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Is Minecraft Free to Install on PC?

Thanks for asking! I know Minecraft is super popular and many gamers wonder if they can download and play it on their PC for free.

The short answer is: Unfortunately no, the full version of Minecraft: Java Edition for PC is not free. You have to purchase it in order to download, install and play the complete game.

But don‘t worry! I‘ve got all the details below on exactly how to get Minecraft on your computer, both paid and free options, so you can start building and crafting awesome worlds. Keep reading and I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting Minecraft on PC!

Free Ways to Experience Minecraft on PC

I know not everyone has the money to pay for games upfront. The good news is there are some limited but legal free options to enjoy Minecraft on a PC without paying:

  • Minecraft Classic – This is a simplified free version of Minecraft playable in your web browser at It looks blocky and old school, but lets you build basic structures and explore miniature worlds for free!

  • Minecraft Demo – You can download a free limited trial of the Java Edition from It lets you play for 100 minutes before expiring. So it‘s not full access, but gives you a nice free trial.

  • Online Servers – There are lots of public Minecraft servers that are free to join if you have a Mojang account. No paid copy needed! You can collaborate on projects with others.

  • Promotions – Occasionally Microsoft runs deals that let you get Java Edition free if you already own Minecraft for Windows 10/11. So check your account!

So yes, while the full PC game isn‘t free, there are some legit ways to enjoy Minecraft and its creative building on a budget by using the demo, classic version, servers or promotions!

Why You Have to Pay for the Full Minecraft Java Edition

I know it may seem weird that a game as old and popular as Minecraft still costs money. Why doesn‘t Mojang make it free by now?

Well, there‘s some good reasons Minecraft still costs around $27 for the PC Java Edition:

  • Active Development – Minecraft gets giant updates with new blocks, mobs and features multiple times a year. That ongoing development requires steady income to pay the programmers.

  • Server Costs – The online servers that support millions of simultaneous Minecraft players are expensive to maintain. Game purchases help fund this infrastructure.

  • Avoiding Microtransactions – Many "free" games today try to squeeze you with in-game purchases. Minecraft avoids this by being a fair one-time payment.

  • Longevity – Over a decade after launch, Minecraft is still going strong. A healthy one-time fee model has contributed to this longevity.

So while not free, the $26.95 asking price helps support huge ongoing development, server capacity and a trusting relationship between Mojang and the community. For all you get, it‘s an incredible value!

Just How Big is Minecraft These Days?

To help understand why Minecraft is still a paid game, let‘s look at a few crazy stats that show just how massive it has become:

  • Over 200 million copies sold across all platforms. That makes it the best selling video game of all time.

  • On average over 140 million monthly active players in 2022. To put that in perspective, that‘s more than 2x the population of the UK!

  • Peak concurrency record of over 1 million simultaneous players on popular servers. That‘s like the whole city of San Jose logged on at once!

  • Over 1 trillion views for Minecraft videos on YouTube. That‘s more views than Justin Bieber!

  • Available on nearly every major gaming platform, from PC to consoles to mobile. It‘s everywhere!

These mind-blowing stats help explain why Minecraft still costs money. It has to fund massive ongoing development and server infrastructure for what has become one of the biggest games on the planet!

Buying Minecraft Java Edition – Your Options

Okay, enough preamble. Let‘s talk actually buying Minecraft for your PC if you don‘t already own it. Here are the best places to purchase the Java Edition:

  • – Obviously buying direct from the source at is simple and reliable. Just create a Mojang account or sign in with Microsoft.

  • Amazon – You can buy a digital code for the Java Edition on Amazon for the standard $26.95 price. Sometimes Amazon has sales too!

  • Retail Gift Cards – Head to a store like Target or Best Buy and you can find Minecraft gift cards with codes to redeem for new accounts.

  • Unofficial Key Sites – There are some sites selling accounts or redemption keys outside of official channels. But it‘s very risky – you could end up with a stolen or banned account!

For safety and reliability, I recommend just buying directly from But retail gift cards are secure too. Avoid sketchy unauthorized key sites – it‘s just not worth the risk!

Downloading and Installing Minecraft Java on Your PC

You‘ve purchased Minecraft Java Edition? Awesome! Let me quickly walk you through how to actually download and install it on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Redeem Code – If you have a gift code, redeem it at to add the game to your Mojang account.

  2. Download Launcher – Go to and click "Get Minecraft". Download the desktop launcher for your operating system.

  3. Install – Once downloaded, run the Minecraft desktop launcher installer .exe or .msi file. Follow the prompts to install.

  4. Sign In – Open the launcher and sign in with your Mojang or Microsoft account that owns Minecraft.

  5. Get Java Edition – Select the Minecraft: Java Edition icon from the launcher and click install. Let it download the game files.

  6. Create Profile – Make a new profile in the launcher to start playing. Have fun exploring Minecraft!

The Minecraft launcher will handle all your updates and mods after the initial install. Just be sure to sign in so it stays up-to-date. And that‘s it – you‘ll be crafting and building in your own blocky worlds in no time!

Comparing Minecraft Versions – Java vs. Bedrock vs. Education

Now that you know how to get the Java Edition for PC, you may be wondering what the differences are between the various versions of Minecraft available:

EditionPricePlatformsKey Details
Java Edition$26.95 one-timeWindows, Mac, LinuxOnly on desktop. Supports mods. Often updated first.
Bedrock Edition$7-$20Windows 10/11, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, MobileCross-platform multiplayer.
Education EditionSchool licensingWindows, Mac, iPadFeatures for classrooms.

Here‘s a quick rundown:

  • Java Edition – The original classic version for Windows, Mac and Linux. Supports mods and technical capabilities. Tends to get updates first.

  • Bedrock Edition – Designed for cross-platform multiplayer. Play with friends on PC, consoles, phones etc. More simplified gameplay.

  • Education Edition – Version for classrooms with coding, chemistry and other subjects built-in. Requires school licensing.

I recommend Java Edition for the best overall experience with mods and servers, but go with Bedrock if you want to play with friends on different devices!

Is Minecraft Worth Paying $26.95 For?

This is the big question! Is Minecraft ultimately worth shelling out almost $27 for when you have other great gaming options?

In my opinion – absolutely yes! Here‘s why:

  • Endless gameplay – Between survival, creative, servers, mods and mastering redstone contraptions, you can easily spend thousands of hours and constantly find new things to do.

  • Great ongoing value – For a one-time fee you get all updates and DLC for life. No subscriptions or manipulative microtransactions!

  • Active community – With over 140 million monthly players, it‘s very social and you‘ll always find people online to play with.

  • Fun for all ages – Minecraft appeals to both kids and adults alike. Family gaming at its finest!

  • Available everywhere – Whether desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, Minecraft is playable across virtually any device. Total flexibility.

Add it all up and $27 is an incredible value for a game that can literally provide unlimited entertainment. The creative possibilities are endless. Minecraft is absolutely worth every penny!

The Bottom Line – Can You Enjoy Minecraft for Free on PC?

Let‘s recap everything we covered!

While the full Java Edition Minecraft game for PC is not free, there are some free ways to access Minecraft, including:

  • Minecraft Classic in your browser
  • Limited time free trials
  • Public online servers
  • Occasional deals for existing owners

The paid Java Edition costs $26.95 because ongoing development, server infrastructure and avoiding manipulative monetization requires steady revenue. But it provides incredible value.

You have options like direct purchase from, Amazon gift codes or retail gift cards. Just avoid risky grey market key sites!

Overall, Minecraft is well worth the price for practically infinite creative play across endless blocky worlds. But with some limitations, you can still enjoy it for free on PC through demos and servers.

Have more questions? Let me know! I‘m always happy to help new players get started with one of my favorite games. Now get out there and start punching trees – your Minecraft adventure awaits!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.