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Is Minecraft Free on Android Now? A Complete Parent and New User Guide

With over 140 million monthly active players globally, it‘s no secret that Minecraft has become a true gaming phenomenon adored by kids and adults alike. The sandbox creation game allows endless possibilities to explore, gather, build, and craft your own virtual worlds.

But can you actually play Minecraft for free on Android devices? Let‘s take an in-depth look at what options are available for mobile Minecraft gaming.

The Different Versions of Minecraft

Before diving into the Android platform specifically, it helps to understand the full Minecraft ecosystem. Minecraft comes in a few main versions:

  • Minecraft: Java Edition – The original PC game playable on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This version enables mods and has more features.

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition – Designed for mobile and console platforms. Offers cross-platform multiplayer with other Bedrock editions.

  • Minecraft: Education Edition – Special version built for classroom learning with additional coding tools.

There are also many spin-off titles like Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Legends, and Minecraft: Story Mode. But the core games are Java and Bedrock.

On Android, you are playing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This is the mobile version designed for phones and tablets. It offers the full sandbox experience optimized for touchscreens and mobile chipsets.

Now let‘s look at what it costs to play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on an Android device.

Paid vs Free Options for Android

Minecraft for Android comes in both paid and free-to-play versions through the Google Play Store:

  • Minecraft (Paid): $6.99 one-time purchase fee unlocks the full Bedrock version with all features and modes enabled. This is a reasonable price for a premium mobile title.

  • Minecraft Trial (Free): The limited free trial provides about 100 minutes of playtime or 5 in-game days to sample Minecraft. Some modes like Survival are restricted.

So in summary – there is a free trial version of Minecraft for Android, but unlocking the full experience requires a paid purchase.

Minecraft (Paid)$6.99Full game, all modes and features enabled
Minecraft Trial (Free)Free100 minutes or 5 day trial, limited features

The trial lets you get a taste before paying to unlock unlimited gameplay. But you cannot access the complete Minecraft experience for free on Android unless using unofficial methods (see next section). The paid version is a one-time fee – there is no subscription or additional purchases required.

Unofficial Methods – Third Party Launchers

While there are no official ways to play the full Minecraft on Android for free, some third party launchers like PojavLauncher allow running the Java Edition on mobile by bypassing the Play Store.

However, these unofficial methods come with increased risks, including:

  • Security vulnerabilities from unofficial sources
  • Lack of Google Play protection and updates
  • Violation of Minecraft EULA and terms of service
  • Potential for malware or harmful code

For guaranteed safety and full access, purchasing Minecraft via the Play Store is recommended over third party launchers. While tempting, unauthorized free versions often come with too many downsides for most users. Stick to the 100 minute trial if looking to play free.

Who Should Play Minecraft on Android?

Thanks to its family-friendly design and myriad of educational benefits, Minecraft on mobile offers a fun and engaging experience for kids as young as 5 or 6 with supervision. Some of the key learning opportunities include:

  • Creativity – Building virtual worlds sparks imagination and self-expression.

  • Reading – Following recipes/instructions for crafting reinforces literacy.

  • STEM skills – Chemistry, physics, engineering, circuits, and more come to life.

  • Collaboration – Multiplayer realms encourage teamwork and social skills.

Of course, any gamer of any age can find enjoyment in Minecraft. But for parents seeking a constructive, educational outlet that also entertains, Minecraft is a top choice for younger kids.

According to research, appropriate age ratings are around 8+ or 10+ depending on the child:

“A recent study conducted among children 6-17 years old found that those who played more Minecraft showed increased creativity, collaboration, and problem solving." – Child Psychologist, 2022

Monitoring playtime and enabling parental controls can help ensure a safe experience. But overall, Minecraft can be an incredibly rewarding pastime when played in moderation.

Gameplay Modes for New Players

For newcomers jumping into Minecraft on Android for the first time, here is a quick guide to playing in the two most popular modes:


The quintessential Minecraft game mode where you start with nothing and must gather resources, craft tools, build shelters, and survive against hunger, monsters, and environmental hazards. Great for players who want a challenging adventure.

  • Goal – Mine ore, chop wood, collect food, and expand your empire while battling to stay alive.
  • Appeal – Exciting battles, a feeling of progression, and sense of accomplishment as your world and resources grow.


A more relaxed sandbox mode with unlimited resources to unleash your wildest building ideas. Focus purely on creating instead of survival mechanics.

  • Goal – Construct anything you can imagine without limits – castles, cities, roller coasters, etc.
  • Appeal – Pure creation and self-expression without constraints to slow you down.

Once you purchase the full game, you can easily switch between Survival, Creative, and other modes to tailor your experience.

Installling Mods on Android

One of the joys of Minecraft is enhancing your game with mods (modifications). Here are some tips for new Android users looking to add mods:

  1. Use the official Minecraft Marketplace to find mods from trusted creators.

  2. Manually download mods from sites like CurseForge then install Minecraft Forge to enable them.

  3. Copy the mod files into your /mods folder to activate them.

  4. Restart Minecraft and enjoy your mods!

With a huge modding community, the possibilities to customize your game are endless. Here are 10 of the most popular ones to get you started:

OptifineBoosts performance and enables shaders.
JourneyMapInteractive map to prevent getting lost.
Inventory TweaksAuto-sorts and manages chests/inventory.
Iron ChestsUpgrades chest storage sizes massively.
Lucky BlocksAdds blocks with random events/prizes.
BibliocraftNew decorations and display cases for items.
JurassiCraftBrings dinosaurs to life with fossils, DNA, etc.
AquacultureExpands fishing with over 30 new fish types to catch.
WaystonesCreates teleportation portals to get around your world.
Rope BridgeCraft climbable rope bridges across chasms and ravines.

With some simple research, anyone can find amazing mods to transform their game into exactly the experience they want.

Is It Worth Buying on Android?

While not free, Minecraft is absolutely worth the $6.99 investment to unlock unlimited gameplay for Android. You gain access to one of the most creative, entertaining games ever made optimized for mobile screens and touch input.

The free trial gives you about 2 hours to take it for a spin before buying. Getting the full experience allows you to:

  • Play all modes with no limits or time restrictions
  • Unleash your creativity with infinite resources and structures
  • Enjoy multiplayer mini-games and realms with friends
  • Customize the experience with limitless mods and add-ons
  • Play anytime, anywhere on your Android phone or tablet

For less than $7, you open up a vast digital universe of crafting, exploring, and building online or solo. With suitable age ratings in mind, Minecraft offers an engaging and educational escape for all ages.

While not technically free, the Android version brings mobile Minecraft gaming to your fingertips at a very reasonable price. Download the free trial today or unlock the full endless adventure for just $6.99. The possibilities are infinite in this beloved mega-hit from Mojang!



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