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Is Samantha Bracksieck Aaron Judge Wife? Yes, Here‘s Their Love Story Timeline

The answer is yes – Samantha Bracksieck is proudly married to Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees superstar who has captured hearts on and off the field. From high school sweethearts to husband and wife, let‘s explore their romantic tale spanning over a decade.

Before Fame, a Shared Passion for Sports Brought Them Together

Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck‘s destined love story began within the halls of Linden High School in Linden, California. This is where the two first met as teenagers, both driven and focused student athletes active in track and field.

Judge played basketball and football as well, but his first love was always baseball. He started playing at age 5 and idolized Derek Jeter. Bracksieck ran track and excelled as a sprinter. Their mutual dedication to sports training and competition, even from a young age, bonded them.

In high school, Judge stood out on the baseball diamond and the football field. As a senior, the standout slugger batted .474 with 11 home runs. He also scored 11 touchdowns that season as a tight end.

"He was not only a great athlete, he was a great person," Judge‘s high school coach Tim Terriquez said. "He worked as hard as anybody, and is one of the nicest people you‘ll ever meet."

Meanwhile, Bracksieck made her mark on the track team. She helped lead relay teams and individually ran the 100 meters and 200 meters.

Their shared passion for athletic excellence created a foundation of friendship and romance. Little did they know then how far their talents would take them.

Long-Distance Love: From California to New York

After high school, Samantha Bracksieck and Aaron Judge headed down different paths – but somehow always circled back to one another.

In 2010, Bracksieck began attending Santa Clara University in California. She studied nursing and graduated in 2014 as a registered nurse. That same year, she passed her RN exam to receive her official license.

Judge‘s talent led the New York Yankees to draft him straight out of high school in 2013 – a rare honor. He embarked on a rapid rise through the minor league system over the next few years.

This meant that as Bracksieck built her nursing career in California, Judge was striving for stardom across the country in New York. But the distance didn‘t deter their young love.

Bracksieck supported Judge steadfastly through injuries and slumps in the minors. For his part, Judge credited his girlfriend for keeping him level-headed amid the pressures.

In 2016, Judge made his highly anticipated MLB debut with the Yankees. He hit a home run in his very first at-bat and won over New York fans instantly. With Bracksieck cheering him on from the West Coast, Judge‘s future was shining bright.

A Subtle Sign of Their Romance

Fans first glimpsed Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck‘s budding off-field relationship in November 2014.

That Thanksgiving, Judge posted a photo with Bracksieck on Instagram and Twitter. It shows the couple dressed in casual fall attire, all smiles with Judge‘s arm affectionately around his lady.

While not an official proclamation, the intimate pose and caption "Happy Thanksgiving" hinted strongly that the two were an item. Eagle-eyed fans picked up on the clues, guessing correctly she was Judge‘s girlfriend years before any formal announcement.

Looking back, this photo marks one of the earliest documented moments in Judge and Bracksieck‘s enduring love story.

Judge‘s Epic 2022 Season Had Bracksieck Cheering

In 2022, Aaron Judge turned in one of the most historic and remarkable single seasons MLB has ever witnessed. With wife Samantha supporting every step of the way, Judge smashed records and claimed his first MVP award.

Some mind-boggling stats from Judge‘s epic 2022 campaign:

  • 62 home runs – broke Roger Maris‘ longstanding AL single-season HR record
  • 131 RBI – led league, ranked 8th most by a Yankee ever
  • .311 batting avg – 2nd best in AL
  • 16.3 WAR – highest by a position player since Barry Bonds
  • AL MVP – received 28 of 30 first-place votes

Judge bet on himself by turning down a $213 million extension before the season. His performance assured he will land one of the richest contracts in MLB history in free agency.

"Truly blessed and honored," Judge said. "None of this happens without my family, friends…and my wife Sam. Thank you for being by my side through it all."

Hawaii Says "I Do"

After over seven years of dating long distance, Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck finally solidified their love story by getting married. The couple tied the knot in an intimate oceanside ceremony in Maui, Hawaii in December 2021.

Against the dazzling blue Pacific as a backdrop, Judge and Bracksieck exchanged vows on the beach surrounded by close family and friends. Bracksieck was a stunning bride in a flowing white gown with a veil that blew gently in the tropical breeze. Judge wore a light tan suit with a green leaf lei, beaming as he watched his gorgeous bride walk down the "aisle."

"It was spiritual and intimate," Bracksieck told Vogue of their Hawaiian nuptials. "We kept looking at each other and then out at the water, and we both got teary-eyed a few times trying to take it all in."

Starting their marriage in paradise was the ultimate romantic experience for the longtime couple. Their reception dinner and celebrations lasted all evening under strings of lights and tiki torches as the ocean waves crashed nearby.

Newlywed Public Appearances

Since getting married, Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Bracksieck have made headlines with their public appearances at high-profile events.

In September 2022, the newlyweds attended the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York. They sat courtside in front-row seats, directly behind entertainment icon Tina Fey and her husband. Judge and Bracksieck spent the afternoon wrapped up in matches while stealing kisses and laughing together.

Months later in early 2023, photographers captured the couple strolling hand-in-hand down Rodeo Drive during a shopping date in Beverly Hills. Clad in sweats and sneakers, Judge and Bracksieck browsed the chic boutiques before stopping for lunch al fresco. Onlookers noted how at ease and in love they appeared.

These glimpses into Judge and Bracksieck‘s life as newlyweds showcase their comfortable chemistry and mutual devotion. Their joy at supporting one another‘s interests shines through.

Samantha Bracksieck‘s Own Impressive Career

While known as the wife of a baseball superstar, Samantha Bracksieck has an admirable professional identity of her own. She‘s a registered nurse working in the challenging field of neonatal intensive care (NICU).

The job requires steadiness under pressure,Adaptability, and immense compassion. Bracksieck works long shifts caring for critically ill newborns and infants. Her duties range from carefully monitoring vital signs to operating complex medical equipment. Families depend on her expertise.

Beyond nursing skills, Bracksieck‘s calm and thoughtful personality suits her well for this specialty. She‘s been praised for going above and beyond to comfort anxious parents during a scary time.

"I treat my patients as if they were my own child," Bracksieck explained. "The love I feel for the babies drives me every day."

A Partner Through All of Life‘s Twists and Turns

For Aaron Judge, wife Samantha Bracksieck represents a constant pillar of support amid the whirlwind of fame and pressure. As Judge told The Post, "She‘s been with me through it all – the minors, the injuries, the bad slumps."

No matter baseball‘s unpredictable ups and downs, Bracksieck is there for him without judgement or conditions. She celebrates the highs after home runs but also provides perspective and comfort during setbacks.

Off the field, the couple enjoys low-key date nights at home and cozy neighborhood restaurants in their town of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. They play with their dogs and spend quality time with close friends and family.

Bracksieck helps Judge compartmentalize baseball and relax into their life‘s simpler joys together. Her presence keeps him motivated but also grounded.

"I don‘t know where I‘d be without her," Judge said appreciatively.

Looking Ahead to Bright Futures

As Aaron Judge charts the next chapter of his baseball journey, Samantha Bracksieck will continue to be his most steadfast fan. After declining a long-term extension before the season, Judge is set to enter free agency this winter at the prime age of 30.

Many anticipate Judge landing one of the richest contracts in league history, given his 2022 stats and superstar status. Wherever he signs, his loyal wife will be embracing their new adventure as a team.

Bracksieck also has an exciting career path ahead as a gifted NICU nurse. She aspires to participate in medical missions abroad and help train nurses internationally. Her compassionate care has already touched countless lives – and will only continue changing families‘ worlds for the better.

A Storybook Romance Years in the Making

In the end, the love story between Aaron Judge and Samantha Bracksieck reminds us how patience and persistence pay off. What began as a high school crush has flourished into a rock-solid, world-class marriage spanning over a decade.

Judge and Bracksieck built their bond slowly over long distances, never rushing. Now they‘re blessed to enjoy a fairy tale life together at the pinnacle of their careers. Through all of life‘s triumphs and challenges, this couple has proven they are in it for the long haul.

Here‘s to what the future holds for these high school sweethearts turned husband and wife! Yes, Samantha Bracksieck is indeed Aaron Judge‘s one and only.



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