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Is Metaverse Free on Oculus?

The metaverse is a new and exciting concept that is capturing people‘s imaginations. With companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) investing heavily in metaverse technology, many people are wondering if they can experience the metaverse for free using an Oculus VR headset. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about accessing the metaverse for free with an Oculus headset.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse refers to a future iteration of the internet that uses augmented and virtual reality to create persistent 3D virtual worlds. In these worlds, users can interact with each other as well as digital objects and environments.

The key aspects of the metaverse include:

  • Persistence – The metaverse exists continuously and is not limited to any single session or interaction.

  • Interoperability – Users can carry their avatars, identities, currency, items, and more between different metaverse environments.

  • Real-time interaction – Users can interact with each other and the environment in real-time, just like in the physical world.

  • Fully immersive environments – The metaverse utilizes VR and AR to create a sense of presence and immersion for users.

Some compare the metaverse to a futuristic version of the internet that we can inhabit via our avatars. It has the potential to reshape how we interact online, work, play, and more.

Can You Access the Metaverse for Free?

At present, there are certain metaverse platforms and apps that you can access for free using an Oculus headset. Here are some of the main options:

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds is Meta‘s own social metaverse platform. Using an Oculus headset and Meta account, you can create a customized avatar and explore different virtual worlds with other users.

The core app is free to use and offers basic social interactions like chatting with others, playing games, attending events, and exploring user-created worlds. So this is a great starting point to get a feel for the metaverse.


VRChat is a popular social VR app with metaverse elements. You can use VRChat for free with an Oculus headset and interact with others in user-created 3D spaces.

The platform supports custom avatars and worlds, messaging, events, and a range of fun social experiences. There are also premium subscription options that provide extra customization features.

Rec Room

Rec Room is another free social metaverse experience for Oculus headsets. Users can create their own customizable avatars, play multiplayer games together, build rooms and clubs, go to events, and chat using proximity voice chat.

Rec Room offers a welcoming community and a wide range of social activities to try with others in VR. Additional cosmetic items can be purchased in-app if desired.


AltspaceVR provides a free social VR space where Oculus users can attend events, meetups, comedy shows, dance parties and more. Users appear as customizable avatars and can communicate via spatial audio chat.

The platform also enables activities like watching videos together in a virtual theater. AltspaceVR is owned by Microsoft and integrates with some of their other products.


Spatial allows Oculus users to create and join 3D video chat rooms with spatial audio. The app is free and enables immersive social interactions in virtual environments.

Users can build their own rooms, avatars, and even interact using augmented reality on mobile devices. Spatial offers an easy way to incorporate metaverse-style interaction into video chats.

Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs provides free customizable virtual rooms that Oculus users can inhabit together. Users can build their own environments, avatars, and objects to make their virtual hangout space unique.

The platform makes it easy to spend time together in VR with features like video, audio, and screen sharing. Hubs integrates with services like YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter for enhanced social experiences.

Getting Started with Oculus for Metaverse Access

Using an Oculus headset is currently the easiest way to access many of the leading metaverse platforms. Here‘s a quick guide on how to get started:

1. Choose an Oculus Headset

The main options are the standalone Oculus Quest 2 headset or the PC-tethered Oculus Rift S. The Quest 2 offers the most flexibility since it doesn‘t require a PC. The Rift S provides access to some additional metaverse apps but needs a compatible gaming PC.

2. Create an Oculus/Meta Account

You‘ll need an Oculus/Meta account to use the headset and store. This provides access to the Oculus mobile app for setup as well as Meta‘s Horizon Worlds.

3. Download Oculus Software

For PC-connected headsets like the Rift S, install the Oculus app on your computer to manage your device and download apps.

4. Set Up the Headset and Access the Store

Follow the on-screen setup guides when first using your headset. This will pair it with your account and let you access the Oculus Store to download apps.

5. Download Metaverse Apps

Browse the apps mentioned above like VRChat, Rec Room, and others to start accessing metaverse environments. Multiplayer apps will allow you to connect with others.

6. Customize Your Avatar

Most apps will guide you through choosing or creating a virtual avatar to represent yourself in the metaverse. This helps create a sense of social presence.

And that‘s it! With those steps complete, you‘ll be ready start exploring the metaverse and interacting with others for free using your Oculus headset.

What Can You Do in the Free Metaverse?

While paid options also exist, here are some of the key things you can experience using free metaverse apps on an Oculus headset:

  • Socialize – Interact with friends or make new ones, communicate via voice chat, emotes, and more.

  • Play Games – Compete in multiplayer mini-games and activities ranging from paintball to disc golf.

  • Attend Events – Join public meetups, parties, comedy shows, concerts, and other organized events.

  • Explore – Navigate and travel between different themed worlds created by other users.

  • Create – Build your own environments and objects or customize your look.

  • Watch Media – View 2D videos, movies, or streams in a shared virtual theater.

  • Shop – Browse and buy digital clothes, accessories, gadgets, and items for your avatar.

So in summary, free apps enable rich social experiences like hanging out with friends, meeting new people, playing, participating in events, exploring exciting virtual worlds, and expressing your creativity.

Paid Metaverse Options

While the metaverse apps mentioned above are free, some paid options provide additional features and customization. Here are some top examples:

  • Horizon Worlds – Meta‘s free Horizon Worlds app offers premium cosmetic items and effects for sale. These let you further customize your avatar and look.

  • Rec Room – As mentioned, Rec Room offers purchasable cosmetic items on top of its free experience. A Premium+ membership at $9.99 per month provides a monthly token grant.

  • VRChat – A VRChat+ membership costs $9.99 per month and provides boosts to avatar limits, custom emotes, cosmetics, and more.

  • Decentraland – Buy LAND NFT plots of virtual real estate and socialize at paid events and experiences. Requires purchasing MANA cryptocurrency.

  • The Sandbox – Like Decentraland, The Sandbox is a metaverse platform where users can buy virtual LAND using SAND cryptocurrency and customize it.

  • Somnium Space – This metaverse hub sells VR land parcels as NFTs which users can build on and monetize. Requires purchasing SOMN cryptocurrency.

As you can see, the paid options tend to focus on deeper levels of ownership, creation, and customization. But overall there are many compelling free experiences to be had, especially for getting started.

Requirements for Accessing the Metaverse with Oculus

While using an Oculus headset is the most direct way to enter the metaverse, there are a few other requirements to ensure full access:

  • High-speed Internet – A fast home internet connection enables smooth lag-free experiences in real-time 3D virtual worlds.

  • Powerful PC (for some apps) – While the Quest 2 is standalone, PC-based headsets like the Rift S provide access to additional metaverse apps by connecting to a gaming PC.

  • Account with the Platform – You‘ll need to create an account specific to each metaverse platform or app to get started.

  • Input Devices – The Oculus Touch controllers allow natural interaction with the virtual worlds using your hands. Some apps also support additional peripherals.

  • Space to Move Around – For roomscale VR where you physically walk around, you‘ll need enough open space to avoid bumping into objects.

Meeting these requirements ensures you can fully enjoy the immersive social experiences offered in the metaverse.

Pros and Cons of Accessing the Metaverse via Oculus

There are both advantages and disadvantages to consider when accessing the metaverse via Oculus headsets:


  • High quality VR hardware optimized for metaverse experiences

  • Freedom of movement with untethered Oculus Quest 2 option

  • Touch controllers allow natural interactions with virtual worlds

  • Access to major metaverse apps like Horizon Worlds, VRChat, Rec Room, etc.

  • Smoother performance with Oculus PC tethered headsets


  • Hardware can get expensive, especially for top-end PC setups

  • Limited selection compared to the open web or gaming PCs

  • Can only access Oculus-compatible metaverse platforms

  • Hardware issues like motion sickness for some

  • Privacy/content moderation concerns with Meta ownership

Overall though, Oculus provides one of the most straightforward and high-quality gateways into the emerging metaverse. The access tradeoffs above should provide a balanced perspective.

The Future – A Truly Open Metaverse?

While Oculus provides excellent access today, the ideal future metaverse would be decentralized, interoperable, and accessible from any device or platform. Efforts by groups like the Metaverse Standards Forum aim to someday achieve this open metaverse vision.

With open standards, users could easily teleport their identity, avatar, purchases, and more between different 3D virtual worlds. You wouldn‘t be locked into any walled garden ecosystem.

Achieving this will require cooperation between major tech platforms. But an open metaverse would create the best possible user experience and drive mass adoption.

Final Thoughts

The metaverse holds exciting possibilities as the next evolution of the social internet. While still early, Oculus headsets already provide great opportunities to enter the metaverse for free.

Apps like Meta Horizon Worlds, VRChat, Rec Room, and others enable users to socialize, play, and explore expansive virtual worlds. Paid options are also available for deeper creation and customization tools.

As metaverse standards and interoperability evolve, we‘ll move closer to the vision of an easily accessible, open metaverse spanning platforms and ecosystems. For now, Oculus provides one of the most compelling free gateways into these shared virtual spaces. The future appears bright for social VR!



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