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Is Minecraft Java multiplayer free? Yes, here‘s how to play with friends for free

The short answer is yes, Minecraft Java Edition offers multiple ways to play multiplayer completely for free. You just need to purchase the base game, then you can join free public servers or host your own without any recurring fees. There are also paid options like Realms that provide extra features, but these are not at all required for multiplayer gameplay.

As a long-time Minecraft player myself, I‘ve spent countless hours on public servers and self-hosted worlds with friends. So I‘m excited to share all the details on how to access free multiplayer for Minecraft Java Edition. There‘s a thriving community of players out there and tons of fun to be had without spending anything beyond the initial game purchase.

An overview of paid vs free Minecraft Java multiplayer

Before jumping into the free options, let‘s quickly go over how multiplayer works in Minecraft Java Edition. The core game is a one-time purchase, but multiplayer requires at least one paid account to act as the host.

There are two main paid services for hosting multiplayer:

  • Minecraft Realms – Mojang‘s official subscription service costing $3.99-$7.99/month. Realms provides easy server hosting, automatic backups, and player management.

  • Third-party server hosting – Companies like allow installing mods and offer DDoS protection, starting around $5/month.

However, there are several ways to play with friends that don‘t require any recurring payments:

  • Public servers – Thousands of free servers run by third parties that anyone can join. Offer minigames, factions, etc.

  • LAN worlds – Connect computers on a local network for splitscreen gameplay without internet.

  • Self-hosted servers – Host your own server on a spare computer or rent a VPS.

  • Cracked launchers – Enable multiplayer on pirated copies. Risks security issues.

So in a nutshell, full-featured multiplayer in Java Edition does not require a paid subscription or server rental. Public servers provide unlimited free gameplay, while self-hosted options give you control over the world and mods.

Joining free public Minecraft Java servers

Public Minecraft servers are by far the easiest way to play with others for free. Here‘s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch the Minecraft Java Edition client – Make sure you have purchased and installed the latest version of the game.

  2. Select Multiplayer from the main menu – This will bring up a list of your currently joined servers.

  3. Click Add Server and enter the address – The server address can be found on sites like

  4. Click Done then select the server to connect – Give it a minute to establish connection.

  5. Login or register if prompted – Most servers will require you to create a free account on their website.

Once connected, you‘re ready to start playing! Browse /r/mcservers on Reddit to discover new servers and communities to join.

The diversity of game modes and custom plugins on public servers provides endless gameplay potential. Some popular options include:

  • Survival servers – PvE gameplay focused on cooperation and community building.

  • Factions servers – Team up with others to raid enemy bases and conquer territory.

  • Prison servers – Progress through different prison cells by gathering resources.

  • Skyblock servers – Survive on a floating island and complete challenges.

  • Minigames servers – Compete in unique minigames like Spleef, Parkour, Hide & Seek, and more.

So no matter what style of multiplayer you enjoy, you‘ll find active Java servers available. And connecting only takes a minute, so you can easily hop between different communities.

How to host your own free Minecraft Java server

In addition to joining public servers, you can also host your own Minecraft world for you and your friends. This gives you full control over mods, plugins, and who can join.

Hosting your own server is 100% free as long as you have a device to act as the host system. The basic steps are:

  • Set up a host computer – This can be an old PC, Raspberry Pi, or a rented cloud VPS. Should have at least 2 GB RAM allocated.

  • Install Java 17 and the Minecraft server .jar – Downloaded from Handles all game logic.

  • Configure the server properties – File defines options like game mode, difficulty, max players, etc.

  • Port forward your router – Opens port 25565 so players can connect from the internet.

  • Share your IP and whitelist friends – Give out your server IP and approved player list.

Optional steps like installing plugins, mods, and making regular backups will enhance the experience even further. But the core server can be set up in well under an hour.

Self-hosting lets you fully customize your Minecraft multiplayer world. Want to add 200+ new mobs and items? Install a modpack. Feel like increasing the difficulty for more hardcore survival? Tweak the config files. The possibilities are endless when you run your own server.

Local multiplayer gaming with LAN worlds

For situations where internet access is limited, LAN worlds in Minecraft Java Edition enable multiplayer gaming between devices on the same local network.

This is a great option for:

  • Households with multiple players who want to play together.

  • Public places like schools and libraries where an internet server isn‘t accessible.

  • Gaming centers that have PCs connected on a LAN.

  • Players who want to do same-screen multiplayer with split controls.

Setting up a local area network world only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft on all devices and make sure multiplayer is enabled.

  2. On the host computer, load up a world and enable "Visible to LAN players."

  3. On the joining computers, select multiplayer and LAN worlds to connect.

  4. If your network has discovery enabled, it will automatically detect the host world.

  5. You can also manually enter the host computer‘s IP address and port.

With a stable wired connection, a LAN world offers lower latency than an internet multiplayer server. Performance is excellent since all data is transferred on the local network.

So in summary, LAN worlds are a seamless way to enable Minecraft multiplayer without the need for an internet connection or hosting fees. Just connect computers together on the same network and you‘re ready for group gaming.

The risks and downsides of cracked Minecraft clients

In the interest of fully covering how to access free Minecraft multiplayer, I do need to briefly mention cracked clients. These are unofficial modified launchers that allow playing on pirated copies of the game.

The main risks of cracked clients include:

  • Security vulnerabilities – Cracked launchers often contain malware or spyware.

  • Ban evasion – Using cracks to join premium servers is unethical and bannable.

  • Lack of updates – Missing out on new features and bug fixes.

  • Limited server access – Most public servers disallow cracked accounts.

  • No singleplayer – Cracked launchers only enable multiplayer mode.

So in summary, while cracked clients present a free option, the downsides and risks outweigh the benefits. I strongly recommend purchasing an official Mojang account to enjoy Minecraft safely.

The one time payment is well worth it to gain full access to multiplayer, mods, and server communities. And you can often find the game on sale from legitimate sellers.

Final thoughts on playing Minecraft Java multiplayer

I hope this guide provided a comprehensive overview of how to access free multiplayer gameplay for Minecraft Java Edition. The Minecraft community offers such a vast landscape of servers and game modes to explore.

Public servers present limitless gameplay potential at no cost beyond the initial purchase. And hosting your own world or LAN lets you fully customize the experience to your liking.

So gather a group of friends, pick a server, and enjoy all that Minecraft Java multiplayer has to offer. The open-ended gameplay and massive communities lead to endless fun.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to help fellow Minecraft players get connected and join in on the multiplayer experience.



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