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Is Minecraft Legends Free or Paid? Here‘s the Scoop for Fans on the Upcoming Game‘s Pricing

Hey friend! If you‘re as pumped as I am for Minecraft Legends, the big question on your mind is likely – will this exciting new strategy game be free, or will you have to pay for it?

As a fellow Minecraft superfan, let me walk you through everything we know so far about whether Minecraft Legends will be a free or paid game. I‘ve got all the details and insider insights to help you plan your budget for this blocky upcoming release!

The short answer: Unfortunately, no – Minecraft Legends will not be free for most players on release. Mojang has confirmed this new spin-off title will be a paid game rather than free-to-play.

But don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered on some options for scoring Legends at no extra cost when it launches. And further down I‘ll break down potential discounts and other ways it could become free in the future.

So stick with me pal – here‘s the definitive guide on Minecraft Legends‘ pricing and availability so you can gear up for launch day!

What We Know So Far About Minecraft Legends‘ Price Points

While Mojang hasn‘t released final pricing info yet, they have shared some helpful high-level details:

  • There will be a Standard Edition that includes just the base Legends game. This will likely cost $39.99 based on typical new release pricing.

  • A more deluxe Deluxe Edition is also planned, which will include extra digital goodies for around $49.99.

These prices are not confirmed, but are reasonable predictions according to gaming industry analysts. Different platforms may also show slight pricing variances.

Mojang also announced two avenues for scoring Legends at no cost: Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Let‘s explore how these subscriptions can get you playing for free at launch.

Securing Your Free Copy Through Xbox Game Pass

For Xbox owners like myself, the best way to get Minecraft Legends for free will be an Xbox Game Pass membership.

Microsoft has confirmed Minecraft Legends will be included day one on Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC. That means access to the Standard Edition is included with a subscription!

Here‘s a quick 101 on how Xbox Game Pass works:

  • For $9.99/month, you get access to a Netflix-style library of over 100 games.
  • New Xbox exclusives like Legends are added at launch.
  • Available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.
  • You can cancel or pause anytime if you want to take a break.

So for the cost of a single new release ($60), you can get a 3-month Game Pass subscription and play Legends for free at launch! That‘s an awesome value.

Over 25 million gamers are already hooked on Game Pass. Join us and you can save big on Legends!

What About Securing It Through PC Game Pass?

For players sticking to PC, Microsoft also has the PC Game Pass program that functions just like Xbox Game Pass:

  • Grants access to the Minecraft Legends Standard Edition at no extra cost.
  • Over 100 games to choose from with new titles added regularly.
  • $9.99 monthly membership, can cancel anytime.
  • Don‘t need an Xbox, just sign up on your Windows PC.

So PC Game Pass joins Xbox Game Pass as the two pipelines for playing Minecraft Legends free at release. Pick whichever works for your gaming setup!

Can You Play Minecraft Legends Completely Free?

Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends won‘t ever be a fully free-to-play game according to Mojang. But there are a couple scenarios where it could eventually release with no upfront cost:

  • After a few years, Mojang could shift Legends to a free-to-play model once sales decline from their peak. Many paid games have gone this route before.

  • There‘s a chance Microsoft could make Legends a free monthly Xbox Game with Gold or Game Pass Ultimate perk sometime after launch to promote the title.

  • Occasional deals, discounts, and giveaways might make the game temporarily free or close to it in the future.

The odds of Minecraft Legends permanently becoming free anytime soon are very low. But hey, anything‘s possible long-term, so never say never!

When Can You Expect Minecraft Legends to Launch?

Mojang is targeting a release window of 2023 for Minecraft Legends. The first half of the year seems most likely based on typical gaming release patterns. But an exact date hasn‘t been locked down yet.

When it does launch, Minecraft Legends will hit a wide range of platforms:

  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC – Both Microsoft Store and Steam

Supporting previous-gen consoles means all players get to join the fun. And full cross-platform multiplayer means you can adventure with pals no matter their setup. Exciting stuff!

Will There Be Special Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses?

Most major new releases offer special editions and pre-order incentives – so expect Mojang to reveal some Legends extras as we get closer to launch day.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but based on gaming industry trends, possible pre-order perks could include:

  • Exclusive cosmetic skins or items
  • Bonus launch day XP to give you a head start
  • Access to otherwise locked missions
  • Unique character emotes or animations

As for special editions, a pricier Collector‘s Edition with real-world extras like an art book, soundtrack CD, or Legends figurine could happen. Maybe even some digital deluxe edition with bonus in-game content!

We‘ll have to wait for Mojang‘s official announcement on exactly what‘s in store preorder and special edition wise. But you can expect some enticing bonuses to spend extra on if you want the complete Legends experience!

Answering Your Other Frequent Minecraft Legends Questions

Alright, we‘ve covered all the key details on Minecraft Legends‘ pricing and release plans. Now let‘s tackle some other common questions fans like you might have:

Is Minecraft Legends an open sandbox game like the original?

Nope, Legends takes the series in a totally new direction! Instead of a freeform sandbox, it will be a narrative-focused action strategy game. You‘ll lead mob armies into large-scale battles against an evil threat.

What does multiplayer look like in Legends?

In addition to the story campaign, you‘ll be able to team up in 4-player co-op or face off against others in competitive multiplayer skirmishes!

Will Minecraft Legends have microtransactions or paid DLC?

Mojang hasn‘t revealed any plans for paid extra content yet. Big gameplay updates will likely stay free as with normal Minecraft. Cosmetic microtransactions are possible but unconfirmed.

What can we expect from Legends gameplay?

You‘ll gather resources, build bases and defenses, recruit ally mobs, and command armies from an overhead view. Expect a fusion of strategic base building combined with real-time combat.

Can you customize your character in Legends?

Yes! Mojang has promised the ability to personalize your hero with different gear and outfits. No further details yet on how in-depth customization will be though.

Will Minecraft Legends be on Steam in addition to Microsoft Store?

Yep, Legends will launch on Steam along with Microsoft Store. This hugely expands its potential player base vs. just being restricted to Microsoft‘s platform.

The Bottom Line – Prepare for a Premium Price Point

At the end of the day, while Legends takes the Minecraft series in an exciting new direction, all signs point to it carrying a standard premium release price tag.

Expect to pay around $40 for the base game, with deluxe and collector‘s editions likely coming in higher. Access through Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass will be your pipeline to playing for free at launch.

Occasional discounts and giveaways down the road also offer a glimmer of hope for eventually scoring it at no cost. But manage your expectations – free access won‘t come easy or quickly after release.

For Minecraft fans hungry for the fresh new strategy and multiplayer experiences Legends promises, paying full price will be well worth it! Just be ready to shell out some coins come launch day.

So there you have it amigo – the full scoop on whether Minecraft Legends will be free or paid. Let me know if you have any other big pricing questions before release! I‘ll be right here to provide helpful insights to you and all our fellow excited Minecraft players.



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