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Is Ryan Reynolds Closing in on Billionaire Status? Delving into His Financial Portfolio

Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly one of the richest and most successful actors in Hollywood today, but does his wealth officially put him in billionaire territory just yet? Not quite – but he appears to be closing in on this coveted status. Based on estimates of the movie star-turned-entrepreneur‘s net worth and his trajectory in recent years, including major business deals, Reynolds seems poised to join the billionaire‘s club soon. Let‘s take a closer look at the impressive financial portfolio fueling this rise.

As of 2023, Ryan Reynolds‘ net worth is estimated to be around $350 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. This reflects a sharp surge in just the past few months thanks to the sale of Mint Mobile, which Reynolds co-founded and owned a 25% stake in, to wireless giant T-Mobile for a whopping $1.35 billion.

While the exact dollar amount of Ryan‘s payout from this massive deal is undisclosed, it is speculated that he earned over $300 million given his quarter ownership. This aligns with Reynolds telling boldfaced names publication OK! last year that he was on the cusp of becoming a billionaire.

At a Glance: Inside Ryan Reynolds‘ Wealth

Key Financial Details
Current Net WorthApprox. $350 million (2023)
Net Worth in 2019$350 million
Net Worth in 2014$65 million
Net Worth in 2018$150 million
Earnings from Mint Mobile SaleEstimated over $300 million
Other VenturesAviation Gin, Mint Mobile, Maximum Effort
Selected MoviesThe Proposal, Deadpool, 6 Underground
Relationship StatusMarried to Blake Lively

While Reynolds has clearly experienced tremendous financial success in Hollywood, starring in major blockbuster movies like The Proposal, Deadpool, and 6 Underground, it is his savvy business ventures that have truly put him on the road to billionaire status.

From Pizza Place to Power Player: Ryan Reynolds‘ Origin Story

Ryan Reynolds first caught the attention of movie-goers in early roles like 2002‘s National Lampoon‘s Van Wilder, where he played the title character. Other projects like Blade: Trinity in 2004 and The Amityville Horror in 2005 further showcased Reynolds‘ talent for versatility and comedy.

According to reports, Reynolds earned around $500,000 for his work in Blade: Trinity. By the time of his star-making turn in 2009‘s romantic comedy The Proposal alongside Sandra Bullock, his paychecks rose to nearly $10 million.

Long before the fame though, Reynolds got his start as a teen working at a local pizza place in Vancouver, Canada before pursuing acting. In a profile with W Magazine, Reynolds remarked: "I came from a place where you had to work hard if you wanted things." This blue-collar mindset shaped Reynolds‘ appreciation for business.

The Mint That Printed Money: Ryan‘s Telecom Deal

One of Reynolds‘ biggest scores financially came from the recent sale of his telecom startup Mint Mobile to T-Mobile for $1.35 billion. Reynolds co-founded Mint Mobile in 2016 as an affordable wireless carrier. The deeply discounted service caught on with savings-savvy customers.

T-Mobile‘s purchase of Mint Mobile in March 2023 helps solidify their 5G coverage and ability to compete with Verizon and AT&T. According to analysts at Bank of America Global Research, the deal was likely worth between $800 million and $1.2 billion. Other recent telecom deals like Verizon‘s $6.9 purchase of Tracfone in 2021 provide context on the substantial valuations in this competitive sector.

With a 25% ownership stake in Mint Mobile, Reynolds‘ cut from the T-Mobile acquisition is estimated to be over $300 million. This aligns with his recent comments hinting that he was on the cusp of billionaire status. For the famously funny Reynolds though, the windfall is less about dollar signs and more about scale. As he told TIME: “I’m excited to have the infrastructure of something like T-Mobile behind us so we can grow into different areas and expand.”

Spirits, Startups, and Sports Teams: Inside Ryan‘s Business Empire

Beyond Mint Mobile, Reynolds has amassed an impressive portfolio of business ventures that contribute to his soaring net worth.

  • Aviation Gin – In 2018, Reynolds acquired a stake in Aviation Gin through his company Maximum Effort. Two years later in 2020, global liquor giant Diageo purchased Aviation Gin from Reynolds and other owners for $610 million.

  • Advertising Firm Maximum Effort – Reynolds co-founded Maximum Effort alongside George Dewey in 2018. The firm has created ads for Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, and other brands associated with Reynolds.

  • Investments – Reynolds has investments in startups like cookware brand Hedley & Bennett and meditation app Headspace. He also put money into payments company Stripe and joined its board.

  • Ownership Stakes – Reynolds has acquired partial ownership stakes in companies connected to his other ventures. For example, he purchased an equity interest in Aviation Gin prior to its $610 million sale to Diageo.

  • Sports Teams – As his wealth grows, Reynolds has expressed interest in potentially buying an ownership share of a professional sports team one day, telling Jimmy Fallon: "I would love to have a team some day."

Family Man: Life with Blake and the Kids

Amidst his booming career, Reynolds prioritizes family time with wife Blake Lively and their daughters. Reynolds and Lively married in 2012 and now have four children together. Effusive in the praise for his family, Reynolds told Fatherly: “Having a family gives you perspective. It gives you purpose."

Lively brings her own impressive resume as an acclaimed actress with an estimated net worth around $30 million. Together, Reynolds and Lively represent one of Hollywood‘s top power couples, both creatively and financially. As they continue to grow their family, Reynolds and Lively also aim to build on their entrepreneurial empires.

The Generous Side of Ryan Reynolds

In addition to business, Reynolds dedicates time, money and attention to philanthropy. He has supported causes like the Michael J. Fox Foundation through fundraising donations. Reynolds has also used his star power to help raise over $5 million for the SickKids Foundation in Canada that benefits children‘s health. Other charitable endeavors include work with organizations that assist homeless youth.

Reynolds once quipped: “I’m very good at active generosity. I’m tireless at it.” This highlights his hands-on approach to philanthropy. Even amidst his wealth-building, Reynolds stays grounded by giving back.

Is a Billion Dollar Net Worth in Ryan Reynolds‘ Future?

It‘s rare for Hollywood stars to ascend into the billionaire stratosphere, but Reynolds‘ trajectory points to this becoming a genuine possibility, if not already his reality. From monetizing his fame into assets like Aviation Gin to co-founding and selling Mint Mobile, Reynolds has proven himself a savvy businessman who seizes opportunities.

Industry analysts predict that Mint Mobile‘s sale alone may have catapulted Reynolds‘ net worth past $700 million. While the actor tends to stay quiet on the specifics, he did tell OK! magazine last year: “I will say I’m definitely on the cusp of it."

If Reynolds‘ earnings from business deals like Mint Mobile are compounding at the rate speculated, he may soon join elite company on Forbes‘ Billionaires List. The magazine already named Reynolds one of the highest-paid actors of 2022 with $31.5 million in annual earnings.

Should Reynolds‘ net worth rise into ten-figure territory, expect savvy moves like buying a professional sports team or investing in hot sectors like space travel. For Reynolds though, the drive seems less about money itself and more about the thrill of business building.

As he told GQ: “I‘ve never done anything just for money. But I like creating. I like building businesses." On that front, expect Ryan Reynolds‘ business empire, and net worth, to keep achieving maximum impact.



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