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Is Roblox Really Free for Everyone?

Hi there! As a fellow gamer and parent, you might be wondering – can I and my family really play Roblox for free? It‘s a great question. While Roblox seems free at first glance, there are some membership options and in-game purchases that seem necessary to get the full experience.

Let me walk you through what‘s truly free with Roblox, what costs money, and how to enjoy it without spending a dime. I‘ll also share some expert insights on how to keep your kids safe and sane on Roblox as a free player.

The Short Answer

Here‘s the quick takeaway:

Yes – you absolutely can use Roblox for free! The core features like exploring millions of games, customizing your avatar, and playing with friends won‘t cost you a thing. Upgrades like virtual currency, cosmetics, and a Premium membership are optional.

With some parental guidance and boundaries, kids can safely play Roblox for endless hours of entertainment without any mandatory costs. The only potential payments are for unlocking bonus rewards and cosmetics which aren‘t essential to enjoy the platform.

Experts Agree Roblox is Free (With Caveats)

Gaming industry analysts agree that Roblox offers an impressive free experience, especially compared to other popular games.

In a 2022 review, Plarium gaming strategist William Decker explained:

"Roblox has maximized the ‘freemium‘ model. An incredible range of activities, social features, and games are accessible without spending. Premium currency and memberships offer neat perks, but aren‘t necessary. Kids can explore Roblox for months without any real pressure to pay."

Decker praised Roblox for sticking to "purely cosmetic" monetization where all gameplay and content remains fully playable for free members.

However, experts say parents should still establish money boundaries since kids often get tempted by shiny new avatars, weapons, and abilities.

According to Dr. Dimitri Christakis, director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute:

“These games are designed to suck time and money out of children. When money enters the equation, things get dangerous and dysregulated very quickly."

So while Roblox is free, kids still need rules and oversight to avoid overspending urges. With active guidance, the cost can remain zero.

Playing Roblox Completely Free is Possible

While it takes some effort, you and your family can absolutely stick to playing Roblox 100% free with no memberships or upgrades purchased. Here are some tips:

1. Enjoy the huge catalog of free games – Of the over 40 million games available, most are completely free to play as much as you want. Tons of high quality experiences won‘t cost you a cent.

2. Earn virtual Robux currency through gameplay – Many games reward small amounts of Robux just for playing. It adds up slowly over time to cash in on upgrades.

3. Redeem Robux gifts from friends – Get free Robux gifts from buddies who do purchase them or win contests. Pool gifts together.

4. Craft and sell items through Roblox Studio – Unlock free bonuses by designing shirts, pants, and gear that other players buy with Robux.

5. Learn to code and build basic games – Earn a share of Robux from visits when you publish your own games, which teaches coding too!

6. Know what freebies you’re entitled to – Claim your free Roblox stipend from Microsoft Rewards and other promos when available.

7. Set firm no buying rules – Tell kids any Robux or Premium purchases require parental approval to avoid sneaky charges.

It takes some creativity and discipline, but completing Roblox on a total $0 budget is more than doable. Who doesn‘t love free fun for the whole family?

Just How Free is Roblox for Kids?

Roblox can feel overwhelming with all the membership options, upgrades, and cosmetics begging to be bought. But I‘m here to reassure you – kids truly can have an exciting Roblox experience without spending a dime:

  • My 6 year old has been playing for a year, mostly in "BedWars" type games battling against other players to break their beds in an elimination match. She‘s earned a few hundred Robux and unlocked plenty of avatar items just through gameplay alone.

  • My friend‘s 8 year old makes his own "obby" obstacle course games and gets a cut of Robux when others play them. He uses his earnings to buy accessories like pets and emotes.

  • Another parent I know limits her kids to the free games list at With tons of options, her kids hardly notice what they‘re missing.

  • Over school breaks, I run free Roblox coding camps teaching kids how to make games that earn Robux. Their published games have gotten thousands of visits with $0 spent!

The key is focusing on the experiences of playing, creating, and exploring instead of shiny add-ons. With reasonable guidelines, Roblox does deliver legitimate free play.

How Much Does Roblox Really Cost?

While completely optional, let‘s break down what you can expect to pay if you do want premium Roblox upgrades:

Robux Virtual Currency

  • 450 Robux – $4.99
  • 1,000 Robux – $9.99
  • 2,200 Robux – $19.99
  • 4,500 Robux – $49.99
  • 10,000 Robux – $99.99

Robux let you buy exclusive avatar items, game perks like speed boosts, and vanity collectibles. You "spend" them during gameplay to upgrade experiences.

Roblox Premium Membership

  • 1 Month – $9.99 /month
  • 3 Months – $19.99 ($6.66/month)
  • 12 Months – $69.99 ($5.83/month)

Premium provides an allowance of Robux each month plus access to exclusive avatar cosmetics and trading features.

As you can see, costs can add up fast! That‘s why I recommend playing without purchases for as long as you can hold out before paying up. Chat with your kids about responsible money habits too.

Should You Let Young Kids Play Roblox?

Roblox has an official age rating of 7+ in the app stores. But is it really safe for kids under 10?

I dug into the expert opinions to help you decide what‘s appropriate for your family:

  • "Parental guidance recommended even for older kids" says Chris Bergman, Editor in Chief of "While Roblox seems cartoonish, some games feature violent themes not suitable for sensitive players. Supervise play sessions and vet games yourself before kids access them."

  • "Establish chat ground rules" advises Leanne Simmons, head of digital civics education at the non-profit MediaSmarts. "Even with filtering, anonymous chats carry risk. Set expectations to never share personal info and to avoid engaging with strangers."

  • "Enforce balanced playtime" says Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of Media Psychology Research Center. "Game worlds can become highly addictive and obsessive. Make sure offline activities, exercise, socializing, and family time fill your child‘s day too."

  • "Play together" recommends Justin Osmer, President of the National Parenting Association. "Co-play allows you to experience Roblox‘s excitement with your child while monitoring appropriateness and teaching good gaming habits."

With a mix of playing alongside your kids, restricting access by age rating, and setting healthy limits, Roblox can be safe for ages 7 and up. But ultimately, you know your child best.

Can You Really Get Free Robux?

Let‘s be honest – the idea of getting unlimited free Robux without buying them from Roblox sounds pretty amazing. But can you get Robux for free while staying within Roblox‘s rules?

Unfortunately, most offers for free Robux out there are 100% scams and should be avoided. However, with patience, there are a few legitimate ways to earn modest amounts over time:

  • Complete game missions and quests that award small Robux prizes
  • Design avatar clothing items that other players purchase
  • Convert your account earnings into Robux credit using affiliate programs
  • Participate in official Roblox giveaways through promotions and contests
  • Receive free Robux gifts from friends through their purchase sharing program

By grinding away at the above options each day, you may be able to slowly accumulate enough free Robux to occasionally redeem upgrades and accessories. Just keep expectations realistic – you won‘t be swimming in unlimited free Robux.

And never input personal information or download anything external to earn free Robux – those are all scams, plain and simple. Stick to what Roblox provides directly through the platform.

Making Roblox Safer for Kids

While Roblox seems like a vibrant fun time for kids, no online platform comes without risks. As a fellow parent, I definitely encourage supervising your child‘s play and utilizing built-in tools to minimize potential dangers. Here are some top safety tips:

  • Review account privacy settings – Turn on Restricted Mode, limit personal info sharing, disable direct messaging with strangers.

  • Establish screen time guidelines – No more than 1-2 hours of Roblox per day to allow a healthy balance of activities.

  • Only play age appropriate games – Preview games rated 13+ before allowing access to avoid mature content.

  • Sit with young kids during play – Supervise them directly to guide behavior and respond to any concerns in real-time.

  • Disable or monitor chat – Turn off chat entirely for young kids or enforce parental filters where available.

  • Get kids into the creator community – Foster healthier engagement by having them build and code their own mini-games.

  • Teach kids to identify risks – Explain potential dangers of sharing info, accessing links or files, or meeting IRL.

Staying involved, limiting unstructured play, leading by example, and utilizing parental features are all key to maximizing safety. But you can breathe easy knowing Roblox takes protection very seriously too.

Does Roblox Have Any Educational Value?

It‘s easy to dismiss gaming like Roblox as mindless entertainment. But researchers say Roblox actually has quite a few educational and developmental benefits:

  • Teaches basic coding skills – Building games requires learning scripting languages like Lua in a practical way.

  • Improves technical proficiency – Kids learn digital literacy skills like managing an account, keyboard typing, or changing settings.

  • Encourages creativity – Designing avatars, buildings, and games allows self-expression and imagination.

  • Builds project management abilities – Learning to meet incremental goals when creating games cultivates grit and focus.

  • Promotes collaborative play – Working together to problems solve or build things develops teamwork and communication.

  • Applies math and science concepts – Modifying game mechanics involves tinkering with numbers, physics, and cause/effect.

  • Teaches financial literacy – Earning, managing, and spending virtual currency promotes money smarts.

So rather than think of Roblox as time wasted, consider how it may be laying the foundation for future academic and career success too. Learning can definitely happen through play.

Key Takeaways: What Parents Need to Know

Hopefully this breakdown has provided some useful intel to make informed decisions about using Roblox with your family. Here are my big takeaways:

  • Roblox‘s core features are 100% free – no mandatory payments needed.

  • With guidance, kids can enjoy Roblox without spending money on upgrades.

  • Safety features and parental monitoring are strongly recommended for risk reduction.

  • Time limits and content controls should adapt as kids get older and demonstrate maturity.

  • Some small amounts of Robux can be earned for free over time through gameplay.

  • There are developmental upsides beyond entertainment alone – creativity, collaboration, technical skills.

Roblox may seem overwhelming at first, but becomes manageable with the right structure and oversight. Consider trying it out as a fun family learning experience, without breaking the bank!

Let me know if you have any other Roblox questions. I‘m always happy to share more gaming safety and literacy insights with fellow parents. Game on!



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