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Is Mike Tyson Still Alive? Unraveling the Truth About the Boxing Icon

Hey there! As you may have heard, Mike Tyson is fortunately still with us today at the ripe age of 57. In this article, I‘ll give you the lowdown on Iron Mike‘s current status and reflect on his unforgettable boxing career. Stick with me through all 2800+ words and you‘ll learn some fascinating things about this controversial yet undeniably talented boxer.

The Beginning of a Legend

Michael Gerard Tyson, aka "Iron Mike", "Kid Dynamite", or "The Baddest Man on the Planet", was born on June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. After a turbulent childhood, he discovered boxing at age 13 and was mentored by the legendary Cus D‘Amato. Tyson‘s aggressive fighting style and sheer punching power took the boxing world by storm. By age 20, he became the youngest ever heavyweight champion, knocking out Trevor Berbick in 1986 to claim the WBC title. It was a meteoric rise to fame that ushered in Tyson‘s reign over the division throughout the late 1980s.

By The Numbers: Tyson‘s Rapid Ascent

  • Age 13: Taken in by trainer Cus D‘Amato who became his mentor and father figure
  • Age 18: Wins gold medal at 1981 Junior Olympics as a heavyweight
  • Age 20 years, 4 months: Becomes youngest ever heavyweight champion
  • Age 21: Becomes undisputed champ by unifying WBC, WBA, IBF titles
  • First 19 pro fights: 19 wins (16 by knockout)
  • Overall record in 1986-1989 peak: 35-0 (31 KOs)

It‘s incredible to think that at only 20 years old, an age when most people are barely adults, Tyson secured boxing immortality by becoming the heavyweight king. His meteoric rise remains unmatched even to this day.

Summarizing "Is Mike Tyson Still Alive?"

I know you must be wondering – is Mike Tyson actually still with us? Let me reassure you that yes, Iron Mike remains alive and reasonably well at 57 years old as of 2023. To quickly recap:

  • Resides in Phoenix, Arizona with third wife Lakiha and their children
  • No longer competes professionally, but returned for an exhibition in 2020
  • Hosts Hotboxin‘ podcast and runs cannabis businesses Tyson Ranch and Tyson 2.0
  • Acted in movies and TV shows; maintains status as a pop culture icon
  • Claims psychedelic toad venom changed his life and mindset
  • Rumors of death have been debunked over the years
  • Will always be remembered as one of boxing‘s all-time greats

So while Tyson is a bit past his prime boxing days, he‘s still making his mark on the world in various ways. His larger-than-life persona still attracts headlines and speculation. But tabloid rumors of his demise have luckily been proven false so far.

The Rollercoaster Personal Life of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson‘s personal life has long been the subject of intense public scrutiny and sensational media coverage. He‘s been married three times to:

  • Actress Robin Givens (1988–1989) – volatile relationship marked by allegations of domestic abuse
  • Pediatric resident Monica Turner (1997–2003) – married in lavish ceremony, had 2 children
  • Wife Lakiha Spicer (2009–present) – met in AA, renewed his spirituality and focus

Tyson fathered 8 children with several women. Though he loves kids, his parenting and anger issues negatively affected the family dynamic at times:

  • 1990: Birth of daughter Rayna after brief relationship
  • 1991: Son Amir born to Kimberley Scarborough
  • 1991: Married Monica Turner, had 2 children together
  • 1996: Daughter Mikey Lorna born to Kimberley Scarborough
  • 1997: Son Amir born with Turner
  • 2002: Son Miguel born to unknown woman
  • 2005: Son Exodus born with third wife Lakiha
  • 2009: Daughter Milan born with Lakiha
  • 2022: Death of daughter Exodus in tragic accident
YearPersonal Event
1978Mother Lorna Smith Tyson dies of cancer at age 33
1992Convicted of rape, begins 6 year prison sentence
1995Released from prison after serving 3 years
1997Marries Monica Turner in lavish 7-figure ceremony
2003Files for bankruptcy with -$23 million in debt
2009Married Lakiha "Kiki" Spicer after meeting in rehab
2022Daughter Exodus dies in tragic treadmill accident

Through it all, Tyson has experienced dramatic highs and lows in his personal affairs. He‘s made progress controlling his demons in recent years, but past mistakes continue to haunt his legacy.

Iron Mike Conquers the Boxing World

After winning the heavyweight crown at 20, the boxing world was Mike Tyson‘s oyster. He dismantled opponents with fearsome, swarming attacks focused on head movement, combination punching, defense, and relentless power. Absolutely ferocious in his prime, Tyson amassed a stunning record as champion:

  • 37 consecutive wins to begin career, 33 by knockout
  • At 21, became undisputed champion (WBC, WBA, IBF)
  • Remarkable 80% knockout ratio, 44 KOs in 56 career wins
  • Dominated many bouts with crushing early round knockouts
  • Registered sensational victories over Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks
  • Remains youngest heavyweight champion in history
YearNotable Tyson FightResult
1986Trevor BerbickTKO 2nd round, wins WBC title
1987James SmithUD, adds WBA belt
1987Tony TuckerUD, becomes undisputed champion
1988Michael SpinksKO 1st round, 91 second demolition
1990Buster DouglasKO 10th round, loses titles in upset
1996Evander HolyfieldTKO 11th round, loses anticipated matchup
1997Evander Holyfield IIDQ 3rd round, bites Holyfield‘s ear
2005Kevin McBrideTKO 6th round, final pro fight

Tyson was untouchable during his prime years. However, his career soon spiraled downward after a stunning 1990 upset loss to Buster Douglas. Nonetheless, historians regard Tyson as one of the most fearsome, dangerous heavyweights to ever lace up the gloves.

Tyson vs. All-Time Great Heavyweights

How does Tyson‘s resume stack up against other legendary heavyweight champions? Let‘s compare some key stats and achievements:

BoxerCareer RecordTitles WonBest WinLongest Reign
Muhammad Ali56-5, 37 KOsWBA, WBC, IBFGeorge Foreman67 months as undisputed champ
Joe Louis66-3, 52 KOsNBA, NYSACMax Schmeling140 months as champion
Mike Tyson50-6, 44 KOsWBA, WBC, IBFMichael Spinks28 months as undisputed champ
Lennox Lewis41-2-1, 32 KOsWBC, IBF, WBAMike Tyson93 months combined reigns
Evander Holyfield44-10-2, 29 KOsWBA, IBF, WBCMike Tyson95 months combined reigns

While Tyson‘s prime was brilliant but abbreviated, he deserves credit for taking down some excellent fighters like Holmes, Spinks, and Tucker. His intimidating persona and boxing skills inspire awe to this day.

The Post-Champ Highs and Lows

Mike Tyson‘s post-champion days were marked by dizzying highs and lows up until his retirement in 2005. Let‘s reflect on that turbulent period:


  • 1992: Signs record $100 million contract with Don King
  • 1996: Sells over 1.5 million PPV buys against Evander Holyfield
  • 1999: Lauded for strong comeback, knocking out contenders like Francois Botha
  • 2020 exhibition fight generates $80 million in revenue
  • Career earnings estimated at over $400 million


  • 1992: Rape conviction, sentenced to 6 years in prison
  • 1997: Banned for biting Evander Holyfield‘s ear
  • 2003: Files for bankruptcy despite earning over $300 million
  • Arrested and convicted multiple times for assault, cocaine use
  • Struggled with depression, addiction, sexual assault allegations
  • Received criticism for misogynistic and homophobic statements

The years after Tyson lost the title saw chaotic episodes threaten to tarnish his standing as an all-time great. Yet he also showed a resilience and ability to draw eyeballs that affirmed his status as a cultural icon who transcended boxing.

The Trippin‘ Tyson Toad Venom Saga

In a revealing look into Iron Mike today, Tyson has opened up about tripping on psychoactive toad venom over 50 times. Derived from the Sonoran desert toad, the powerful substance contains the compound 5-MeO-DMT and provokes intense hallucinogenic effects.

Tyson claims toad venom provided life-changing insights and healing:

  • Helped him overcome past addictions and depression
  • Insights into love, relationships and the meaning of life
  • More empathy, ability to connect with people
  • Plans to start a therapeutic retreat with toad venom

However, some health experts have questioned or downplayed the benefits, noting the lack of research on long-term impacts. Regardless of medical consensus, Tyson feels adamantly that tripping on toad venom transformed him mentally and spiritually. It demonstrates his willingness to pursue unorthodox personal growth methods.

Separating Fact from Fiction

In our rapid-fire digital age, misinformation spreads quickly – especially about controversial public figures like Mike Tyson. Let‘s separate some fact from fiction:

Fiction: Mike Tyson is dead or has health issues

Fact: 100% false. Tyson is alive, sober, and relatively healthy at age 57.

Fiction: Tyson is morally bankrupt with no remorse.

Fact: While his past includes reprehensible acts, Tyson expresses deep regret and works to make amends.

Fiction: Tyson squandered and mismanaged his money.

Fact: Partly true. His lavish spending and lack of financial prudence hurt, but ex-manager swindled him of millions.

Fiction: Tyson‘s boxing skills are exaggerated.

Fact: No chance. Experts widely consider Tyson one of the most skilled, feared, and devastating heavyweights ever.

Fiction: Tyson faded quickly because he lacked dedication.

Fact: Tyson‘s decline owed more to instability in personal life, poor training, and other distractions. He remained a dangerous opponent till end.

Separating the truth about Iron Mike from fiction prevents misconceptions and allows us to judge him fairly.

The Lasting Influence of Cus D‘Amato

While Mike Tyson‘s raw talent fueled his success, guidance from legendary trainer Cus D‘Amato proved equally instrumental. Their bond began when a young Tyson was taken in by D‘Amato as a troubled teen. The venerable trainer molded him into a champion:

  • Instilled his unique "peek-a-boo" fighting philosophy
  • Emphasized footwork, defense, versatility
  • Sharpened Tyson‘s blend of speed, power, and aggression
  • Gave him confidence to develop ferocious fighting persona
  • Managed every aspect of Tyson‘s training and schedule
  • Tragically died just a year before Tyson‘s first title win

Mike Tyson owes his greatness in large part to Cus D‘Amato‘s mentorship. As Mike reflects, "Cus wanted me to be the best fighter in the world and I wanted to match that idea. He made sure I was the best." Even Muhammad Ali remarked "That white guy [D‘Amato] knows boxin‘." It‘s a touching dynamic that added poignancy to Tyson‘s ascent.

Where Are We Now? Your Mike Tyson FAQs Answered

I imagine you still have plenty of questions bouncing around about Mike Tyson today. Let me address some frequent ones:

Does Mike Tyson have brain damage?

There‘s no official diagnosis. He may have some impairment from years of head trauma, but appears mentally sharp. MRIs would help assess the level of damage.

Is Mike Tyson completely broke?

No, through new ventures Tyson has a net worth estimated conservatively between $3-10 million. He‘s not mega-rich like before, but far from penniless.

What was Mike Tyson‘s toughest fight?

Tyson saidfacing Evander Holyfield was his toughest challenge. Holyfield had the skills and toughness to weather Tyson‘s onslaughts.

How did Tyson lose his fortune?

Lavish spending, bad investments, costly divorces, and alleged theft by promoter Don King all severely diminished Tyson‘s once-mighty wealth. He blew through about $400 million.

Has Mike Tyson gone vegan?

Yes, Tyson has followed a strict vegan diet since 2010. He credits it for helping him shed weight and regain health later in life.

What does Mike Tyson do now?

Along with business ventures and acting gigs, Tyson stays busy with his popular podcast, philanthropy, and speaking engagements. He maintains his larger-than-life persona.

Where can I meet Mike Tyson?

Your best chances are getting tickets to his live podcast tapings or an event like a boxing Hall of Fame induction where he makes appearances.

Final Thoughts

If this deep dive convinced you of anything, I hope it‘s that Mike Tyson is undoubtedly still alive and kicking. Say what you want about Iron Mike‘s checkered history, the man remains one of boxing‘s most legendary icons. Outside the ring, he‘s led an imperfect yet captivating life of ups and downs. Regardless of your opinion on Tyson the man, his ferocious talent and trailblazing career in boxing deserve respect. Thanks for taking this journey with me to recount his impactful story!



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