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Is Sam Smith Married? Inside the Relationship History of Pop‘s Powerhouse

With unmatched vocals conveying raw emotion, Sam Smith has cemented themselves as one of music‘s most powerful voices. Their heartfelt ballads about love and loss have soundtracked countless fans‘ lives. Naturally, curiosity around the singer‘s own romantic journey stays strong. So let‘s get the big question out of the way – is Sam Smith married?

As of February 2023, Sam remains unmarried.

But marriage certainly seems possible someday based on their past relationships and comments about wanting to be a parent. While Sam‘s current relationship status stays intentionally private, they‘ve given us plenty of glimpses into their love life over the years.

Today we‘ll explore Sam‘s complete relationship timeline, from early rumored flings to their longest confirmed romance. We‘ll also analyze what insiders predict could be next for the pop icon.

Beyond their personal life, we‘ll dive into Sam‘s always entertaining pop culture moments. From viral video reactions to weighing in on fellow artists‘ controversies, Sam‘s never shy about speaking their mind.

To help us all get to know one of music‘s biggest stars better, let‘s unravel the question: is Sam Smith married or destined for future wedding bells?

Sam Smith‘s Past Relationships Timeline At a Glance

Before diving into the details, here‘s a quick at-a-glance view of Sam‘s relationship timeline so far:

2017Rumored fling with Jonathan GroffSpotted on dates in NYC together
2018Confirmed relationship with Brandon Flynn beginsBecome Instagram official in March
2019Breakup with Brandon FlynnSplit after roughly 9 months together
2022Rumored romance with Nicholas HoultRomance rumors sparked after various outings
Present DaySingleFocusing on music career and open to dating

Next, let‘s rewind and go deep on these past romantic connections.

Examining Sam‘s Past Loves

Jonathan Groff Flirtation Flies Under the Radar

Rewind to fall 2017, when gossip blogs first began speculating that Sam Smith might be dating actor Jonathan Groff. At the time, Jonathan was best known for starring in Broadway‘s Hamilton as well as the Netflix series Mindhunter.

Here‘s what fueled the dating chatter:

  • Sam and Jonathan were photographed having dinner together at New York‘s Carbone restaurant in October. According to Page Six, the spotting occurred during a visit Sam made to NYC.

  • An anonymous insider claimed the two appeared "into each other" during the dinner and "clearly were on a date."

  • They were seen hanging out together on several other occasions around NYC, including catching a movie.

However, neither Sam nor Jonathan ever confirmed a romantic relationship. The dating rumors faded out over time.

In hindsight, this linking highlighted that Sam‘s relationships tended towards men – something they later openly discussed as queer and non-binary. So while we may never know if sparks truly flew with Jonathan, he can be considered Sam‘s first publicly speculated love interest.

Finding "Young Love" With Brandon Flynn

Not long after the Jonathan Groff sightings, Sam moved on in a new romantic direction: with Brandon Flynn. Brandon was best known for playing Justin Foley on Netflix‘s hit teen drama 13 Reasons Why.

Here‘s a recap of Sam and Brandon‘s relationship timeline:

  • In January 2018, The Daily Mail published photos of Sam and Brandon kissing and cuddling during an outing in NYC.

  • Their coupling became Instagram official in March 2018 after Brandon posted a photo captioned "Romeo & Romeo" on his verified account. Sam quickly posted a flirty reply.

  • They continued sharing loving social media posts over the following months. In November 2018, Sam dedicated their song "Fire on Fire" to Brandon during the Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show.

But by June 2019, E! News reported that Sam and Brandon had called it quits after around nine months together. So what went wrong? Let‘s analyze some likely factors:

  • Hectic schedules – Both were filming projects in different cities and countries, making quality time together difficult.

  • Long distance – Brandon was based in LA while Sam lived in the UK. Hopping between continents isn‘t ideal for maintaining passion.

  • Age difference – With Sam 13 years older than Brandon, the two may have been in different life stages.

The split seemed amicable though. In a 2022 Apple Music interview, Sam reflected fondly that with Brandon "We were just sort of cruising around, having like young love, innocent love." They clarified there was "still so much love for each other" despite going separate ways.

While the stars didn‘t align for Brandon to become Sam‘s forever partner, he undoubtedly holds an important place in the singer‘s relationship past.

Brief Bonding with Nicholas Hoult?

Most recently in 2022, rumors have brewed about Sam spending time with actor Nicholas Hoult of X-Men fame. Here‘s a quick rundown of the dating speculation:

  • In March 2022, E! News reported Sam and Nicholas had been spotted together multiple times, including attending a play in London. A source claimed "they are getting to know each other better."

  • Around the same time, photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed Sam and Nicholas walking together in London.

  • However, another E! News source contradicted the dating chatter, stating the two are "just friends" linked through mutual connections.

So did Cupid‘s arrow strike between Sam and Nicholas? Or are they just pals? All we can conclude is that in early 2022, the two spent time together on multiple recent occasions. Whether a deeper romantic bond exists remains ambiguous.

Sam is keeping details of who they are or aren‘t dating under wraps for now. But at least we can confirm Nicholas Hoult is on their radar!

The Road Ahead

While Sam Smith‘s current relationship status stays private, one thing seems certain based on their past connections – they have no shortage of love interests!

In their 2022 Apple Music interview, Sam made it clear marriage isn‘t necessarily top of mind, declaring:

"I have never really wanted to walk down the aisle. I don‘t know if it really links with my soul."

However, they‘ve also hinted at desired to become a parent someday, sharing:

"I want kids. I want all of it. I want to have kids. I want to be with the kids and I want to watch them grow."

So while fans may not witness Sam walking down the aisle just yet, it‘s quite possible they could announce a surprise pregnancy or adoption someday soon!

For now, Sam seems content embracing single life while fully immersed in their booming music career. But their past relationships prove when the right person comes along, Sam isn‘t afraid of sharing their heart.

Next let‘s explore how beyond their love life, Sam stays highly visible in pop culture through hilarious reactions and fiery opinions.

Sam Smith‘s Viral Pop Culture Moments

Beyond their chart-topping hits and personal relationships, Sam Smith frequently makes headlines for their always entertaining reactions to fellow artists and media events. Let‘s look at some of Sam‘s recent viral pop culture moments.

Shakira Video Drives Twitter Frenzy

In January 2023, Shakira released her scathing breakup anthem "BZRP Music Session #53" targeting ex Gerard Pique. The track instantly went massively viral, including among celebs.

Sam Smith chimed in with one of the most hilarious reactions, tweeting:

"Shakira has just ended my career with one music video and I‘m not even mad."

The cheeky quip earned over 500k likes in under 24 hours, helping propel Shakira‘s video to record numbers. It showcased Sam‘s influence in amplifying pop culture moments.

Morrissey Controversy Sparks Discussion

Another hot issue Sam weighed in on was Morrissey‘s "cancelation" from the music industry after expressing divisive opinions. When asked about Morrissey being in "exile," Sam reflected thoughtfully:

"I think freedom of speech is the most important thing. I also believe you should be able to say what you want. But then also, there’s morality and social progression…It’s a really hard one to navigate."

While carefully balancing conflicting perspectives, Sam drove increased nuanced debate around complex topics like free speech versus accountability.

Supporting Friends Like Jessie J

Sam also utilizes their platform to support fellow artists going through challenges. When singer Jessie J shared her painful miscarriage news, Sam sent love, commenting:

"Sending so much healing and my love. A remarkable and amazing woman you are."

The supportive remark earned over 27k likes, exemplifying Sam‘s spirit of uplifting industry friends.

Getting Ready with Florence Pugh

In December 2022, Sam and Don‘t Worry Darling star Florence Pugh delighted fans by going live together on Instagram while getting ready for British Fashion Awards.

The silly behind-the-scenes clip showcased Sam‘s playful rapport with fellow celebs.

Another Viral Dance on TikTok

Sam also knows how to chase viral fame on TikTok. In June 2022, a video of Sam dancing with pop group New Hope Club gained over 4 million views and 700k likes.

The goofy moment demonstrated Sam‘s talent for cooking up social media magic.

The Bottom Line

When Sam Smith talks – or tweets, posts, or dances – the internet listens with eager attention. Their observations on culture frequently spark insightful debate or lighthearted viral fun. As their career continues skyrocketing, their visibility as a pop culture personality shines brighter than ever.

Sam Smith‘s Personal Pop Culture Preferences

When not making their own smash hits, what movies, shows, and other entertainment does Sam Smith enjoy during downtime? Here are some recent favorites Sam has endorsed or reacted to:


  • Boyz N The Hood – After naming the 1991 coming-of-age hood classic one of their "top tier" films to watch, Sam‘s tweet about the Ice Cube and Cuba Gooding Jr. drama earned 16k likes.
  • The Whale – Sam raved that Brendan Fraser‘s Oscar-nominated turn in this psychological film was "one of the most beautiful" performances they‘d seen in ages.
  • TÁR – Sam described Cate Blanchett‘s work in this tense orchestral drama as perhaps "the best acting I‘ve ever seen." High praise!
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Sam responded gleefully to the trailer for the new animated Mario film, starring Chris Pratt as the iconic video game plumber.

TV Shows

  • Wednesday – Sam tweeted excited reactions about the hit Netflix mystery series starring Jenna Ortega as the creepy Addams Family daughter.
  • The White Lotus – When asked about their favorite recent show, Sam named the buzzy HBO social satire series set at a tropical resort.
  • Grey‘s Anatomy – Sam gave longtime medical drama Grey‘s Anatomy high marks, calling it their "current favorite" and tweeting frequently about storylines.

Other Entertainment Loves

Beyond film and TV, here are a few more of Sam‘s recently mentioned entertainment interests:

  • Harry Styles – Sam praised fellow pop icon Harry Styles‘ album Harry‘s House as "absolutely brilliant" and full of "stunning songs."
  • Bad Bunny – Sam included Puerto Rican trap star Bad Bunny among their favorite music artists, calling themselves "obsessed" with his mega-hit Un Verano Sin Ti.
  • Rina Sawayama – Sam highly recommended checking out rising pop alternative artist Rina Sawayama, tweeting "Oh she‘s IT."
  • Nintendo – In a fan Q&A, Sam named Nintendo their "favorite thing in the world," sharing they‘ve loved playing Zelda, Mario Kart, and more since childhood.

Whether it‘s cinema, TV, music, or gaming, Sam stays tuned into a diverse mix of entertainment. Fans can discover awesome new artists and titles through their eclectic recommendations.

The Verdict: Sam Smith Is Still Searching for Forever Love

While Sam Smith‘s relationship status stays ambiguous currently, one truth shines clearly – their bright star shows no signs of burning out. As their albums, accolades, and pop culture image demonstrate, Sam remains a dominant force in music and beyond.

Past romances may have come and gone, but Sam‘s connection with global audiences only grows deeper. Their unique voice and vulnerability have made them a definitive artist of the decade.

For now, Sam seems content embracing single life and channeling their full energy into their soaring career. But when Mr. or Mrs. Right does come along someday, Sam has proven they aren‘t afraid to share their heart.

Sam Smith still has so many exciting highs yet to reach, both personally and professionally. Their best may still be yet to come. So stay tuned, because whatever Sam does next will have the world captivated.



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