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Is Miles Morales for Free? A Complete Guide on Playing as Spider-Man

The short answer is no, Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not available for free on any platform. You‘ll need to purchase the game to play as the web-slinging hero. But how much does it cost and what options are available? This comprehensive guide will break it all down.

An Introduction to Miles Morales

For those unfamiliar, Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man, following in the footsteps of Peter Parker. Miles was first introduced in Marvel Comics in 2011 as a 13-year-old kid from Brooklyn who gains spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Miles made his video game debut in 2018‘s Marvel‘s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 as a supporting character. This paved the way for 2020‘s Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, focusing on Miles taking up the mantle of Spider-Man in his own dedicated game.

As an Afro-Latino Spider-Man, Miles brings much needed representation and a fresh perspective to the iconic superhero role. He‘s gained a huge fanbase who are eager to embody the character in interactive form across games, movies, and comics.

But can you play as Miles Morales for free? Let‘s explore the options.

Do You Have to Pay for Miles Morales?

According to gaming industry experts, there is currently no way to legally access or download Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for free on any platform. You must purchase the game in order to play as Miles Morales.

Here‘s a breakdown of what it costs to get Miles Morales on each platform:

PlayStation 5

There are two PS5 editions available:

  • Standard Edition – $49.99
  • Ultimate Edition – $69.99

The Ultimate Edition includes Marvel‘s Spider-Man Remastered, featuring the first Spider-Man game updated for the PS5. The standard edition just has Miles Morales.

PlayStation 4

  • Standard Edition – $49.99

This is the only version of Miles Morales available on PS4. It does not include remastered.


  • Standard Edition (Steam/Epic Games Store) – $49.99

Similar to console pricing, the PC version costs $49.99 for Miles Morales by itself. No special bundles or free options.

Bottom line – you have to pay around $49.99-69.99 to play as Miles Morales, depending on the platform and edition. There are no free or discounted options at this time.

Is Miles Morales Available on PC?

Yes, Miles Morales was finally released for PC in November 2022 after being a PlayStation console exclusive since launch.

The PC version is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for $49.99. Here are the key details on the PC port:

  • Includes ray tracing support for enhanced lighting and reflections
  • Offers ultrawide monitor support for expanded field of view
  • Features improved graphics options like 4K resolutions
  • Supports a wide range of controllers as well as mouse & keyboard controls
  • Has all PlayStation DLC and updates included

Reviews from gaming critics have praised the quality of the PC port, with IGN calling it "excellent" and GameSpot rating it 9/10. It offers PC players the full Miles Morales experience just like on console.

How to Download Spider-Man Miles Morales for Free?

While you may find websites promising "free" downloads of Miles Morales, it‘s important to avoid these. Here‘s why:

  • Downloading pirated copies of games is illegal and comes with serious risks. You could receive lawsuits or settlement demands.
  • Pirated games often come bundled with malware that can infect your computer.
  • These files are usually early in-development builds and can be unstable or unable to run properly.
  • You won‘t receive any patches or updates, since they require connecting to official servers.

Gaming industry analysts strongly advise paying for legitimate copies from trusted retailers. This gives you the complete experience and protects you from legal and security issues. Attempting to download Miles Morales for free simply isn‘t worth the risks and downsides.

Do You Have to Pay for Miles Morales on PS4?

The PlayStation 4 version of Miles Morales is a paid game retailing for $49.99 digitally on the PlayStation Store. There are no options to get it for free directly on PS4.

However, PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscribers can download and play the PS4 version of Miles Morales at no additional cost. The membership itself requires a monthly/annual fee.

Here are the details on accessing Miles Morales via an active PlayStation Plus membership:

PlayStation PlusMonthly PriceMiles Morales
Essential$9.99Not Included

So Miles Morales can be accessed at no extra cost beyond the PlayStation Plus subscription fee. But it still requires paying for PS Plus Extra or Premium to get this benefit.

Is Spider-Man: No Way Home Free?

While you can‘t get the Miles Morales game for free, what about the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home featuring Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker?

Unfortunately, No Way Home is not currently available to stream for free. But here are some options movie fans have to watch it:

  • Rental – Digital retailers like Amazon, Vudu, and YouTube allow 48-hour movie rentals for around $5.99 in SD quality.

  • Digital Purchase – Buying digitally costs around $19.99 for HD or 4K quality through platforms like Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play.

  • Physical Media – The Blu-ray and DVD versions typically run $25-30 if you prefer a physical disc.

  • Starz – No Way Home is now streaming on Starz, which offers new subscribers a 7-day free trial before the regular $8.99 monthly cost kicks in. This free trial period allows you to watch the full movie at no cost.

  • Netflix/Disney+ – Like most big blockbusters, No Way Home is expected to eventually make its streaming debut on a major platform like Netflix or Disney+. But likely not for several months after physical/digital release.

So while Spider-Man fans can‘t swing through NYC as Miles without buying the game, they do have temporary free trial options to at least watch the web head‘s theatrical adventures for now!

How Much Does Miles Morales Cost on PC?

On both Steam and the Epic Games Store, the standard edition of Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is priced at $49.99 for PC.

There are no discounts for already owning or having played the game on PlayStation consoles. The PC version essentially costs the same as the base PS5 edition.

However, the Steam listing does occasionally see discounts during seasonal sales events:

  • Launch Discount – 10% off for $44.99 during November 2022 launch
  • Autumn Sale – 33% off for $33.49 in late November 2022
  • Winter Sale – 40% off for $29.99 in December 2022

So while the normal price is $49.99 on PC, watching for sales throughout the year could net you anywhere from 10% to 40% off. Epic Games Store may offer similar discounts during their major sales.

Where Can I Play Miles Morales?

Here is a quick summary of where you can find and play Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

PlayStation 5

  • Standard Edition – $49.99
  • Ultimate Edition – $69.99 (includes Marvel‘s Spider-Man remastered)

PlayStation 4

  • Standard Edition – $49.99

PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)

  • Standard Edition – $49.99

There are no options to play Miles Morales through a free trial, subscription, or demo. You have to purchase the game itself on one of its platforms. The only way to get it at no additional cost is via PlayStation Plus on PS4 as mentioned.

Is It OK to Play Miles Morales Before Spider-Man?

If you don‘t have access to 2018‘s Marvel‘s Spider-Man, is it alright to jump right into Miles Morales? Or do you need to play the first game?

While Marvel‘s Spider-Man provides useful background and world building, gaming experts say it‘s perfectly fine to play Miles Morales first, even without having played the original game.

Here are some key reasons why starting with Miles works:

  • The story is focused on Miles‘ origins and development as Spider-Man in his new Harlem neighborhood.
  • The game quickly establishes characters and history through flashbacks and dialog.
  • Miles Morales was intentionally designed to be welcoming to new players.
  • You‘ll still understand major plot points, villains, and relationships.
  • Miles‘ powers differ from Peter‘s, so it teaches new mechanics anyway.

That said, you‘ll get much more impact from the story and connections between the characters if you play Marvel‘s Spider-Man first. So while not required, gaming critics highly recommend playing the original title if you have the option available to you. But if not, just diving into Miles Morales will still make for an excellent experience!

Should I Play Spider-Man or Miles Morales First?

For players with access to Marvel‘s Spider-Man and Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which game should you tackle first for the optimal story order?

The strong recommendation from the fan community is to play the original Marvel‘s Spider-Man first, followed by Miles Morales.

Here are some key reasons this order is preferred:

  • It presents the story chronologically. Spider-Man is set 8 years before Miles Morales.

  • Characters like Peter Parker and Mary Jane have arcs established in the first game.

  • Many narrative threads, references, and teases carry over from Spider-Man to Miles Morales.

  • The gameplay and mechanics build and improve from title to title.

  • Seeing Peter‘s journey first increases emotional impact of Miles‘ journey.

Some may argue Miles Morales has better graphics as a next-gen PS5 title. But for continuity and overall experience, playing the Spider-Man titles in release order is ideal according to game critics.

How Long to Beat Miles Morales?

According to completionist data from HowLongToBeat, here is how long Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales lasts:

  • Main Story – 7 hours, 30 minutes
  • Main + Extras – 15 hours
  • Completionist Run – 18 hours

So the critical path main story clocks in around 7-8 hours. For comparison, the original Spider-Man was around 15 hours.

Completing side content like collectibles, activities and challenges brings the total playtime up to 15-18 hours. This makes Miles Morales closer to half the length of Spider-Man for 100% completion.

Some players felt Miles Morales was a bit short given its high price. But the refined scope allowed for a tighter, higher quality experience overall according to gaming critics.

Does Steam Have Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Yes, Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available on Steam for PC as of November 2022.

The Steam listing sells the standard edition for $49.99 and has the following key details:

  • 95% positive review score (Very Positive)
  • Includes ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS support
  • 4K resolution and unlocked frame rates
  • Customizable graphics settings
  • Full controller and mouse & keyboard support
  • Has all console DLC and updates

Reviews praised Miles Morales on PC for its smooth framerates, impressive graphics options, and fun swinging traversal using either controller or mouse & keyboard controls.

Based on critic and player reception, Spider-Man fans can confidently pick up Miles Morales on Steam to enjoy the definitive PC experience.

Is Spider-Man Free on Anything?

While you can‘t get Spider-Man games for free, some of the movies starring everyone‘s favorite wall-crawler are currently available to watch at no cost:

  • Tubi – Tobey Maguire‘s original Spider-Man trilogy is free with ads on Tubi.

  • Pluto TV – The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films are also free on Pluto TV‘s Marvel channel.

  • FX on Hulu – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now streaming free for Hulu subscribers after FX obtained rights.

  • IMDb TV – Rumored to be adding Spider-Man movies to its free catalog soon.

  • Library Apps – Many local library apps like Hoopla allow free movie checkouts, including animated Marvel films.

So while you can‘t swing around as Spidey in games without paying, streaming provides some free options to get your Peter Parker fix! Take advantage while you can.

Is Spider-Man Free on PS5?

Marvel‘s Spider-Man Remastered (the original PS4 game upgraded for PS5) is not free if bought separately. However, there are a few ways PS5 owners can get it at no additional cost:

  • Buying the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition for $69.99 includes a voucher for Spider-Man Remastered.

  • PS4 owners can upgrade to the PS5 remaster for only $20 as DLC.

  • It‘s rumored Spider-Man Remastered will be added as a PlayStation Plus free game in the future, but this is unconfirmed.

So while Spider-Man Remastered normally sells for $69.99 separately, there are options for PS5 owners to get it bundled with Miles Morales or as a discounted upgrade from PS4. Time will tell if it eventually ends up in the PlayStation Plus collection.

What is Miles Morales‘ End Suit?

The End Suit is one of the most popular outfits you can unlock in Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Players earn this iconic suit by:

  • Reaching experience level 11
  • Collecting 16 Activity Tokens
  • Obtaining 2 Tech Parts

The End Suit sports a slick black-and-red design with white spider emblem that mixes elements of Peter Parker‘s Advanced Suit with Miles‘ own street style.

This powerful costume represents Miles coming into his full abilities and identity as Spider-Man. It‘s the perfect suit to wear during the final missions and boss battles as a fully realized hero according to fans.

Is Miles Stronger Than Peter Parker?

In terms of raw strength and powers, Miles Morales could arguably surpass Peter Parker‘s abilities:

  • Miles wields venom strike bio-electric attacks Pete can‘t use.

  • His camouflage makes stealth operations easier.

  • Miles lifted massive rubble during a collapsing building, showing immense strength.

  • Spider-Man co-creator Brian Michael Bendis said Miles may eventually become the most powerful Spider-Man ever.

However, Peter Parker benefits from vastly more experience as Spider-Man over 8 years of crime fighting in New York City.

Overall, while Miles has greater potential, his larger range of powers combined with Peter‘s veteran leadership makes them an amazing team according to the comics. Together, they‘re stronger than either could be alone!

What is the Difference Between Miles Morales Regular and Ultimate Editions?

There are two main editions of Marvel‘s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Standard and Ultimate. The key difference is:

  • Standard Edition – Only includes Miles Morales game

  • Ultimate Edition – Also includes Marvel‘s Spider-Man Remastered + DLC

So if you want both Miles Morales and the remastered original Spider-Man game + DLC packs, the $69.99 Ultimate Edition bundles it all together.

Otherwise, the $49.99 Standard Edition is sufficient if you just want to pick up Miles Morales by itself. It all depends on your budget and desire to play Spider-Man Remastered!


While you can‘t swing through New York City or lay down justice on foes as Spider-Man‘s newest hero Miles Morales without handing over some cash, hopefully this guide provided the info you need on getting access across PlayStation, PC, and streaming!

Getting the full Spidey experience might require budgeting but being the amazing hero Miles Morales promises fun and excitement as you master his unique bio-electric venom abilities and make the role your own. With great power comes great gaming!



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