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Is Aryna Sabalenka Married? A Dive into Her Relationship with Konstantin Koltsov

With her ferocious grunts and 100+ mph serves, tennis phenom Aryna Sabalenka has smashed her way up the rankings to World No. 2, including reaching two Grand Slam finals at Wimbledon and the US Open. But away from the court, intrigue surrounds the Belarusian player‘s personal life and relationship status. Specifically, many fans ask – is the hard-hitting Sabalenka married or does she have a special someone?

While not yet married, Sabalenka has been in a high-profile relationship with Konstantin Koltsov, a former professional hockey player from Belarus, since 2021. Their athletic backgrounds and competitive fire have fueled an intimate connection. However, Sabalenka has unconventional views on marriage that add complexity to their future.

This in-depth guide will explore Sabalenka‘s budding romance with Koltsov and analyze whether wedding bells could ring for tennis‘ power couple. As we dive into Sabalenka‘s career, Koltsov‘s background, and their romantic history, one thing is clear – this duo exhibits devotion beyond rings and vows.

Who is Tennis Star Aryna Sabalenka?

Before analyzing her love life, let‘s breakdown Sabalenka‘s meteoric tennis success. Born in 1998 in Minsk, Belarus, Sabalenka went pro in 2015 and soon skyrocketed up the rankings. She cracked the Top 10 in 2018 and reached a career-high of World No. 2 in 2021 at just 23 years old.

Known for her aggressive, full-throttle playing style, Sabalenka has amassed an impressive 16 career WTA singles titles and counting. Her trophy case includes prestigious wins at the Madrid Open, Qatar Open, Wuhan Open and more.

While she hasn‘t captured a Grand Slam title yet, Sabalenka has reached two major finals at Wimbledon 2021 and the 2022 US Open. Her crushing groundstrokes and booming serve can overwhelm any opponent.

Here is a breakdown of Sabalenka‘s key career stats and achievements:

Career Singles Titles16
Grand Slam Finals2
Career Prize Money$8.4 million
WTA Tour Match Record278-149
Head-to-Head vs Top 1036-57
Highest RankingWorld No. 2

Beyond the numbers, Sabalenka impresses with her fitness, competitive drive, and athleticism covering the court. Her other hobbies like basketball and soccer reflect her natural athletic gifts.

Among her tennis generation, only Poland‘s Iga Swiatek and America‘s Jessica Pegula have more singles titles. And Sabalenka‘s 16 WTA titles stack up evenly with players like Maria Sakkari, Paula Badosa and Karolina Pliskova.

Clearly, Sabalenka is a rising force in women‘s tennis as she continues targeting her first Grand Slam crown. Her relationship with Konstantin Koltsov has coincided with her career ascent to the elite ranks.

All About Konstantin Koltsov, Sabalenka‘s Longtime Boyfriend

Since June 2021, Sabalenka‘s plus-one on tour and biggest supporter has been her boyfriend, Konstantin Koltsov. The former professional hockey player from Belarus is no stranger to athletic success himself.

Born in 1981 in Minsk, Koltsov enjoyed an impressive 18-year pro hockey career primarily playing right wing. He logged over 500 games played, 300+ points scored, and won Belarusian league titles.

Some key facts about Sabalenka‘s beau:

  • Played for Dynamo Minsk from 1999-2011 and was team captain
  • Also competed for Avangard Omsk and Chekhov Vityaz in Russia
  • Won Belarusian Extraleague titles in 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Competed internationally for Belarus, including 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Retired from professional hockey in 2019

While not as famous as Sabalenka globally, Konstantin Koltsov remains a household name for hockey fans in Belarus. He exhibited longevity and leadership during nearly two decades on the ice.

Interestingly, Koltsov also appreciates tennis, often playing recreationally. This shared passion for racket sports likely helps his bond with Sabalenka.

Relationship Origin Story – From Wimbledon Meetup to Instagram Official

The exact origin of Sabalenka and Koltsov‘s romance remains vague, but their courtship gained public attention in mid-2021. During Wimbledon that year, Koltsov was frequently spotted in Sabalenka‘s players‘ box cheering her on.

Many speculated it was just friendly support from a fellow Belarusian athlete. However, by the US Open in September 2021, it became clearer the pair were dating when Koltsov again passionately supported her run to the semifinals.

In December 2021, Sabalenka removed any doubts about their relationship by posting a cozy Instagram photo with Koltsov on the beach in Miami. Her caption "My man" confirmed their status.

Based on the timeline, it seems likely Sabalenka and Koltsov first connected in summer 2021 around Wimbledon. Perhaps they were introduced by mutual friends or met via Belarusian athlete circles.

As two ultra-competitive, successful athletes, they discovered an instant bond over their love of sports. By New York‘s US Open, it was game, set, match in romance!

Two Years Strong – Relationship Timeline and Milestones

Since going public in late 2021, Sabalenka and Koltsov‘s love has grown stronger through constant relationship milestones. Let‘s explore their courtship over the past two years:

June 2021 – Koltsov first spotted supporting Sabalenka at Wimbledon, sparking rumors.

September 2021 – He cheers her on during her US Open semifinal run, acting as her biggest fan in the stands.

December 2021 – Sabalenka makes it Instagram official, captioning a cozy couple‘s pic "My man."

January 2022 – The pair vacation together in Saudi Arabia following the Australian Open.

April 2022 – Koltsov wishes Sabalenka happy birthday on Instagram calling her "My dear!"

June 2022 – For Koltsov‘s 42nd birthday, Sabalenka writes a heartfelt Instagram tribute calling him her "best friend."

September 2022 – Koltsov supports Sabalenka during her runner-up performance at the US Open.

December 2022 – They spend the holidays together on vacation in the Maldives.

January 2023 – Sabalenka and Koltsov continue globe-trotting, this time to Dubai.

May 2023 – The couple are all smiles while hiking on a rare day off from competing.

August 2023 – Koltsov cheers on Sabalenka as she wins the Canadian Open, calling her his "love" and "world" on social media.

Clearly, Sabalenka and Koltsov‘s romance has only grown closer through constant trips, special occasions, and support of each other‘s careers. Whether soaking up the sun in the Maldives or bundled up for a hockey game, they epitomize relationship goals!

Inside Sabalenka‘s Perspective on Marriage

Given Sabalenka and Koltsov‘s evident chemistry, some fans speculate whether wedding bells could soon ring for the athletic power couple. However, interestingly the tennis ace has expressed non-traditional views on marriage in past interviews.

During a 2021 press conference, Sabalenka stated:

"I just don‘t really believe in marriage. I think it‘s really more of a commitment from two people to be together and do the best for each other."

She implied that the formal institution of marriage itself is less important than the effort and loyalty between partners. In Belarusian culture, non-marital cohabitation is relatively common compared to more traditional societies.

Psychologists theorize that Sabalenka values emotional intimacy over social status. For her, a healthy relationship depends on trust and compatibility rather than rings or paperwork.

Interestingly, Koltsov was previously married to former swimmer Yulia Milakhilova from 2008 to 2020, so he takes a more conventional stance. Sabalenka‘s perspective may have evolved from seeing the troubles in her own parents‘ marriage.

Ultimately, she believes couples can prove their dedication without a certificate or bridal gown photo shoot. Her actions show commitment to Koltsov past any label.

The Burning Question – Will They Get Married?

Given Sabalenka‘s sentiments, should fans stop envisioning a wedding for her and Koltsov? Not necessarily. Views on relationships and priorities often change over time.

While marriage may not be imminent, Sabalenka is still only 24 years old and early in her partnership with 31-year-old Koltsov. As their bond continues deepening, her opinions could shift closer to his.

Elite athletes also sometimes prioritize career over personal life in their youth before settling down. Once Sabalenka achieves her Grand Slam dreams, she may reconsider marriage.

For now, wedding speculation remains premature. The duo seems focused simply on supporting each other as Sabalenka climbs the tennis ranks while Koltsov enjoys retirement.

So while not headed to the altar yet, their commitment and actions show a relationship destined to go the distance with or without vows.

The Verdict: Soulmates Beyond Marital Status

In the end, while Aryna Sabalenka and Konstantin Koltsov aren‘t married, they exhibit all the markers of an intimate, thriving relationship between apparent soulmates.

Rather than romantic displays or public vows, they show their devotion through small everyday gestures – cheering each other on courtside, vacationing worldwide, or just laying low snuggled on the couch.

Both outspoken and passionate about their craft, Sabalenka and Koltsov undoubtedly connect through their elite athletic backgrounds. Beyond their achievements, however, this fun-loving, adventurous couple complement each other as best friends and confidants.

So while Sabalenka may be hesitant about officially marrying, there‘s no doubt about the sincerity of her commitment to Koltsov. Through support highs and lows, they‘ve built a rock-solid foundation.

Tennis fans need only glimpse Sabalenka‘s Instagram filled with loving couple‘s pics to recognize she‘s found her perfect off-court match. Their hearts and lives are entwined – with or without rings.

So the next time someone asks "Is Sabalenka married?" the answer is no – and she may never be. But this power couple‘s rare bond transcends any marital status.



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