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Is Sean Sticks Larkin leaving On Patrol Live? Current Updates on His Role in On Patrol: Live


Sean "Sticks" Larkin, the retired Tulsa, Okla. police officer turned TV personality, has become a familiar face for true crime fans in recent years. As a co-host on A&E‘s hit show "On Patrol: Live" alongside Dan Abrams, Larkin offers viewers rare insight into the realities of law enforcement through real-time policing footage from across the country.

However, with the recent announcement of Larkin‘s upcoming show "Crime Cam 24/7" scheduled to premiere on July 7, 2023, many are wondering – is Sean Sticks Larkin leaving On Patrol: Live? Let‘s take a closer look at Larkin‘s journey from the streets to the screens, his current role on "On Patrol: Live", his expanding TV portfolio, and what the future may hold for this multi-talented personality.

Sean‘s Journey: From Streets to Screens

Larkin is a Tulsa native who served on the city‘s police force for over 25 years before retiring in 2021. During his time on the force, Larkin worked extensively in gang enforcement, becoming Sergeant of the Crime Gun Unit and eventually Captain of the Organized Gang Unit.

After gaining fame on A&E‘s "Live PD" featuring the Tulsa Police Department, Larkin segued into other TV endeavors. He co-hosted "Live PD Presents: PD Cam" and authored the book "Breaking Blue" recounting his experiences in law enforcement.

Larkin‘s authenticity and charisma made him a natural fit as an on-screen crime expert. His transition from dedicated officer to TV personality has allowed him to bring an insider‘s view into the world of policing.

Summary of "Is Sean Sticks Larkin leaving On Patrol Live?"

Here are the key points regarding Sean Larkin‘s current and upcoming roles:

  • Current Role: Co-host on A&E‘s "On Patrol: Live"
  • New Project: Will host a show "Crime Cam 24/7" premiering July 7, 2023
  • Previous Endeavors: Retired Tulsa police officer, co-hosted "PD Cam," authored book "Breaking Blue"
  • Net Worth: Estimated around $1.5 million
  • Personal Life: Briefly dated singer Lana Del Rey in 2019

On Patrol: Live and Sean‘s Role

"On Patrol: Live" gives viewers raw, unfiltered access to law enforcement on duty across America. The show features a diverse range of departments, from rural forces to urban ones.

Larkin serves as co-host alongside ABC News‘ Dan Abrams, providing real-time analysis and insight into policing procedures and narratives. His experience on the force lends the show an air of authenticity. While Larkin has been an integral part of "On Patrol: Live," it remains to be seen whether he will continue in a permanent role as his expanding career keeps evolving.

Expanding His Portfolio: Crime Cam 24/7

In addition to "On Patrol: Live," Larkin is gearing up to host a new show "Crime Cam 24/7" on REELZ. As described, the show will provide "an immersive and raw look at crime from across the country in real-time as it unfolds."

Featuring footage from police body cams and security cameras, the show aims to offer viewers an around-the-clock look at crimes as they occur. Larkin will provide analysis of the footage, leveraging his policing expertise.

The move to helm his own show focused on real-time crime hints at Larkin‘s inclination to further diversity his repertoire within crime-based reality TV programming.

The Multi-Faceted Sean Larkin

Beyond just a TV personality, Larkin showcases an ability to excel across different realms, from writing to podcasting.

  • After retiring from the Tulsa PD, Larkin published a book titled "Breaking Blue" in 2021 recounting his experiences on the force. The candid memoir gives readers an inside look at his career.

  • Larkin has co-hosted a podcast called "Coptales & Cocktails" alongside Tulsa officer Andrea Gustafson. The weekly podcast shares "wild, funny, unbelievable" stories from their time in law enforcement.

  • He was a sponsored athlete for the fitness company LIFEAID Beverage Company, promoting their brand.

  • Larkin also launched a clothing brand called Vigilante Streetwear, inspired by his time in law enforcement.

His ventures beyond just on-screen media appearances demonstrate Larkin‘s versatility and adaptability.

Sean Larkin‘s Financial Milestones

Larkin‘s successful crossover into television has positioned him well financially. While his exact net worth figures aren‘t public, estimates point to a net worth of around $1.5 million.

His income sources include:

  • Salary/fees from "On Patrol: Live" and previously "Live PD"
  • Advances and royalties from book "Breaking Blue"
  • Revenue from Vigilante Streetwear clothing brand
  • Sponsored social media posts/partnerships

Larkin‘s thriving career in recent years has enabled him to build substantial wealth as a prominent figure across law enforcement, entertainment and business spheres.

Brief Dive Into Personal Life: The Lana Del Rey Chapter

In September 2019, Larkin made headlines for his relationship with renowned singer Lana Del Rey. They were photographed together at Central Park in New York City showing PDA and indicating a romantic link.

Del Rey referred to Larkin as her "boyfriend" in an interview from that time. She also indicated that she was inspired to write songs about him.

While their relationship seemingly appeared close and public for a period in late 2019, both Larkin and Del Rey have kept the current status of their relationship private.

It seemed to be a fleeting romantic chapter in Larkin‘s very public professional life. But it sparked significant buzz at the time about the TV personality‘s dating life.

In Conclusion

While it remains ambiguous whether Sean "Sticks" Larkin is permanently leaving "On Patrol: Live" as he branches into new crime TV projects, his commitment to spotlighting the realities of law enforcement remains clear and commendable.

Viewers can anticipate his authentic point of view on policing whether through "On Patrol: Live" or his upcoming show "Crime Cam 24/7." As his career continues evolving in television, Larkin‘s unique background and experiences will enable him to keep bringing genuine insights into the world of crime.


Is Sean "Sticks" Larkin still a part of "On Patrol: Live"?

While he‘s been an integral part of the show, his future permanence remains uncertain as he takes on new projects.

What is "Crime Cam 24/7"?

It‘s Sean‘s new show premiering on July 7, 2023 that will offer real-time crime footage from across the country.

Has Sean Larkin authored any books?

Yes, in 2021 he published a memoir called "Breaking Blue" recounting his time in law enforcement.

Did Sean Larkin date Lana Del Rey?

They were photographed together in late 2019 indicating a romantic relationship, but the current status of their relationship today is not publicly known.



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