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Is r6 free forever?

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering whether Rainbow Six Siege is free forever, the short answer is no. But the good news is that you can play R6 for free during a limited time event running from March 9-16, 2023!

In this complete guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege free week promo. I‘ll share details on exactly what‘s included for free, how progress carries over if you buy the full game later, and some key facts on R6‘s ongoing support and longevity.

Let‘s dive in!

What to Expect During the Rainbow Six Siege Free Period

During the free access week from March 9-16, here‘s what you‘ll get:

  • Full access to all maps and modes – including multiplayer and solo situations
  • Ability to play as 20 different Operators, each with unique gadgets and abilities
  • All your progress carries over if you purchase the full game later
  • Cross-play with friends on other platforms like PS4/PS5 and Xbox

This gives you a great opportunity to try out the core Rainbow Six Siege gameplay for a full week completely free.

The development team at Ubisoft Montreal has continually expanded the game since its 2015 launch. As of 2023, there are over 55 playable Operators to master across over 20 highly-detailed maps. That‘s a ton of tactical gameplay to experience during the free period!

What Happens When the Free Week Ends?

Once the promo concludes on March 16th, Rainbow Six Siege returns to its normal pricing. Here are your options at that point:

  • Purchase the Standard Edition for $19.99 to keep playing
  • Subscribe to Ubisoft+ on PC for $14.99/month to retain access
  • You can no longer play for free after March 16th

So if you get hooked on the tense 5v5 multiplayer matches or cooperative missions, you‘ll need to grab a copy to keep going past the free week.

Your stats and unlocks carry over if you do choose to buy the Standard or Deluxe editions later on. So you won‘t lose all the progress you made during those glorious 7 free days!

Will Rainbow Six Siege Be Supported Long-Term?

Absolutely! Even 8 years after launch, Ubisoft remains committed to ongoing support and new content for Rainbow Six Siege.

Here are some key facts on R6‘s lifespan:

  • Ubisoft plans to support Siege for 10+ years from its 2015 release
  • There are 4 Seasons per year that add new maps, Operators, and features
  • 2023 will see new content from Year 7 introduced
  • Special events aim to attract new players and keep the community engaged

So you can expect regular updates and meta shifts through at least 2025. The development team has done an amazing job keeping Siege feeling fresh this many years after launch.

Let‘s look at some key player statistics that demonstrate Rainbow Six‘s ongoing popularity:

Key StatPlayer Count
Registered Players (Total)Over 85 million
Peak Daily Players (Steam)200,000
Average Daily Players (Steam)65,000

These numbers show a dedicated player base across multiple platforms, even 8 years post-launch. The free access week can introduce Rainbow Six Siege to a whole new audience on PC.

Why Rainbow Six Siege Is So Addicting

What makes R6 such a thrilling and addictive tactical shooter year after year? Here are some of the key factors:

  • Destruction – The ability to destroy environments creates endless emergent gameplay moments
  • Operators – Diverse gadgets and abilities keep gameplay fresh and evolving
  • Teamwork – Communication and coordination are crucial to success
  • Tension – The 5v5 one-life-per-round setup creates high stakes
  • Gunplay – Tight shooting mechanics with lethal weaponry

Whether you‘re breaching and clearing rooms, tactically droning ahead, or clutching 1v3 scenarios, Rainbow Six delivers an unrivaled competitive shooter experience.

The rounds are lightning-fast, usually lasting just 3 minutes. When your operator dies, you become a spectator within seconds. This creates an intoxicating risk-reward cycle that will have you craving just one more match.

Rainbow Six Siege Has Staying Power

Even after 8 years, Rainbow Six Siege clearly has tremendous staying power and remains very active. Let‘s quickly recap a few key points:

  • Ubisoft continues major support through 2025+
  • 4 content seasons per year add new elements
  • 85+ million total players shows massive appeal
  • Daily player counts are still very healthy

The limited time free week is the perfect chance to experience Rainbow Six Siege‘s addictive tactical action. If you like clutching nail-biting multiplayer matches where communication and skill rule supreme, then R6 will hook you fast.

So squad up with friends and be sure to take advantage of the free access period from March 9-16. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite competitive shooter! Thanks for reading this complete guide on whether Rainbow Six is free forever. Please don‘t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!



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