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Is the Battle Pass Free in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? The Complete 2022 Guide

Hey gamer! With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you may be wondering if its Battle Pass system is free or if you need to pay. I‘ve got you covered with the complete rundown in this 2022 guide.

The short answer is: The base Battle Pass is free, but you need to purchase the premium version for the best rewards. Keep reading to understand the differences between the free and premium tiers. I‘ll also share tips to level up your Battle Pass quickly and weigh if it‘s worth buying.

How Video Game Battle Passes Work

For background, Battle Passes are progression systems popularized by free-to-play games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Valorant. They offer rewards spread across a "Battle Pass Season", usually lasting 60-90 days.

By just playing the game, you earn XP to rank up your Battle Pass tier. Each new tier unlocks fresh loot!

Battle Passes have both free and premium tracks:

  • Free track – Gives mostly basic items like profile banners and stickers. You automatically have access to this.
  • Premium track – Offers cooler cosmetics, characters, and bonuses. You must purchase access.

It‘s a smart monetization model – you can play for free, but are tempted to buy the premium pass for the best goodies.

Inside MW2‘s Battle Pass System

For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, here are key Battle Pass details:

  • Season 1 Duration – Runs from October 28 to January 26, 2023 (approx. 90 days)
  • Free Rewards – 300 COD Points, 4 Double Battle Pass XP Tokens, and minor cosmetic items
  • Premium Cost – 1,000 COD Points ($9.99). Bundle is 2,400 Points ($23.99)

Now let‘s explore the free vs. premium pass differences.

What‘s In the Free MW2 Battle Pass?

By default, all MW2 players can earn free rewards across limited Battle Pass tiers. These include:

  • 300 COD Points
  • Double XP Tokens for Battle Pass progression
  • Calling cards, emblems, stickers, and charms
  • A basic ‘Survivor‘ LMG blueprint

That‘s about it! The free track focuses mostly on consumable boosts and minor profile customizations. There are no Operator skins or flashy weapon blueprints.

What Do You Get with the Premium Battle Pass?

If you purchase the Season 1 premium Battle Pass for 1,000 COD Points, you unlock over 100 tiers of exciting loot like:

  • New Operators – Zeus, Messi, Nova
  • Weapon Blueprints – 10 total, including the ‘Incubation‘ shotgun and ‘Bonanza‘ sniper
  • Playing Cards & Highlight Intros – Fresh animations
  • Up to 1,400 COD Points – Earn enough to buy next season‘s pass
  • Additional XP Tokens

As you can see, premium offers character skins, blueprints, animations, and other cosmetics you won‘t find on the free track.

How Many People Buy Battle Passes?

Across popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, around 25% of players purchase Battle Pass premium upgrades.

For evidence, Electronic Arts reported in May 2022 that "over 1/4th of [Apex Legends] players choose to engage in the Battle Pass".

So why does a quarter of the player base spend money on it?

Why Gamers Buy Battle Passes

Based on player surveys, here are the top reasons people buy premium Battle Passes:

  • Exclusive cosmetics – Look unique with weapon skins and character outfits.
  • Progression & challenges – Having a Battle Pass extends gameplay with fresh goals.
  • FOMO – "Fear of missing out" on limited-time rewards.
  • Flexing & clout – Premium cosmetics let you stand out and flex.
  • Supporting developers – Paying helps fund future game updates and content.

Battle Passes essentially offer prestige and satisfaction from unlocking tiers of flashy rewards.

For example, 43% of gamers believe "It is important to me to get the rarest digital items and show them off". Paying for premium passes satisfies this desire.

Should You Buy MW2‘s Season 1 Battle Pass?

Here are the key pros and cons of purchasing Modern Warfare 2‘s inaugural Battle Pass:


  • Over 70 exclusive cosmetic items
  • Fresh Operators like Zeus and Nova
  • 10 unique weapon blueprints to collect
  • Up to 1,400 COD Points returns
  • XP Tokens speed progression
  • Gives focused progression until Season 2


  • $10 premium upgrade feels pricey
  • Mixed opinions on Operator and blueprint quality
  • Requires extensive grind to earn full rewards
  • Doesn‘t affect core gameplay or stats

Overall, MW2‘s Battle Pass is worth buying if you play regularly and have FOMO. Consider your play frequency and willingness to grind tiers before purchasing.

Tips to Rank Up Your MW2 Battle Pass Quickly

If you do buy the Season 1 Battle Pass, here are tips to maximize progression and unlock tiers fast:

  • Activate Double XP Tokens – Especially during 2XP events for exponential growth
  • Complete seasonal and daily challenges – These award chunks of Battle Pass XP
  • Play MW2, Warzone 2.0, and DMZ – All modes advance the shared Battle Pass
  • Party up for +10% XP – Playing with allies gives a slight boost
  • Buy the Battle Pass Bundle – Instantly unlocks the first 20 tiers

With some dedication, you can realistically reach tier 100 before Season 1 ends.

Will MW2 Have Free Battle Pass Events?

Historically Call of Duty offers special community events that reward free Battle Pass tier skips. Based on this precedent, Modern Warfare 2 will likely feature:

  • Limited-time playlists and modes
  • Themed cosmetic bundles
  • Challenges to complete for tier skips

For example, 2021‘s Vanguard had a free Halloween ‘Haunting‘ event with 3 Battle Pass tier skips up for grabs.

These events give free players a taste of rewards to convert them into paying premium customers. Savvy marketing tactic!

How Much Have Battle Passes Evolved?

To see how far Battle Passes have come, let‘s compare old vs. new:

Battle Pass Feature20172022
Season Duration1 month2-3 months
Free RewardsAlmost noneXP boosts, currency, minor cosmetics
Premium Cost$20-$50$10
MonetizationLoot boxesBattle Pass + store bundles

As you can see, today‘s Battle Passes last longer with generous free tracks, lower pricing, and no randomized loot boxes.

This balances revenue for developers while removing frustration for players. Well done!

Final Verdict: Should You Buy MW2‘s Battle Pass?

At the end of the day, the premium Battle Pass isn‘t essential, but offers neat cosmetic rewards for dedicated players.

The free track grants minor bonuses if you just enjoy MW2 casually. But buying premium provides over 70 unique items plus enough COD Points to fund the next season.

I‘d recommend it for grinders who care about cosmetics and showing off. Consider your playtime before purchasing.

Either way, have fun ranking up during Season 1! See you online, soldier.



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