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Is Madden 22 Free with EA Play on PS4?

Hey there! If you‘re a Madden fan wondering if you can play Madden NFL 22 through an EA Play subscription on your PlayStation 4, the short answer is:

Not yet, but it should be available in early 2022 once it hits the EA Play game catalog.

Let me explain…

Each year a new Madden game arrives, and loyal fans can‘t wait to get their hands on the latest entry in the series. But purchasing every new version at $59.99 or more adds up quick.

Having a way to access the newest Maddens for free or at a discount is hugely appealing to players. That‘s where EA Play comes in!

In this detailed guide just for you, I‘ll cover everything there is to know about playing Madden 22 via EA Play on PS4. We‘ll look at:

  • What Exactly EA Play Is and How It Works
  • When Madden 22 Will Go Free for EA Play Subscribers
  • The Many Benefits EA Play Provides
  • How to Get Started with EA Play on Your PS4
  • Smart Budget Options for EA Play Memberships
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Download and Play Madden 22
  • Extra Tips to Get the Most Out of EA Play for Madden
  • And Much More!

By the end, you‘ll be a pro at using EA Play to access new Madden games like Madden 22 for free on PlayStation. Saving money AND getting to enjoy the latest Madden – what could be better!

Alright, let‘s dive in…

What Exactly is EA Play?

EA Play is a subscription-based video game service offered by Electronic Arts, the publisher of popular franchises like Madden, The Sims, Battlefield, FIFA and more.

With an EA Play membership, you gain unlimited access to a massive library of EA games spanning PS4, Xbox One, PC, and other platforms. It‘s essentially like Netflix, but for EA titles instead of movies!

Here‘s an overview of how it works:

  • Pay a monthly or annual fee to subscribe to EA Play
  • Download and play as many games from the EA Play catalog as you want
  • Get exclusive member rewards and content for games
  • Access limited trials of new releases before launch
  • Save 10% on EA digital purchases like full games, DLC, etc.

So for one subscription price, you can play a ton of great EA games. Newer releases even become part of the library several months after launch at no extra cost.

EA Play replaced older EA subscription services like Origin Access on PC. There are now two membership tiers available:

  • EA Play – $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year
  • EA Play Pro (PC only) – $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year

EA Play Pro offers more benefits focused on PC players. But the base EA Play plan is all you need for full access to the games vault on PS4 and other consoles.

When Will Madden 22 Become Free with EA Play?

Now I know what you really want to know is when Madden NFL 22 will be available as part of your EA Play membership, right?

Well, here’s a look at when new Madden games are usually added to EA Play based on past history:

Madden GameRelease DateDate Added to EA PlayMonths After Launch
Madden NFL 20August 2019February 20206 months
Madden NFL 21August 2020March 20217 months

As you can see, new Madden games are typically added to EA Play around 6-7 months after first launching.

Madden NFL 22 just released in August 2021, so based on the pattern, it‘s expected to hit the EA Play game catalog in February or March 2022.

EA has not confirmed the exact timing yet, but keep an eye out for announcements early next year. Once it‘s added, you‘ll be able to download and play Madden 22 as much as you want with an active EA Play membership!

What Else Do You Get with EA Play?

Aside from unlimited access to Madden and other titles after several months, here are some of the extra benefits that come with an EA Play subscription:

Play New Releases Early

  • Subscribers get limited-time trials for brand new games like Madden 22
  • Typically offers about 10 hours of gameplay to test out the title
  • Trials available days before the game officially launches

Member Rewards

  • Special content and bonuses like Ultimate Team packs in Madden
  • Cosmetic items, boosts, abilities and more to enhance your experience
  • New rewards added each month across popular franchises

Discounts on EA Purchases

  • 10% off EA digital purchases including full games, DLC, in-game currencies
  • Apply the discount if you decide to buy Madden 22 outright later on

As you can see, the value goes beyond just getting Madden 22 later in EA Play. You also gain early access opportunities, extras, and exclusive discounts for all EA titles with a membership.

How Do I Sign Up for EA Play on My PS4?

Getting started with EA Play is quick and easy on PS4. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your PS4, go to the PlayStation Store
  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions section
  3. Select the EA Play membership you want – either monthly or annual
  4. Complete the purchase to activate your subscription
  5. Download the EA Play app from the PlayStation Store
  6. Open the app and go to The Play List to see available games
  7. Find Madden 22 in The Play List once added to download for free

After purchasing a membership, you can immediately enjoy any of the current EA Play games in The Play List catalog. And check back frequently for new additions like Madden 22.

You can cancel or pause your membership at any time if you just want temporary access. For the best value, consider opting for an annual pass.

Analyzing EA Play Membership Options

When signing up for EA Play, you have two main membership options to choose from. Let’s compare them:

Monthly Subscription

  • Costs $4.99 per month
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Best for short-term access
  • Easy to pause or resume month-to-month

Annual Subscription

  • Costs $29.99 for full year
  • Saves about $5 compared to monthly pricing
  • Ideal if using service for a longer time
  • Don‘t have to think about it until next year

For occasional or one-time use, the monthly plan offers more flexibility. But if you anticipate using EA Play for a whole year to play titles like Madden 22, the annual option saves you a nice chunk of change.

You could also wait for occasional EA Play sales and promos if you don‘t need immediate access. But overall, either choice provides great value compared to buying games at full retail price.

And remember, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles EA Play access for just $14.99 a month – so check if you already have it!

Step-by-Step: Downloading Madden 22 with EA Play

Once Madden NFL 22 officially becomes part of The Play List vault in early 2022, here is the simple process to download and play it for free as an EA Play member:

  1. On your PS4 console, open up the EA Play app
  2. Go to the ‘The Play List’ section of the app
  3. Scroll through the available games until you locate Madden NFL 22
  4. Select Madden 22 and choose to download the full game
  5. The download speed will depend on your internet connection
  6. After downloading, Madden 22 will be available directly in your PS4 game library
  7. You can now launch and play it just like a purchased copy!

Remember, games you download via The Play List are yours to play whenever you want as long as your membership is active.

So feel free to dive into Madden 22 regularly once it‘s added, and build up your Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise mode, and more without ever having to buy the $59.99 game. Such a great perk!

Tips to Maximize Your Madden EA Play Experience

To really get the most out your EA Play membership for accessing Madden titles, keep these tips in mind:

Plan Ahead – Mark your calendar for when Madden 23 releases next August and its probable EA Play release 6 months later so you‘re prepared.

Use Early Trials – Don‘t forget to check for a free early trial of the next new Madden on launch week to play it even sooner!

Grab Member Rewards – Be sure to claim all your exclusive EA Play monthly member rewards for bonuses in Madden Ultimate Team and other modes.

Stack Discounts – Combine your 10% subscriber discount with sales to save even more on Madden DLC add-ons and content packs.

Pause When Needed – Temporarily pause your membership any month you won‘t be playing much to avoid unnecessary charges.

Watch for Sales – Keep an eye out around the holidays for any EA Play special discounted offers before signing back up.

Check Other Games Out – Download and play titles like FIFA, NHL, Plants vs. Zombies, Need for Speed, and more at no added cost!

Key Takeaways on Madden 22 and EA Play

Alright my friend, we‘ve covered a ton of ground here on how to play Madden 22 for free through EA Play. Let‘s recap the key points:

  • EA Play grants access to a huge vault of EA games for a monthly or annual fee

  • New Madden releases are added about 6-7 months after launch

  • Based on history, expect Madden NFL 22 to hit EA Play in February or March 2022

  • EA Play also provides game trials, bonuses, discounts and more

  • Join via the PlayStation Store on your PS4 to access available titles

  • Monitor for official EA Play updates on when Madden 22 goes free

  • Download and play Madden 22 unlimited once added at no additional cost!

So while you can‘t get Madden 22 free with EA Play just yet, joining in early 2022 will allow you to enjoy the newest Madden release as part of your catalog access for only $4.99 a month.

Considering Madden 22 costs $59.99 for the standard edition, that‘s an incredible deal! Plus you‘ll score some nice extra perks too.

I hope this guide gives you a much better understanding of how EA Play works and how it can save you money on the latest Madden games. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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