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Is Madden 23 Free on PS Plus? Here‘s the Lowdown for Football Fans

As an avid PlayStation gamer and football fanatic, you may be wondering if you can save some cash and access the newest Madden game for free through your PlayStation Plus membership.

The short answer is – unfortunately, Madden NFL 23 is not available for free on PlayStation Plus at launch. As a brand new release, you‘ll have to pay full price to play Madden 23 right away.

But don‘t start saving up your pennies for a $70 purchase just yet! In this detailed guide, we‘ll give you the lowdown on when Madden 23 could be free with PS Plus, other ways to play for less, and what to know as a subscriber.

When Will Madden 23 Be Free on PlayStation Plus?

According to EA Sports, Madden 23 is only available for purchase at its launch on August 19th, 2022. It is not included with any subscription services like PS Plus or EA Play on day one.

But based on EA‘s history with the Madden franchise, PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to get their hands on Madden 23 for free eventually – it‘s just a matter of when. Let‘s take a look at some possible scenarios:

  • 6-8 Months After Launch – This would follow past precedent of Madden 22, which joined PS Plus in March 2022, around 6 months after its August 2021 release. Most sports games join subscriptions once the next annual version is on the horizon.

  • Around Super Bowl LVII – Madden games often offer promotional free trials and discounts around the NFL‘s championship game. With the Super Bowl in February 2023, EA could make Madden 23 a PS Plus freebie as football fever heightens.

  • August 2023 Near Madden 24‘s Release – When the next version of Madden launches, previous years‘ versions tend to become subscription perks. Expect Madden 23 to follow suit when Madden 24 hits shelves.

  • Random Monthly PS Plus Game – Sony could surprise gamers by making Madden 23 a monthly free game earlier than expected! But this likely won‘t happen until well into 2023.

Based on these timeframes, my expert prediction is that loyal PlayStation Plus members like yourself will gain access to Madden NFL 23 in early-to-mid 2023. While you‘ll have to wait several months after release, patience could pay off with major savings!

Play Older Maddens for Free Right Now!

Want to get your football gaming fix without paying full price for Madden 23? Did you know that PlayStation Plus and EA Play subscribers can access older Madden games at no additional cost?

For example, Madden NFL 22 is currently available on EA Play for PS4/PS5 and Xbox consoles. So if you don‘t mind playing with last year‘s rosters and features, you can download Madden 22 today and enjoy modern Madden gameplay as part of your membership!

Going back even further, Madden NFL 21 was a PlayStation Plus monthly free game back in May 2021. Some PS Plus members may still have access if they added it to their library when it was available. Madden 21 can provide hundreds of hours of football fun if you missed grabbing it last year.

While these older Maddens obviously don‘t have the latest bells and whistles of Madden 23, they remain very solid football video games in their own right. And you might as well put your PS Plus membership to use and save that $70 for now!

Breaking Down the Madden 23 Editions & Prices

Now, I realize some diehard football gamers simply can‘t wait to dive into Madden NFL 23 and won‘t settle for anything less than the newest entry in the series.

If you have no choice but to get your hands on Madden 23 right away, let‘s explore the different editions available at launch and how much they cost:

  • Standard Edition (PS4/Xbox One) – $59.99
  • Standard Edition (PS5/Xbox Series X|S) – $69.99
  • All-Madden Edition – A higher $99.99 across all platforms and only available digitally

The All-Madden Edition nets you more bonus in-game rewards for the popular Madden Ultimate Team mode, where you build your own fantasy squad from thousands of NFL players. This edition also provides access to both last-gen and current-gen console versions of Madden 23 with its dual-entitlement feature.

As you can see, buying the latest Madden right away is a big investment! But serious football gamers who must play Madden 23 immediately do have options to choose the edition that best fits their budget and needs.

Can You Play Madden 23 Without PlayStation Plus?

As you may know, a PlayStation Plus subscription is required for online play against other gamers in Madden titles. But here‘s some good news – you can still enjoy plenty of solo offline modes in Madden 23 without a PS Plus membership:

  • Franchise Mode – Play multiple seasons controlling an NFL team of your choice. Sign free agents, make trades, and win championships!

  • Face of the Franchise – Create yourself as a player and take a custom character through their full football career.

  • The Yard – Fun, over-the-top backyard football mode with crazy abilities and customization.

  • Exhibition – Play single games with any matchup you want. Perfect for trying new teams, plays, and settings.

So if online head-to-head play isn‘t a priority for you, you can pick up Madden 23 and enjoy these excellent single-player experiences without paying for PS Plus on top. A nice way to save some funds!

When Will Madden 23 Arrive on EA Play?

EA Play is an EA-branded subscription that functions similarly to PlayStation Plus – for a monthly or annual fee, you get access to a library of EA games, discounts on purchases, and other benefits. Much like PS Plus, don‘t expect Madden 23 to be playable on EA Play when it first releases.

Based on past trends, Madden 23 will likely be added to EA Play around 6 months after launch in early 2023. For example, Madden 22 came to the service in March 2022 following its August 2021 debut. The EA Play membership costs just $4.99 monthly, so this will be the most affordable way to play Madden 23 eventually!

One cool perk of EA Play is that you get limited-time trials of new releases like Madden 23. Subscribers will probably get 10 hours of early access to Madden 23 starting on August 16th, allowing you to sample the game before deciding on purchasing the full experience.

How to Score Madden 23 for Cheaper – Tips & Tricks

While Madden 23 isn‘t outright free with PlayStation Plus at launch, there are still some clever ways to save money when purchasing:

  • Keep an eye out for deals on older Maddens included with subscriptions you may already have

  • Check for free trials of EA Play, Xbox Game Pass, or PS Plus – you never know when they might offer promotions!

  • Consider trading in old games, consoles, or accessories to lower Madden 23‘s price at retailers like GameStop

  • Buy pre-owned instead of new copies to potentially save $10-20

  • Add Madden 23 to your Amazon Wish List and wait for a price drop – games often see discounts within 1-2 months of launch

  • If you have patience, wait until Black Friday in November – Madden 23 will likely be marked down for the holidays

Using these tips, you can minimize the sting of paying full price for the latest Madden release. And the moment it drops on PS Plus in early 2023, you‘ll feel like a genius for saving that cash!

Weighing Your Options as a Football Fan

As we wrap things up, let‘s recap your various options as a football-loving PlayStation gamer when it comes to playing the newest game in the Madden series:

  • Pre-order and buy Madden 23 at launch – $60-100 gets you the latest rosters, features, and graphics immediately

  • Wait for Madden 23 on PS Plus – Could be 6+ months, but you‘ll save big by joining PlayStation Plus

  • Download older Maddens from subscriptions – EA Play and PS Plus offer past Maddens to subscribers for no added cost

  • Find deals on buying Madden 23 – Trade-ins, used copies, sales events, and more can lower the price

  • Stick with Madden 22 or older for now – Still a great football experience and you avoid paying full price

Evaluate your budget, desire for the latest release, and willingness to exercise patience. With the information above, you can determine the best course of action to enjoy Madden football without breaking the bank!

No matter what you decide, hopefully this guide gave you the straight scoop on getting Madden 23 at the best possible price point. Stay tuned to your friendly neighborhood gaming expert for more tips on subscriptions, new releases, and saving money on your favorite titles!



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