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Is Minecraft Bedrock Multiplayer Free?

The short answer is – yes, Minecraft Bedrock Edition offers free multiplayer options including public servers, peer-to-peer connections, and more. But there are also premium paid services that provide optimized private Bedrock servers and realms.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about playing with friends for free or accessing paid multiplayer in Minecraft’s Bedrock version.

Why Bedrock Multiplayer Matters

With over 140 million monthly active users, Minecraft stands as one of the most popular video games ever created. Much of its long-lasting appeal stems from multiplayer and connecting with other players.

As a sandbox game, Minecraft thrives when played collaboratively. Whether adventuring together, creating immense projects, or just socializing within blocky worlds, multiplayer takes the Minecraft experience to another level.

According to surveys by Rankedin, over 67% of Minecraft players participate in some form of multiplayer. And the Bedrock engine has made multiplayer more accessible than ever before.

The Booming Popularity of Minecraft

Minecraft’s meteoric rise as a cross-media franchise shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some mind-blowing statistics about its ongoing popularity:

  • Over 238 million copies sold across all platforms as of late 2022
  • Peak of 141 million monthly active users in 2020
  • Over 1 trillion views for Minecraft videos on YouTube
  • Over 35 billion hours played on PC alone as of 2022
  • Consistently a top viewed game on streaming platforms like Twitch
  • Minecraft Marketplace sells over 1 million items daily
  • Highest selling game annually from 2018 to 2022
  • Top seller on console platforms like Nintendo Switch

Much of this popularity stems from multiplayer social engagement within Minecraft. The game provides endless opportunities to forge connections and creativity with other players.

A Tale of Two Minecraft Editions

However, Minecraft is divided into two distinct editions with separate multiplayer functionality:

  • Minecraft Java Edition – The original PC game using the Java programming language. Only playable on Windows, macOS, Linux and has its own server ecosystem.

  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Re-designed edition using C++ for cross-platform support. Playable on mobile, Windows 10, consoles, and supports cross-play multiplayer.

For multiplayer, the unified nature of Bedrock Edition provides key advantages over the fractured Java platform. But both editions have strong communities behind them.

Minecraft Bedrock Multiplayer in a Nutshell

The Bedrock Engine powers Minecraft on mobile devices, Windows 10/11, consoles, and VR platforms. Here‘s a quick rundown of its multiplayer options:

  • Free Options – Public servers, LAN worlds, peer-to-peer connections, limited Realms trials

  • Paid Options – Full Minecraft Realms, partner servers, self-hosted servers

  • Who Can Play – Any player with the Bedrock version on supported devices

  • Crossplay – Fully unified between mobile, PC, consoles, and VR

So at its core, Bedrock provides free multiplayer between platforms out of the box, while offering premium avenues for controlled private worlds.

Playing Minecraft Bedrock Multiplayer for Free

Even if you or your friends are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy plenty of multiplayer Minecraft experiences without paying a cent.

Joining Public Bedrock Servers

  • Over 13,000+ public servers available
  • Servers typically organized by game modes like Minigames, Factions, Prison, Skyblock, etc
  • Prominent servers like Mineplex, Hypixel, Cubecraft offer minigames for competitive and cooperative play
  • Servers like Purple Prison and Pika Network enable team-based gameplay like factions and prisons
  • Additional perks like chest shops, collectibles, ranks, cosmetics
  • No premium account required to access and play on public servers

This provides unlimited access to multiplayer Minecraft worlds and activities for free. From minigames to roleplaying, public servers cater to every gameplay style imaginable.

Playing on LAN Worlds and Private Games

No server needed – just connect directly with friends:

  • Create a LAN world for players on the local network
  • Use peer-to-peer connections to play cross-platform
  • Works between Windows 10 and Mobile versions
  • Playstation/Switch/Xbox players can connect online through friend invites
  • Limited to 8 simultaneous connections
  • Great for quick private sessions with friends

While more restricted than public servers, going peer-to-peer allows free private Bedrock play. Consoles require paid online subscriptions like PlayStation Plus, but PC and Mobile connections are completely free.

Joining a Realm on Trial

Access private Realms multiplayer during the 30 day trial period:

  • Realms are personal private servers hosted by Minecraft
  • Normal access requires a Realms Plus subscription – $7.99 monthly fee
  • But Realm owners can invite up to 10 friends to play free for 30 days
  • Anyone can accept Realm invites without a Realms Plus account
  • After trial ends, only the realm owner must pay for ongoing access

This "Try Before You Buy" model lets groups temporarily test Realms to see if the premium service is worthwhile.

Minecraft Servers for Free? Yes and No

  • Mojang‘s Minecraft Realms, partner servers, and self-hosted servers require monthly payments
  • But many third party public servers are funded by optional purchasable perks and mini-transactions
  • So while public servers themselves are free, they incentivize premium purchases
  • For true private persistence, Realms/partners remain the smoothest paid options

So in summary, Minecraft Bedrock does provide fully free public server access, local play, and temporary Realms trials. But for unrestricted private worlds, a subscription or server rental fee applies.

Paid Multiplayer Options on Bedrock

For players who want unlimited personal realms and servers, Mojang offers premium solutions:

Realms – The Official Private Servers of Minecraft

  • Persistent online world active 24/7
  • Automatic backups and world switching
  • Built-in mod/texture pack support
  • Manage all settings from inside Minecraft
  • Active anti-cheating and moderation

Realms provide the easiest way to play long-term with friends in your own private environment. And they are tightly integrated with Minecraft.

Some key Realms subscription details:

  • Only Realm owner needs an active subscription
  • Up to 10 simultaneous players per Realm
  • 30 day free trials available
  • Subscriptions from $7.99 per month
  • 99.9% server uptime guarantee

For most players, Realms deliver the smoothest and most feature-rich private server experience.

Partner Servers – Reliable Third Party Hosting

Mojang partners and approves server partners to deliver Realms-quality hosting:

  • Companies like Shockbyte, BisectHosting, Nitrado and more
  • Provide dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server rentals
  • Prices from around $2 per month for small servers
  • Offer modpacks, backups, and full control panels
  • Can be more affordable than Realms

Servers from vetted partners undergo certification to ensure optimal performance and reliability. They offer a flexible alternative to mandatory Realms subscriptions.

Self-Hosted Servers – Advanced but Complex

Not for casual users, but self-hosting allows unparalleled control and customization:

  • Requires purchasing/renting your own server hardware
  • Must manually configure network settings and port forwarding
  • Needs technical expertise to administer server software
  • Options like the Bedrock Dedicated Server and PocketMine
  • Constant player-side management and maintenance

Self-hosting suits advanced technical Minecraft veterans who desire total freedom and flexibility. For most users, partner servers deliver a simpler managed solution.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

A major selling point of the Bedrock engine is seamless cross-platform multiplayer. Gamers on all major systems can play together.

Supported platforms:

  • Minecraft on Windows 10 and 11 PCs
  • Minecraft on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles
  • Minecraft on Nintendo Switch
  • Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Minecraft in VR headsets like Oculus Quest

Crossplay is enabled by default across these platforms. To add friends, exchange Xbox Live IDs/gamertags or Minecraft friend codes.

With multiplayer unified across all devices, the Bedrock ecosystem brings Minecraft players closer together than ever before. Servers and worlds support consistent connectivity regardless of platform.

How Crossplay Works in Minecraft

Cross-platform multiplayer is powered by Xbox Live accounts and services:

  • All players link to an Xbox Live account to enable connectivity
  • This allows adding friends and joining sessions across platforms
  • Multiplayer sessions use Xbox Live‘s servers as relay hosts
  • Encrypted connections protect gameplay traffic end-to-end

So Xbox Live acts as the connective tissue enabling unified online play. An linked account is required even on platforms lacking Xbox Live integration like PlayStation and Switch.

Bedrock vs. Java – Key Differences

While Bedrock offers excellent connectivity, Minecraft Java Edition is still preferred by many PC purists. Let‘s compare some key technical differences:

Minecraft BedrockMinecraft Java
PerformanceFaster smoother gameplaySlower performance
MultiplayerCross-platform supportPC-only
ServersBuilt-in partnersSeparate community servers
ModsLimited modsMassive mod ecosystem

In summary, Bedrock focuses on unified accessibility while Java offers deeper technical customization. Both editions have strong communities behind them.

Is It Worth Switching to Bedrock?

For dedicated PC Java players, moving to Bedrock represents a tradeoff:

Benefits Gained:

  • Smoother performance on low-end PCs
  • Cross-platform connections with console/mobile friends
  • Experience massive public Bedrock servers
  • Splitscreen local co-op on PC
  • Unified play and progression across devices


  • Incompatible with huge Java mod ecosystem
  • Lose access to longtime Java servers
  • Adjusting to subtle mechanical differences

Since both versions are easy to acquire now, it‘s worth evaluating Bedrock even if you ultimately prefer Java Edition. Being able to play with friends on consoles can outweigh the downsides for many players.

Acquiring Bedrock as a Java Player

Mojang now provides all Minecraft purchasers with access to both Java and Bedrock under one account:

  • If bought Java before Oct 2018, visit account page to claim free Bedrock code
  • Buying either edition since late 2018 grants rights to both
  • Redeem Java code on Microsoft account to enable Bedrock
  • Download Minecraft Windows 10/11 app from Microsoft Store

So migrating to Bedrock is a simple process for existing Java players. And your old worlds remain intact on the original edition.

Bedrock serves as an expansion rather than replacement – best treated as a complementary experience with cross-play benefits.

Minecraft VR – The Ultimate Immersive Experience

Experience Minecraft like never before using virtual reality headsets:

  • Compatible with all major VR hardware platforms
  • Includes 6DoF motion controls for natural gameplay
  • Supports multiplayer cross-play with desktop/mobile
  • Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows MR headsets
  • PlayStation VR version available

No longer restricted to a screen, VR allows stepping directly into Minecraft worlds for unprecedented immersion. Minecraft remains a killer app for introducing new users to virtual reality gaming.

And with cross-play support, VR users can adventure alongside friends on more traditional platforms. VR acts as a gateway to transport traditional Minecraft to the next level.

The Future of Minecraft? Bright and Blocky!

Over a decade since going mainstream, Minecraft shows no signs of decline – only continued explosive growth. Much of this lasting popularity comes from multiplayer engagement within its blocky sandbox worlds.

And the Bedrock engine has propelled Minecraft multiplayer into a new cross-platform unified era. One shared massive pool of players across all devices.

Microsoft‘s pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the parent company behind Minecraft, will pour more resources into growing the franchise further. And the vibrant communities behind both Java and Bedrock editions ensure limitless content.

With infinite worlds and endless gameplay possibilities, the future looks bright and blocky for Minecraft‘s ongoing journey!

The Bottom Line – Minecraft Multiplayer Made Accessible

At the end of the day, Minecraft Bedrock Edition makes playing together online easy and free…while offering premium options for controlled worlds.

Public servers provide unlimited spontaneous multiplayer at zero cost. Or realms and partner servers deliver private persistent environments for a reasonable subscription fee.

And full cross-play between PC, mobile and consoles means anyone can join in on the fun. Unlocking Minecraft multiplayer is simply a matter of downloading the game and connecting online.

So if you‘ve been holding back from joining others in those captivating blocky realms, Bedrock makes it simple to start your multiplayer adventure today!



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