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Is Stevie Nicks Married? A Deep Dive into Her Relationship with Lindsey Buckingham and More

Stevie Nicks, the legendary chanteuse and frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac, is renowned for her magnum opus "Rhiannon," angular yet ethereal vocals, and penchant for shawls and top hats. But despite her iconic career and rollercoaster personal life, she has only been married once. Her intensely creative and tumultuous relationship with Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham has long fascinated fans. So what is the real story behind Stevie‘s brief marriage and unbreakable bond with Lindsey? Let‘s unravel the mystery.

From Choirgirl to Queen of Rock: The Early Years

Before she became the mystical Gold Dust Woman, Stevie Nicks grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with big musical dreams. She began writing songs at age 15 while also developing an eclectic personal style inspired by vintage clothing. After high school, she attended San Jose State University and performed with the folk rock group Fritz.

Though she dreamed of stardom, Nicks endured struggles during this period. Battling with anxiety and stage fright, she nearly quit music. Thankfully, fate had another plan for Nicks‘ destiny.

A Fateful Meeting: Nicks and Buckingham‘s Intertwined Union Begins

In 1967, Nicks met fellow guitarist and singer Lindsey Buckingham during her senior year of high school. Their chemistry was instant – both musically and romantically. By 1971, they became an official couple, moving in together and marrying during this era.

During their cohabitation, Buckingham assumed domestic duties while encouraging Nicks‘ songwriting. He pushed her to share personal experiences in lyrics. Nicks later reflected, "I was not very prolific until I met Lindsey. I had written maybe eight songs in that two years before I met him… And then I went home and wrote a million songs. Because you want to please your partner."

Indeed, Buckingham helped ignite the raw, honest songstress within her.

The Ties That Bind: Nicks and Buckingham Join Fleetwood Mac

By 1974, despite some success, creative stagnation had set in for the duo. But fate came calling when Mick Fleetwood invited them to join Fleetwood Mac. Their addition to the group catalyzed its meteoric rise.

The Iconic Albums That Cemented Fleetwood Mac‘s Superstardom

With Nicks and Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac produced three hit-packed, chart-topping albums that captivated audiences globally:

Fleetwood Mac (1975)

  • Debut album with Nicks/Buckingham
  • Hit singles: "Rhiannon," "Landslide," "Say You Love Me"
  • Sold over 5 million copies

Rumours (1977)

  • One of the best selling albums ever released
  • Hit singles included "Dreams" and "Go Your Own Way"
  • Sold over 40 million copies worldwide

Tusk (1979)

  • Ambitious, eclectic double album
  • Top singles were "Tusk" and "Sara"
  • Sold over 4 million copies initially

Fleetwood Mac had conquered the world. But behind the scenes, the newly-famous band was fraught with complex relationship dynamics and growing substance abuse issues.

Rhiannon‘s Sadness – Fame, Drugs, and Unraveling Relationships

As Fleetwood Mac was taking off, Nicks and Buckingham‘s once blissful romance began deteriorating. The pressures of fame, touring, drugs, and tempestuous relationship dynamics took a toll. Like the tragic heroine in her song "Rhiannon," Nicks was drowning in sorrow.

She began abusing cocaine as she struggled with anxiety on the road. Nicks later admitted, "It was the only thing that kept me from just breaking down and crying from the sheer exhaustion of the schedule."

Meanwhile, tangled relationships emerged within the band, including affairs and breakups. Nicks and Buckingham split during the Rumours era, turning romantic anguish into timeless music. The dysfunction fueled Fleetwood Mac, but destroyed Nicks‘ spirit.

A Requiem for a Dream – Stevie‘s Brief Marriage

In 1983, a grieving Nicks made the fateful decision to marry Kim Anderson, widower of her lifelong best friend Robin Snyder. Fresh off her split from Eagles‘ guitarist Joe Walsh, Nicks wed Anderson to provide a stable home for Robin‘s young son Matthew. But she quickly realized it was a mistake.

Just 3 months later, they divorced. Nicks was devastated. She had lost her best friend, ended her relationship with Walsh, and failed in her role as Matthew‘s caretaker. The disaster exacerbated her substance abuse and mental health issues. She later called it "a terrible, terrible mistake" borne of grief and loneliness.

This one brief marriage fundamentally impacted Nicks. It reinforced her ambivalence about matrimony and children while heightening her addiction struggles. But true to form, she channeled the pain into her powerful 1983 solo album, The Wild Heart.

Beyond Buckingham: Star-Crossed Lovers and Creatives

Lindsey Buckingham always occupied a unique place in Stevie‘s heart. But she had other major relationships that made their mark.

Don Henley: In the late 1970s, Nicks had a passionate fling with Eagles drummer and vocalist Don Henley. The romance fueled lyrical collaborations like "Leather and Lace." But any long-term potential faded quickly.

Joe Walsh: Nicks then became romantically involved with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh in the early 1980s. They performed duets and Nicks hoped for stability with Walsh. But her marriage to Kim Anderson ended things. Walsh did propose to Nicks, but she declined.

Rupert Hine: Nicks also had an affair with producer Rupert Hine in the early 80s while recording her debut solo album Bella Donna. Hine produced hits like "Edge of Seventeen." Their working relationship became romantic, though short-lived.

While these relationships all held meaning, none could compete with the enduring artistic and emotional connection Nicks shared with Buckingham.

The Ties That Bind – Stevie and Lindsey‘s Enduring Relationship

Despite the ups and downs, Lindsey Buckingham remained Stevie‘s musical soulmate. Their once effortless collaboration grew strained, but never broken.

Even amidst turbulent breakups and makeups, their iconic partnership produced timeless music that defined Fleetwood Mac. Masterpieces like "Landslide," "Dreams," and "Go Your Own Way" stemmed from their complex dynamic.

Nicks grieved but accepted Buckingham‘s departure from Fleetwood Mac in 2018. Their intimate artistic history couldn‘t be severed though, she admitted:

"Our relationship has always been volatile… Will we work together again? I don‘t know. But this is sad for me and for the memories."

Clearly, Stevie and Lindsey‘s bond – both beautiful and sad – forever changed them both.

The Visionary Vixen – Stevie‘s Views on Marriage and Motherhood

While generally viewing marriage as incompatible with her goals, Nicks‘ perspective shifted over the years. She once proclaimed, “I don’t want to be married, and I don’t want to have children.”

But in 1989, she revealed, "I want to have a baby… get married… be like normal people again."

Alas, it was not meant to be. The demands of life as an artist ultimately dissuaded Nicks from both marriage and motherhood. Though she had no children, Stevie was a doting aunt who lavished love on her sister‘s kids.

Concerning her sparse romantic history, Nicks mused, "It‘s not easy for me to fall in love… I can‘t settle down with one person and feel like I‘m giving up my freedom."

Above all, Nicks prioritized passion and self-expression – an unconventional choice that cemented her iconoclast status.

The Voice of Ages – Stevie‘s Legendary Legacy

While Stevie Nicks lived an unusual life, her impact on music is monumental. As she sings in "Edge of Seventeen:"

Just like the white winged dove
Sings a song, sounds like she‘s singing

Through soaring vocals and poetic lyrics, Stevie gave voice to universal human emotions. Her mystique and stage presence enthralled generations. Alongside Fleetwood Mac, she created the soundtrack of a generation.

Today, at 74, Nicks‘ genius and grace persist. She continues touring and recording new music, inspiring fellow artists like Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey, and Sheryl Crow. During a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Nicks reflected, “I never wanted to be just some chick singer standing with a bunch of guys. I wanted to be a force of nature."

Undeniably, she succeeded. Stevie transcended gender, genre, and generations to become a true force of nature.

The Key Facts and Stats on Stevie Nicks‘ Relationships and Marriage

  • Met Lindsey Buckingham: 1967 in high school
  • Relationship began: 1971
  • Moved in together: 1971
  • Joined Fleetwood Mac: 1975
  • Split from Buckingham: 1976
  • Married Kim Anderson: 1983, for 3 months
  • Other key relationships: Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Rupert Hine
  • Total marriages: 1
  • Children: 0

Conclusion: Of Marriage, Music, and Magic

When we ask “Is Stevie Nicks married?”, the answer is surprisingly simple for such a mythical figure. She wed just once, briefly and traumatically. But her intimacy with Lindsey Buckingham, creatively and romantically, eclipses all other bonds. Their fiery chemistry fueled both love and anguish, masterpieces and misery.

Beyond Buckingham, Nicks gave herself freely to others – fellow legends like Don Henley and Joe Walsh. Her willingness to sacrifice convention for art left a legacy far beyond Fleetwood Mac. Decades later, “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” still mesmerizes old fans and new generations.

So while Stevie Nicks was technically married only once, her contributions as a visionary musician and woman defy labels. She chose her own adventures – and in doing so, gifted the world with an ageless voice that resonates profoundly in our souls. That is her enduring marriage.



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