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Is Minecraft Free to Install? The Complete 2023 Guide

Playing Minecraft is an engaging creative experience that allows you to build anything you can imagine in a massive open world. With so much to explore many wonder – is Minecraft actually free to play? This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about getting Minecraft for free legally, paid versions, trials, and more in 2023.

Can I Play Minecraft Completely Free?

There are a few different ways to enjoy Minecraft for free, with some limitations:

  • Minecraft Demo – There is a free demo version of Minecraft: Java Edition you can download and play for 100 minutes total over a 5 day period before being required to purchase the full game. Great way to try it out.
  • Minecraft Classic – This is a simplified free version of Minecraft playable instantly in your web browser at No need to download anything and a good no commitment way to get started.
  • Cracked Launchers – Third party "cracked" launchers allow you to play offline for free but are not officially sanctioned ways to play Minecraft. You won‘t be able to play multiplayer this way.

So in summary – there are free trials but no fully free official version of the complete Minecraft experience. Paid versions give you unlimited gameplay, online multiplayer and Realms access.

How Much Does Minecraft Cost to Buy?

The primary paid versions of Minecraft are:

  • Minecraft: Java Edition – The original PC version of Minecraft costs a one time fee of $26.95 USD. This unlocks full access to the Java Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Minecraft for Windows – This "Bedrock" version optimized for Windows 10 costs $26.95 USD as well for a one time purchase. Supports cross-play with other Bedrock versions.

  • Minecraft on Consoles – On Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch, Minecraft costs between $20-$30 USD depending on the platform. This also unlocks the Bedrock edition.

So the full unlimited PC versions cost around $27 as a one time purchase. You can then download and reinstall on compatible devices infinitely with the same login.

What About Minecraft Trial Versions?

There are also free trials of Minecraft to test it out before you commit to buying:

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Free Trial – On Windows 10 you can get a 90 minute trial of Minecraft for free to test it out.
  • Minecraft: Java Edition Free Trial – There used to be a Java trial but this was removed in 2020. Only option now is the Demo.
  • Minecraft Trials on Consoles – PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch have trials available too normally 5 days of access.

Trial length will vary based on your platform. They allow limited gameplay of the full Realms multiplayer experience.

Is There Any Truly Free Version?

Minecraft Classic is the only completely free full version – it runs in browser with no downloads required. It is a simplified creative mode only experience without enemies and crafting.

The full open world survival experience with crafting, enemies, redstone, mods and multiplayer requires purchase of Java or Bedrock edition.

However, you can play limited offline modes for free with some workarounds:

  • Download a free "cracked" launcher to play offline without an account
  • Use Minecraft Demo offline indefinitely past time limits

But these offline free options are limited, unstable and not supported. Online play needs an official copy.

What About Minecraft on Mobile?

On iOS and Android, Minecraft costs $6.99 USD to purchase up front. This allows unlimited access to play on your mobile devices tied to your account.

There‘s also Minecraft trial apps you can install to test it out with time limits before purchasing. The full mobile experience is paid but cheaper than PC.

Is Minecraft Worth the Cost?

For most players, Minecraft is well worth the $20-$30 USD cost of entry given the unlimited gameplay potential, online multiplayer servers, and limitless ways to mod and customize with community content.

Given the open ended creative freedom and sandbox adventure, even at full price Minecraft offers tremendous value compared to other games. Access to Realms multiplayer servers alone is worth the buy in price for many.

For those looking to try before they buy, the free trials and Minecraft Classic access allow you to test the game out at no cost initially. But to unlock full access, a purchase is required.

How Do I Download Minecraft If I Already Own It?

If you previously purchased Minecraft but no longer have it installed, you can easily redownload your version:

  • For Java Edition, download the launcher at and sign in with your existing Mojang account
  • For Bedrock Windows 10 Edition, install it again from the Microsoft Store app and sign in to your Microsoft account
  • On consoles, simply reinstall Minecraft and sign in again to sync your existing ownership

You do not need to repurchase Minecraft again if you already bought it previously – just login on your new device and redownload to regain access.

Key Takeaways on Free Minecraft Options

  • Demo and Classic versions can be played for free but with limitations
  • Full versions like Java and Bedrock require purchase for unlimited access
  • Time limited free trials are available for most platforms
  • Re-download purchased versions for free by signing in again
  • Legal free options require patience and limitations
  • Paid versions starting around $20-30 USD unlock full gameplay

Hopefully this guide gives you a better understanding of how to get started with Minecraft free or paid in 2023! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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