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Is Minecraft for free on Android? The complete guide

The short answer is: sort of, but not permanently. While Minecraft is not entirely free on Android, there is a way to play for free through the Minecraft trial. This trial gives you 100 minutes or 30 days to experience full Minecraft gameplay on an Android phone or tablet before deciding if you want to purchase the full game.

So Minecraft can be free temporarily, but requires a one-time purchase of $6.99 after the trial expires if you want to keep playing. In this detailed guide, I‘ll give you a complete overview of how to play Minecraft for free on Android, different editions, pricing, tips, and appropriateness for kids. Let‘s dig in!

Getting the limited-time free trial

Your gateway to free Minecraft gameplay on Android is to download the Minecraft trial from the Google Play Store. This provides the complete Minecraft experience, including both Survival and Creative modes, for 30 consecutive days or 100 minutes – whichever comes first.

Once downloaded, you can begin playing immediately – no credit card required! The trial is a generous amount of time to fully explore Minecraft and get a feel for the blocky, pixelated world.

According to data from Microsoft, over 30 million Android users tried the Minecraft free trial in 2021. This demonstrates just how popular and enticing the promotion is for attracting new players.

Here are some key details and limitations on the Minecraft trial for Android:

  • Worlds and progress carry over if you purchase the full version
  • Limited to 30 cumulative days OR 100 minutes of playtime
  • Provides full access to all standard Minecraft features
  • Available on Android smartphones and tablets through Google Play
  • Requires internet connection for download and initial setup

So while not an unlimited free version of Minecraft, the trial gives you plenty of time to experience Survival mode, build epic structures in Creative mode, and decide if Minecraft is worth the full purchase on your Android device.

Cost to buy Minecraft after the free trial

Once your 100 minutes or 30 days are up, you‘ll need to purchase Minecraft in order to continue playing on your Android phone or tablet. Here‘s what it costs:

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (for Android): $6.99 USD
  • This is a one-time purchase – no ongoing subscription or additional fees.
  • Provides permanent, full access to all Minecraft content and modes.
  • Purchase through the Google Play store on your Android device.

At just $6.99, Minecraft offers tremendous value compared to most premium mobile games or entertainment subscriptions. And there are no ads or hidden additional costs – just a single purchase unlocks full access on your Android device forever.

Compared to streaming services like Netflix ($15.49/month) or Spotify ($9.99/month), a one-time $6.99 Minecraft purchase seems like a steal when you consider the endless gameplay it provides!

For parents, Minecraft is also a more cost-effective option than buying multiple toy sets or action figures that may only hold your child‘s interest for a short time. An investment of $6.99 into Minecraft can provide hundreds or even thousands of hours of creative gameplay and exploration.

Now let‘s explore some alternative free options for Minecraft, beyond the limited-time trial.

Limited free Minecraft options on Android

While the free trial provides the most complete and unlimited Minecraft experience on Android, there are some other limited ways to technically play for free after the trial expires:

Minecraft Classic

You can play Minecraft Classic on This allows free online access to older legacy versions of Minecraft in your web browser.

Key things to know about Minecraft Classic:

  • No download required, plays instantly in browser
  • Very limited gameplay compared to the full Minecraft
  • Allows playing on free community servers
  • Multiplayer works cross-platform with PC users
  • Has not received updates since 2011, very basic features only

So while Minecraft Classic allows you to technically play for free on Android via web browser, it is extremely limited compared to the full game. But it can satisfy your Minecraft itch temporarily in a pinch!

Online Servers

There are various free Minecraft servers that you can access on Android and play online with other people. Here are some popular free server options:

ServerKey Features
MineplexMini-games, parkour maps, factions mode
HiveMCMultiple game modes like skywars and hide and seek
CubecraftSurvival games and factions with custom terrain

However, you‘ll need to have purchased Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on your Android device to access these 3rd party online servers. They don‘t provide the actual full game for free.


There are illegally modified or "cracked" versions of Minecraft that allow play offline without purchasing. However these often come loaded with malware and security risks, and break Minecraft‘s EULA.

While you can find hacked Minecraft APK‘s that enable free offline play, we strongly advise paying the $6.99 for the legitimate Minecraft app on Google Play for a safe experience. Avoid the shady cracked versions which can compromise your device and information.

Key Differences Between Minecraft: Java and Minecraft: Bedrock

There are two main editions of Minecraft – Java Edition for PC/Mac, and Bedrock Edition for mobile/consoles. Here are the key differences:

  • Java has mods, hardcore mode, better Redstone mechanics
  • Bedrock has cross-platform play between mobile, console, and Windows 10
  • Java gets updates first, Bedrock updates come later
  • Owning Java provides Bedrock for free, but not vice versa
  • Bedrock edition runs faster, optimized for weaker hardware

This means that even though you can play the Java Edition free in your browser, it is a separate version from the Bedrock Edition used on Android. You‘d have to purchase Minecraft again for mobile.

Maximizing your limited free trial time

If you want to get the most value out of the Minecraft free trial before that dreaded purchase prompt appears, here are some tips:

Set a reminder for when the trial ends

Since the trial lasts either 100 minutes or 30 days (whichever happens first), it‘s easy to lose track. Set a reminder on your phone‘s calendar when the trial period will expire so you don‘t get surprised suddenly with a purchase popup.

Rush to explore new worlds and biomes

Minecraft‘s survival mode contains a wide range of unique biomes and structures to discover – from mushroom fields to ice spikes biomes to ocean monuments. Try venturing as far as you can to uncover new areas and treasures before the trial ends.

Build your dream structures while you still can

Bring your grandest building ideas to life in creative mode during the trial period. Construct that giant castle, futuristic city, or hidden underground base you‘ve always imagined without worrying about resource gathering or survival.

Play with friends who are also on free trials

Enjoy multiplayer mini-games and survival adventures even more by inviting friends who also have the Minecraft free trial installed to play together on a realm or server.

Mod to your heart‘s content

Download and install whatever crazy mods you want while you have unlimited free access – add Pokémon into your game, become an intergalactic space explorer, or fight alongside Iron Man! No need to hold back during the trial.

Take screenshots to remember your greatest builds

Be sure to take screenshots of your most epic constructions and proud Minecraft achievements before your trial ends. They‘ll be great memories even if you don‘t end up purchasing the full game later.

Making the most of the limited free trial time will let you experience everything Minecraft has to offer. And who knows – maybe by the end, you‘ll be dying to purchase it and continue playing on your Android device!

Is Minecraft safe and appropriate for kids?

With its blocky, colorful graphics and creative freedom, Minecraft naturally appeals to younger audiences. But is it actually appropriate for kids? Let‘s dig into the game‘s safety features and rating recommendations.

Minecraft‘s official age ratings

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rates Minecraft as E10+ meaning suitable for ages 10 and up, while PEGI (Pan European Game Information) gives it a 7+ rating.

These age ratings indicate that very young children under 7 or 8 years old may still find some frightening or intense elements, but with parental guidance it is generally safe for older kids and pre-teens.

Some of the specific concerns include:

  • Fantasy violence against zombie-like mobs and animated creatures
  • Online multiplayer interactions with strangers
  • Very rare scary sounds or ambient music

But overall, Minecraft provides a vibrant and creative virtual sandbox with only mild simulated violence against non-human enemies.

Parental controls

Minecraft includes parental controls and safety features to customize based on your comfort level:

  • Chat filters – Limit exposure to unwanted messages from strangers
  • Multiplayer toggles – Disable joining random online servers
  • Time limits – Prevent excessive binge gaming sessions
  • Difficulty settings – Lower mob threats and dangers

Using these controls, parents can tailor the experience to be safer and more age-appropriate for their individual child.

Benefits of Minecraft for kids

While supervising play based on ratings, many parents allow their kids access to Minecraft due to the creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and social skills it can develop:

  • Creativity – Building structures and crafting stories for endless possibilities
  • Strategy – Planning settlements and mob defenses for complex thinking
  • Motor skills – Coordinated button presses and touchscreen gestures
  • Socializing – Safely playing with friends near and far

With the right balance through parental tools and oversight, Minecraft can be an enriching part of a child‘s media and gaming diet.

Verdict: Is Minecraft worth playing for free on Android?

After reviewing all the options, is it worth taking advantage of the Minecraft free trial for Android? For most players, the answer is a resounding yes!

The free 100 minutes or 30 day trial period gives you plenty of time to fully experience Minecraft‘s creative freedom, survival thrills, and multiplayer adventures. Making the most of the trial will let you determine if the fun of the blocky pixelated worlds is worth the eventual $6.99 purchase price.

While not every player may get hooked enough to buy the full version after the trial, there‘s certainly no harm and lots of fun in giving Minecraft for Android a test run while the cost of entry is $0.

With over 140 million monthly active users, Minecraft clearly provides an incredibly engaging and addictive experience for players of all ages. And at only $6.99, it remains one of the best value propositions in the mobile gaming marketplace for unlimited ongoing adventure.

So if you‘ve ever been curious about the iconic world of Minecraft, downloading that free trial on your Android phone or tablet is a perfect way to experience it risk-free. You may just get hooked into purchasing and join the millions of crafters worldwide. Have fun! And be sure to set a reminder for when that trial ends.



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