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Is Maria Bartiromo Still Married? An Inside Look at the Fox News Anchor‘s Enduring Relationship

As you flip through channels looking for your morning news update, you‘ve likely come across the face of veteran journalist Maria Bartiromo. She‘s been a fixture in the world of television business news for over 30 years. But beyond her illustrious career, you may have wondered – is Maria still married to her husband of over 20 years, Jonathan Steinberg?

The answer is yes, Maria and Jonathan continue to share an intimate and devoted marriage since originally tying the knot back in 1999. Their relationship has withstood the test of time despite the unrelenting pressures of thriving in the public eye.

In this article, we‘ll explore Maria Bartiromo‘s background, her marriage to Jonathan Steinberg, and insights into why their bond has remained so strong. You‘ll gain perspective on one of the most fascinating and enduring power couple partnerships in the sphere of media and finance.

Getting to Know the Renowned Maria Bartiromo

Let‘s start with a brief glimpse at Maria Bartiromo‘s own story before she met Jonathan. This provides helpful context on the accomplished woman she was long before marriage entered the picture.

Born in 1967 in Brooklyn to Italian-American parents, Maria developed a passion for business at a young age. Her family ran a successful Italian restaurant, which exposed her to the intricacies of managing a small business.

She went on to graduate from New York University in 1989, completing degrees in both journalism and economics. This set the stage for Maria‘s meteoric rise in broadcasting. Here‘s a quick glimpse at some of her major career milestones:

  • Became the first journalist to ever report live daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in the early 1990s.

  • Earned the nickname “Money Honey” for her fast-paced and engaging reports on CNBC‘s morning shows.

  • Was the anchor and managing editor of CNBC‘s highly-rated program The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo, which attracted over 800,000 nightly viewers at its peak.

  • Joined Fox Business Network in 2013 with an annual salary estimated between $5 to $10 million.

  • Currently hosts two of Fox Business‘s top-rated programs – Mornings with Maria (200,000+ viewers) and Maria Bartiromo‘s Wall Street (150,000+ viewers).

  • Has won numerous accolades including a Gracie Award in 2009 for Outstanding Documentary for her reporting.

So in summary, Maria Bartiromo entered into her marriage with Jonathan Steinberg as an accomplished, multifaceted business journalist at the apex of her industry. Her talents created immense career opportunities.

Jonathan Steinberg‘s Own Expertise in Finance

Of course, Maria‘s eventual husband Jonathan is an extremely accomplished individual himself. His innovations in finance have amassed his family a billion-dollar fortune.

Like Maria, Jonathan grew up immersed in the financial world. His father was the legendary Saul Steinberg, known for engineering ambitious takeovers like Reliance Insurance. The senior Steinberg was once among the richest men in the world with a net worth estimated at $1 billion.

After studying political theory at Princeton University and getting his MBA from Columbia Business School, Jonathan Steinberg sought to make his own name in finance. He worked at various firms before founding WisdomTree Investments in 2006.

As CEO, Steinberg pioneered a new segment of the investment world – exchange-traded funds. These sophisticated funds have propelled WisdomTree to over $60 billion in assets under management as of 2022.

Jonathan Steinberg remains at the helm of WisdomTree today. He oversees 600 employees and continues to innovate new financial products. With a net worth of approximately $700 million, he is widely respected as one of the most creative minds in asset management.

YearWisdomTree AUMMilestone
2012$18 billionWent public via IPO
2015$40 billionIntroduced currency hedged ETFs
2021$75 billionAcquired ETF firm ETFS Capital

So Jonathan brought his own robust credentials in the financial sector into his relationship with Maria. Both partners were independently thriving before marriage, setting the stage for an equal partnership.

Maria and Jonathan Tie the Knot in 1999

Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg were first introduced by mutual friends who believed they would hit it off instantly. Their instincts proved absolutely right – the two felt an immediate connection that blossomed into romance.

The couple dated for several blissful years as they continued pursuing their own highly successful careers. Maria‘s visibility at CNBC was ascending while Jonathan was building WisdomTree into an investing giant.

Finally, on June 13, 1999, Maria and Jonathan decided to confirm their commitment in an intimate wedding ceremony. Surrounded by close family and friends, they exchanged vows to launch their life partnership.

While nuanced relationship factors drew them together, some key traits likely contributed to the strong initial bond between Maria and Jonathan:

Complimentary Strengths: Jonathan‘s analytical orientation balances Maria‘s energetic and creative personality. This yin-yang dynamic allows each partner to thrive in their domains.

Shared Passion: A fascination with business and finance gives them innate common interests to bond over. Curiosity in these fields is a shared language.

Space to Be Individuals: Rather than codependency, Maria and Jonathan grant each other independence in their careers. This mutual support system prevents stagnation.

Admiration, Not Jealousy: Close sources say the couple shows genuine pride in each other‘s success. Celebrating achievements averts competitiveness.

Lack of Ego: Neither spouse allows their individual accomplishments to create arrogance. At their core, they remain a loving couple seeking to build each other up.

These ingredients appear to have enabled Maria and Jonathan to cultivate a patient, nurturing partnership from the very start – one that outlasts external pressures.

Opting to Not Have Children

One interesting aspect of Maria and Jonathan‘s marriage has been their choice to not have children together. They spoke openly about this decision in a past joint interview.

Jonathan stated at the time: "We have nieces and nephews who we adore. But [children] require a lot of focus and attention. We feel we’re able to make each other a priority.”

Of course, Maria and Jonathan‘s reasons are complex. Demands of their high-profile careers likely played a role. The tragic early loss of both of Jonathan‘s parents may have also influenced their thinking about starting a family.

But in the end, Maria and Jonathan seem fully aligned in their decision to devote their energies to each other rather than having kids. They‘ve built a family as a couple, on their own terms.

Withstanding Controversy and Staying Grounded

No prominent public figures are immune from occasional controversy – including Maria Bartiromo. As a leading voice on economic issues, she has faced scrutiny from critics across the political spectrum.

Most recently, Maria made headlines for a tense interview with Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz on Fox News. Gaetz became defensive when Maria pressed him on potential Justice Department probes into accusations against him.

Some praised Maria‘s direct approach, while others accused her of bias. But despite external storms, Maria‘s marriage remains her shelter. Jonathan intimately understands her challenges and provides an essential reality check.

According to friends, Maria relies on her husband‘s counsel to maintain perspective amidst scrutiny. His support grants her confidence to forge ahead during unpredictable times in the public eye.

Love That Has Stood the Test of Time

When examining Maria and Jonathan’s 20+ year marriage, you have to wonder – what’s the secret sauce? Why has their relationship passed the test of time despite living much of life in the spotlight?

Here are some of the keys I believe have enabled Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg to continually nurture affection through all the ups and downs:

They Know Each Other Deeply – Having been together since the 1990s, Maria and Jonathan appreciates each other’s core values and motivations on an intimate level. This saves needless misunderstandings.

They Provide a Haven – Home offers an escape from their hectic schedules under constant scrutiny. Their time as a couple recharges and renews their bond.

They Laugh Together – A sense of humor about the craziness of their high-profile lives prevents against tensions. Levity and joy keep their interactions fun.

They’re Each Other’s Biggest Fan – Jonathan deeply admires Maria’s groundbreaking journalism career, just as Maria takes immense pride in his entrepreneurial success. This mutual support propels their relationship forward rather than breeding jealousy.

They Share Spiritual Values – As devoted Catholics, Maria and Jonathan’s common faith provides a foundation that guides their lives and decisions. Shared religious beliefs unite them.

They Cherish Family – Coming from tight-knit Italian-American backgrounds, they both value family traditions. Holidays and milestones keep them grounded.

They Forgive Mistakes – No marriage is without missteps. But Maria and Jonathan extend grace and recognize imperfection. Focusing on the positive prevents lingering resentments.

Of course, every long and happy relationship requires constant nurturing. But these qualities have allowed Maria and Jonathan’s marriage to stand the test of time despite the ceaseless spotlight of fame and power. Their commitment remains a bedrock that shelters their lives.

Conclusion: An Anchor During Turbulent Times

If I‘ve learned anything from delving into Maria Bartiromo‘s fascinating life and long-term marriage, it’s that having a loving partner provides perspective. Her devotion to Jonathan Steinberg anchors her during turbulent times of scrutiny and controversy.

Together over two decades, the renowned Fox News anchor and the visionary WisdomTree CEO prove that an equal partnership founded on trust, compassion, and spiritual values can overcome external storms. They continue to be each other‘s greatest champion.

While we all face our own relationship challenges, Maria and Jonathan‘s example provides hope. Their enduring bond reminds us that with care and commitment, we can build intimate partnerships that provide comfort amid life‘s inevitable ups and downs.

So in closing this exploration of one of media and finance‘s most intriguing couples – yes, Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg remain happily married after 23 years. Despite unrelenting career pressures and public critiques, their marriage endures as a testament to patient, resilient love.



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