVery goodModerateLowYes
Guild Wars 2ExcellentMinimalNoneYes
Final Fantasy XIVPoor (subscription required)ModerateLowNo
Black DesertPoor (pay for convenience required)ExtremeHighBarely
Genshin ImpactGoodMildMildYes
SkyforgeFairly goodModerateMildYes

As we can see, Lost Ark strikes a reasonable balance compared to other titles, offering good viability for free players seeking endgame while monetizing primarily through cosmetics and convenience rather than power. Of course, games like Guild Wars 2 go further to remove all convenience barriers, but overall, Lost Ark likely has one of the better free-to-play implementations in the MMO space currently.

Closing Thoughts on Lost Ark‘s Free-To-Play Model

In conclusion, based on all the factors we‘ve analyzed, here are some closing judgments on Lost Ark‘s free-to-play design:

  • The core Lost Ark experience is easily accessible for free and does not hard gate any content behind payments.

  • Reaching endgame PvE and PvP is achievable free-to-play, but requires knowledge and significant time investment.

  • Not being able to obtain most cosmetics without paying feels restrictive to some players.

  • Paying provides meaningful convenience and progression speed boosts, but is not mandatory.

  • Long term viability is excellent for casual players but becomes more demanding for higher tier raiders over time.

  • Overall, Lost Ark likely has one of the fairest free-to-play implementations in the MMO genre currently.

So in summary, while not flawless, Lost Ark offers one of the best free-to-play experiences out there both initially and long-term for players unwilling or unable to spend money. Nearly all content remains accessible without paying, and no singular purchase unlocks unilateral power. Lost Ark manages to provide great value to non-spenders while still incentivizing convenient purchases for dedicated players. Players hoping to remain fully free-to-play should expect a long but rewarding progression climb the closer they get to Lost Ark‘s endgame ceiling.



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