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Is Meghan Markle Pregnant? An In-Depth Look at the Evidence on Harry and Meghan‘s Potential Baby #3

Is there a new Prince or Princess on the way for Harry and Meghan? Ever since they stepped back from royal duties in 2020 and moved to California, speculation has swirled that they may expand their family. But is Meghan Markle actually pregnant again?

While we don‘t have official confirmation from the Sussexes yet, in this comprehensive guide we‘ll look at all the evidence, rumors, impacts, and speculation around a potential third pregnancy for Meghan and Harry.

Recapping Harry and Meghan‘s Relationship Timeline

To start, let‘s do a quick recap on Harry and Meghan‘s royal love story:

  • Met and dated privately – The couple was originally set up on a blind date by a mutual friend in London in July 2016. They kept their budding relationship secret for several months.

  • Publicly confirmed their relationship – By late 2016, it was clear they were an item. Kensington Palace officially confirmed the relationship with a public statement in November 2016 asking for privacy.

  • Got engaged – After over a year of dating, they announced their engagement to much fanfare in November 2017. It was a whirlwind romance!

  • Had a fairytale royal wedding – They wed at St George‘s Chapel on May 19, 2018 in a ceremony watched by 29 million people worldwide. They became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

  • Welcomed baby Archie – Meghan gave birth to their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, on May 6, 2019.

  • Stepped down as senior working royals – In January 2020 they shocked the world by announcing they‘d be stepping back from royal duties and moving to North America.

  • Moved to California – After a stay in Canada, they purchased a home in Montecito, California in July 2020 and have been living there since.

  • Welcomed Lilibet Diana – On June 4, 2021, Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born in Santa Barbara, their second child.

Now well-versed on Harry and Meghan’s relationship history, let’s dive into the pregnancy speculation!

The Meaningful Choice of Lilibet‘s Name and Birth Date

To understand the speculation about baby #3, it’s helpful to first revisit how thoughtfully Harry and Meghan named their second child.

Lilibet (Lili for short) was named after her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen‘s family nickname growing up was Lilibet.

By giving this nod to Her Majesty, many saw it as Harry and Meghan extending an olive branch to the royal family after tensions within the Firm since their exit.

Lili‘s birth date, June 4, is also Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Again, this seems like a deliberate choice by Harry and Meghan to honor the Queen.

Clearly, a lot of intention went into planning Lili’s name and birth timing. This has fueled speculation that if they have a third child, the announcement date and name would also be specially selected.

How Meghan Markle Announced Her Previous Pregnancies

Looking back on Meghan‘s first two pregnancies gives us potential clues for how a hypothetical third announcement could happen.

Here‘s a comparison of how she shared the news for Archie and Lilibet:

Announcement DateOctober 15, 2018February 14, 2021
How They AnnouncedThrough Kensington PalaceThrough their non-profit Archewell
Stage in Pregnancy~5 monthsAfter birth!
LocationOn royal tour in AustraliaFrom their home in California
Statement Quote"Their Royal Highnesses are very pleased to announce…""We are blessed with the arrival of our daughter…"

A few key things stand out:

  • With Archie, they got ahead of the news before Meghan‘s bump was visible during their tour.

  • With Lili, they surprisingly announced her birth and the pregnancy together months later.

  • Both announcements were tied to meaningful events—their first tour and Valentine‘s Day.

This has led many to speculate that if a third baby is coming, they would time the announcement to a significant date for them, like their wedding anniversary or Valentine‘s Day.

All the Evidence That Meghan Could Be Expecting Again

Rumors of a third pregnancy started swirling in late 2022. Here are all the reasons people think Meghan may be expecting again:

Meghan‘s Outfit Choices

  • Meghan has made public appearances in flowy, loose-fitting outfits that could comfortably fit a bump

  • She has worn oversized coats thought to potentially hide a pregnancy

  • Oprah magazine claimed her ensemble choices mirror when she was pregnant before

Sussex Family Hints

  • Harry said in 2021 that two children was the "maximum" for him, hinting they may want more

  • A source claimed they were trying for another baby in mid-2022

Lili‘s Age

  • Lilibet will turn two in June 2023, a common age spacing for a third child

Body Language "Evidence"

However, none of this is definitive proof. We can only speculate based on the circumstantial evidence.

The Importance of Valentine‘s Day for Harry and Meghan

As mentioned, Meghan and Harry announced Lilibet’s birth on February 14, 2021 – Valentine‘s Day.

The romantic holiday clearly holds special meaning for the couple. Many fans think they could use Valentine‘s Day 2023 to reveal pregnancy news again.

Here‘s why the date is significant:

  • It‘s close to Lili‘s birthday but far enough that pregnancies wouldn‘t overlap

  • They seem to favor Valentine‘s Day for relationship announcements

  • It would come right before their 5 year wedding anniversary in May

  • Meghan wrote about enjoying "cozy date nights" with Harry in a Valentines post

So mark your calendars for February 14th next year!

How the Royal Family Would Be Impacted by Baby #3

If Harry and Meghan do expand their family, how might it impact the royal family back in the UK? Here are some potential ramifications:

  • The Queen would become a great-grandmother for the 13th time

  • As 6th in line, the baby would bump other royals down the line of succession

  • It may deepen tensions with Prince William, who is less likely to have more kids

  • The royal family would publicly congratulate them, but privately may be unhappy

  • The British public would be split between joy and continuing to criticize their exit

  • Prince Charles may feel happiness at another grandchild but sadness they live abroad

  • It would reignite debates over whether the child would have a royal title

So while happy news for Meghan and Harry, another royal baby could cause mixed emotions for the royal family navigating the couple‘s precedent-breaking new life in California.

What Meghan and Harry‘s Life Might Look Like with 3 Kids

If they have another baby, what could life look like for the Sussex family as a party of five?

  • They may upgrade homes for more space, but likely remain in Montecito for privacy

  • Their days would be filled with triple the chaos – feedings, diaper changes, activities!

  • Archie and Lili would have to adjust to not being the babies anymore

  • Harry would be outnumbered by Meghan and 3 kids under 5 years old!

  • They may need to hire additional childcare help like a nanny

  • Meghan‘s public appearances would be limited during maternity leave again

  • They would be navigating the exhausting baby and toddler phases simultaneously

  • Meghan could write about becoming a mom of three on her lifestyle blog

  • Archie may feel pride as the big brother to two younger siblings

  • Their Montecito home would be filled with sns and laughter of three little ones

While tiring, Harry and Meghan seem to love parenthood and would surely embrace the blessings and challenges of a growing family.

The Verdict: No Confirmation Yet, But Clues Suggest It‘s Possible

Given the lack of official announcement, rumors that Meghan Markle is pregnant again remain just speculation for now.

However, the timing clues, evidence trail, and their fondness for parenthood suggest the possibility can‘t be ruled out.

As royal reporter Victoria Arbiter noted, “Harry and Meghan are loving parenthood. They’ve talked about wanting a couple of kids – now they’ve got a boy and a girl – will they stop there? Possibly. But you never know.”

If Meghan does have a bump, the Sussexes would likely announce it in their signature way once she passes 12 weeks. For now, all we can do is analyze the clues and wait.

The world will be watching closely for any signs of a Prince or Princess on the horizon in 2023!



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